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So after over six years of wishing I still had you all to talk to, I’ve decided to do something about it. Social media is exhausting, threatening, annoying and time-consuming, but interesting people are necessary and fun. Writing in an absolute vacuum is not fun and what I am writing is probably now unintelligible because I am so in my own head. So here’s my plan and it’s open for discussion.

For those who don’t know, I am writing a series of books all at once. It is kind of like being pregnant with a dozen babies at once but only being able to birth them at a rate of one every year or two. I’d give a lot to be able to speed up the process and get at least the first quartet finished and out there in months, not years. I also think I’d better start getting feedback before I hit publish on some of this.

In order to move at a reasonable speed, I need more time writing. Since my writing is (ahem) only appreciated by an exclusive audience, it doesn’t exactly pay the rent. Neither does it pay for such luxuries as decent book covers, translations, audio etc. If you’d like to help me deliver these books faster and in better form it would be very appreciated.

How I’d like to accomplish the above is by bringing back the Binding Chaos community and giving it a place to grow. I know a lot of you are very frustrated because you like the ideas but you have no one to talk to about them. A lot of you also would like to clarify some points or provide feedback and your emails and messages go unanswered far too often (sorry!).

So I am going to use a lot of the tools that Patreon now has (Discord, Discourse, WordPress limited access) and create a Patreon community where we can experiment with more open, two-way communication, where people can get involved at the level they choose but without the trolls and imaginative death threats of social media. Kind of like an epistemic community! Here it is, check it out.

I’m excited, I hope you’re excited and we can build something that really works for all of us.

Talk to you soon!

New book: The Creation of Me, Them and Us

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image2 copyThe single greatest tool for making moral people commit atrocities is group affiliation. The single greatest tool for promoting global human rights and equality is to end group affiliation.

This book is an expansion of the thought above, written in Binding Chaos in 2013. In 2013, so many things seemed simple and self-evident. In 2020, the goal seems as clear as ever, but the road seems much longer and many things have to be examined in detail that were glossed over a decade ago. Like our journey, this book is more complicated than the book written almost a decade ago. It will take longer to read and longer still to debate, but like Spain’s 15-M movement used to say, we are moving slowly because we are travelling a long way.

When our quest for justice falls apart we, like Inigo Montoya, need to go back to the beginning. This book is the beginning. It is part of a series that will cover the structure of our institutions, but before we can discuss our institutions, we need to discuss who we are. This series begins by examining the nature of self, life, will, reality and power. The rest of the series looks at the societal institutions which have grown up around nations, economy, law, governance, architecture and technology. These books are all a further examination of the problems identified in Binding Chaos in 2013.

By the time we reach the end of this series, we will hopefully be back on the road to building a better world, armed with a better understanding of where and how we were derailed. I hope it is some help to each of you on your own paths.


The Binding Chaos series

A look at the world – Binding Chaos

Self – The Creation of Me, Them and Us

Life – Abstracting Divinity

Reality – Shaping Reality

Will – Free Will and Seductive Coercion

Power – Great Men, Commoners, Witches and Wretches

Nation – The Fourth Age of Nations

Economy – The Approval Economy

Law – Law and Chaos

Governance – Autonomy Diversity Society

Architecture – Rethinking the Moats and Mountains

Technology – Code Will Rule

The first of the new books is live now and will be available in other formats and serialized over the next weeks.



Comments are open for those who just want to say hi or comment on this book or series, but I am not around here much so it is not a good place for promotion or lengthy discussions of things, people and projects unrelated to the work here. I have no idea who or what is being promoted in the comments, so don’t do that. Maybe start a subreddit or whatever it is people do now for wider discussion? If people use the comments to promote other people and projects I have to shut them because I don’t have time to moderate – also this is not the place for that. If you want to start a place for a wider discussion of this book plus other things, feel free to link it below.

Yay, someone did it! Here is a reddit forum for all of you that want to talk to each other.


Binding Chaos cover reveal!

I’ve spent a lot of February working on formatting and layout and talking to illustrators and cover designer. My goals right now are to get all three of the current books published as soon as possible with the new covers, formatting and illustrations you have helped me get so it’s probably about time I started showing you all that. This month, we have the (still in progress) new release of Binding Chaos!

It’s an amazing feeling to finally be proud of the appearance of my books – over a decade after Binding Chaos was first published. I can’t wait to have audio and translations one day soon! Thank you all so much for all of your support and help to make this happen. I hope everything is going well for you all.

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Polarization and propaganda

The never-ending US election frenzy has created a new binary in the world that sits as uncomfortably as the old US binary of black and white and much more oddly than the older binaries of good and evil or rich and poor. The new binary is left and right, now applied globally even in places where neither exist. The political spectrum is no longer either political or a spectrum. It is now two extremely hardened endogroups with two entrenched endorealities. Each has an ideology that must be chanted with glazed eyes and fixed smile and defended to the death. Each has the negative image of possible doubters or less enthusiastic participants. 

