Accountability and ‘Obama’s Wars’

After reading the horribly written NY Times advance review of ‘Obama’s Wars’, I have been wondering what the point is. When the NY Times comes out with their ‘official view’ articles, the ones full of spin, choppy quotes, and third party innuendo, the ones which allow no reader comments, there is always a point.  What is it we are being set up to accept this time?

The point of the article (perhaps the point of the book, although there is no guarantee of that) seems to be that Obama is but a pawn to the out of control intelligence mafia and army. “Privately, he told Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. to push his alternative strategy opposing a big troop buildup in meetings,” we are told, with no explanation of how they would know this. He bristled, erupted, pressed, implored, and lost his poise, according to the NY Times who wasn’t there. “Mr. Obama’s struggle with the decision comes through,” we are assured.

Why are we being told that the elected President and Commander in Chief of the US and self appointed President of America and Leader of the Free World is not in control of his own military? Could it be that Obama is not feeling quite safe just by declaring all of his crimes against humanity ‘state secrets’? Could it be that he, knowing what we don’t, knowing perhaps what Wikileaks also does, is feeling a draft in his underpants? Will this work to cover his vulnerable parts in the event of us finding out what he knows? Will we say, “Oh, Obama, you’re so cool, you don’t have to be responsible for anything!” and allow him to retire unmolested with his Nobel Peace Prize, while the probably genuinely moronic Bush is held accountable for his actions?

I do not ascribe to “We do not forgive. We do not forget.” I am capable of doing both, with reason. But the only reason that would stop me from condemning Obama for every one of the actions he has overseen would be for him to stand up immediately, beg forgiveness, and admit he has lost control. Since he seems very far from doing anything of the kind, I am not likely to forgive or forget. Sorry NY Times, just not buying it.

And not just for Obama. While private individuals who have committed no crime, and some people accused of committing crimes in the military, are having their rights to privacy completely violated, individuals whose actions are of very public concern are unknown to us. It is time we knew the names of every person fighting these wars who is accused of war crimes by their comrades. They may be private individuals, but their actions are of great public importance and we require this information in order to govern ourselves. If they have done what they regret, they can speak now and we may forgive and we may forget. If they have collected ear necklaces and not come forth to explain, the day is coming, they will be tried, they will be too late to explain. And so will Obama.

‘Lie With Dogs, Wake With Fleas’ – My Grandmother

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