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Simply reflecting reality from an endo-ideal instead of considering it and looking for evidence is a very dangerous strategy, especially in times where state-corporate-criminal (is there a difference?) forces are all vying for influence. The reason all of these powers prefer people to be on social media instead of an information focused platform (which still does not exist) is because of the ease of targeted manipulation of populations. This is the value in harvesting personal data. First, people are targeted for polarization. When they have succumbed to endoreality, they have also succumbed to an occupation of their thoughts and a sublation of their will by an outside entity. 

Those in thrall to endoreality no longer even have to be convinced of anything; they will just blindly reflect. Even worse, they will defend those who manipulate them to the death.

The danger of Ye and the great sport of bullying billionaires

Happy 2023!!

The questions and comments last month centred around the artist formerly known as Kanye West and, always, Elon Musk. My November post was about Twitter, or social media. Beyond that, the only thing new I have to say is that the pile on of Elon Musk is concrete evidence of the weakening or collapse of every endogroup he perches on top of. He is the endo-ideal of wealth, industrial, male and white endo-idealism and none of those are successfully shielding him.

Fascinating to watch, let it spread, but let’s remember that what we are watching is the collapse of all those endogroups and we really need to build something with conscious awareness and forethought to replace them. The law of the last circle says the collapse of an endogroup is a time of proliferation of smaller endogroups forming to catch those who cannot or will not survive without endogroup protection. Endogroup collapse is also a time of great danger for the negative image. Which brings us to Ye. Anyone who underestimates this man right now could be in for a horrible shock.

Listen to the cadence, authority and emotion with which Kanye speaks. He is in a country that elected Reagan and Obama on their supposed oratory skills. Compare those two with this man’s rhetorical style. Kanye has been called an artistic genius a nearly unprecedented volume of times, often by people other than himself. What artistic genius means is the ability to emotionally dominate interactions, what can also be called pulling at the heartstrings, or inspiring. That is the ability to become an endo-ideal to a huge endogroup. He speaks many emotional truths that resonate with a wide variety of people in a country ruled by emotion.

The US is overwhelmingly ruled by emotional will. International business classes teach that you have to make someone from the US feel like they are your friend before they will do business with you. People who appeal to intelligence are more likely to draw hostility than support in the US. No one in US politics has the emotional intelligence of Kanye or his ability to emotionally connect with people and, as an added bonus, he is the only candidate who can use an extensive vocabulary and not draw hostility. His celebrity means that crowds will show up to his talks and media will not resist covering him obsessively so these gits are going to be on prominent display.

His consistency and confidence is far more important than what he says but let’s have a look at what he says anyway. His statements that abortion is “a Holocaust that we’re dealing with right now” aren’t going to offend nearly enough people in the US, any more than his racist, anti-semitic or misogynist comments ever have. Most people won’t care, as he and others have amply proven, and even more won’t hear them. Twitter may trend his Hitler comments and corporate media may write very long opeds,  but Tiktok has a very different message. Read the comments.  Remember which demographic came through for the Democrats in the last election?

Let’s not forget, the US elected Donald Trump who just pretended to be all the things Kanye actually is, like a celebrity, b/millionaire, genius, self-made businessman, Christian, etc. Q anon notwithstanding, you would have to be very stupid (yes a lot of people were and are) to believe Trump was against child rape and slavery. Kanye is a far more believable advocate for child safety and ‘normal people’, aka not those associated with Adidas and Balenciaga. He also has more credibility in standing against ‘the elites’.

Ye hardly has to establish himself any more strongly as an endo-ideal but he does anyway. He is claiming the right to define reality in the face of the authoritative endoreality in the US, coming from the media, politicians, celebrities and more. If he retains any credibility at all in doing so, that is a tremendous amount of endo-ideal power he will have successfully taken. He is claiming victimhood with some pretty clear receipts of what his speech has cost him. He is claiming selfless virtue by throwing his entire life’s work and reputation on the alter of saving the children, god, free speech and all the other key words every US politician has to hit. He is claiming credit through the artistic gifts he has given the world.

His reflectors have reportedly diminished. Don’t buy this. They will return as soon as his endogroup strengthens to the point that interactions are being governed by emotions and those emotions are being based on the endogroup roles assigned. Reflectors that are retaining the ability to assess Ye cognitively (or based on the current authoritative endoreality) may be leaving but they will come back hard when he starts to pull them in emotionally. From Abstracting Divinity, “Often, a group of people will roundly condemn an unscrupulous action until it is complete, and then they seem to change their opinions as the newly acquired power encourages the idealization of the perpetrator.  It is not only the perpetrator who is changed by predation; the people around them are transformed into reflectors.”

Also from Abstracting Divinity: “One of the strongest attractions of endogroups is the provision of a negative image on which to project guilt.” Kanye brings the endogroup unity the US has craved in the last years against a negative image that has become increasingly unpopular since 2012. Misogyny and racism notwithstanding, he is increasingly focusing on a much smaller and more clearly defined negative image than Trump with a clarity, boldness and consistency that Trump never dared. Unlike Trump, Ye professes to have one clear negative image and to “love everyone” which is a far more popular message than Trump who openly disliked practically everyone, not limited to women, Mexicans, blacks, Jews, Europeans, China, poor people, disabled people and “the elites” he was working with. Hitler himself pointed out the necessity of having only one clear negative image because if you had more than one (and Hitler’s list was also everyone) people might start to suspect the problem was with you.

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Twitter, TikTok and totalitarianism

Most of this month’s emails and messages have been about Twitter. I have already written so much about social media and communication but I guess it’s been a few years so we can revisit it. At this point I’m going to assume you all know what I think is wrong with social media as it is.

The thing that needs to be recognized first is that we are talking about the form of governance we live under which has really nothing to do with voting, no matter how life and death that act is portrayed as. Real change comes from convincing enough people that something is necessary so that they will force politicians to change it. That comes from information control. This is the form of governance we have always lived under and it is still nominally played out in parliamentary debates but it has been superseded for centuries by, first pamphlets, then news media and now social media. People need to be willing to look at this as How do we want to be governed? or How do we want our information to be sourced and presented? instead of just the endless platitudes about free speech. Then it needs to be recognized that governance is the job of governments, not organized crime or compromised billionaires.

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The gift of autonomous being

I’m answering questions again! This is a more fun way to write the newsletter so if you have questions, please ask them!

Creation glossary mentions “identity” as one of the “gifts of the negative image”. That identity can be used to create revolutionary endogroups. But what is the positive side of a negative image being gifted with identity (because “gifts” means positive)?”

These are more topics from Shaping Reality and Free Will and Seductive Coercion, but it is easily observable how speaking “As an X” gives a platform where no identity, or a relative identity (child of, wife of, employee of, subject of) has no voice. This is the primary reason why children’s voices are granted no weight and women’s voices under male endo-idealism were granted no weight because both were seen as simply reflections of the endo-ideal opinions. On a larger scale, opposition to the Islamic Republic in Iran is more widely accepted if it depicted as from Kurds or women, both negative image identities. If it is seen as just a wide amorphous group of Iranians, people will hesitate to listen, unless they can (as they have) identify themselves as Iran and the Islamic Republic as not-Iran, a negative image.

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Those animal instincts

It has always been the case that the people I want to tell things are the least interested and the people who instantly get what I am talking about are the ones I would really rather didn’t. Organized crime understands most of my writing intuitively while those in the bubble called the middle class live in a world sanitized of the earthy realities of life.

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The CIA and the Oxford Union are putting a stop to my shenanigans

My evil plans were foiled again.

A funny thing happened this summer. As most of the people who read this blog are aware, I spoke on a whistleblowing panel at the Oxford Union in February of 2018 and became the only person in the history of the self proclaimed last bastion of free speech to be censored by them. You can read all about it here, here and here. On July 7, I received an unexpected invitation to speak at the Oxford Union. Again. That’s pretty funny in itself but there’s more.

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Covers, clean up and collaboration

So I succeeded in scaring myself by showing the first people what the next book is about. Publishing is actually terrifying for me, I get extreme stage fright and can only really do it when I think no one is reading anyway. But it’s started and what is done can’t be undone so that helps me stop waffling. A couple chapters are out for any patrons who want to see them and a couple more are out to my amazing epistemic community. There will be a lot more to the epistemic community in the upcoming month.

Besides that, I have also been heeding my friend’s admonition to take my own work seriously and I had the most wonderful luck in getting a brilliant designer to do the covers.

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The beginning of the end!

This month I’m going to start serializing Abstracting Divinity! 

Abstracting Divinity is not complete yet but I need to motivate myself to stop waffling with the chapter divisions and I need to scare myself with due dates so here goes! They say a painting is finished when it is sold so maybe publishing these books is the way to complete them. I am also hoping that we can have more interesting conversations if I give you something to read. Join us!

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Relative safety

Bill Gates and Elon Musk walked into a restaurant. That’s not a joke setup, it’s what a server at the mid-level restaurant in Vancouver told me. Apparently they wandered in for a dinner together when they were both in town for Ted talks, before Musk started posting rude memes and leaking dm’s implying that he rejected Gates’ offer to meet. 

But that’s not the point. Billionaires wander around like that every day, completely unmolested, even though they supposedly have so many enemies and ill wishers. And why should they not go unmolested? That is normal in a civilized world, right? 

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