Canada in Afghanistan (CIA)

Or so we tell ourselves. It’s not really us, it’s the US, our prime minister will do anything the US tells him to, and so will the opposition. That’s not our fault, there’s 34 million of us and two of them, but we can’t control their behaviour, that’s just the way things work. Our MP’s don’t serve their constituents, they pledge allegiance to the queen and serve their party. Nothing would ever get done otherwise.

Every poll, every news media report, says the same thing: the majority of Canadians do not support the war (no, a mission has something to do with the Peace Corps, this is a war) in Afghanistan. But our prime minister has just committed us, again, for another extension of that war. And he says he doesn’t have to ask Canadians if that’s ok. Any Canadians, even his obedient lackeys in parliament.

Canada’s original term in Afghanistan was set to end in 2009. This was extended, immediately following absolute statements by the prime minister and the minister of defense that we would be out by 2009. We have had absolute statements all this year that we would be out in July 2011, followed immediately by an announcement that we are now in till 2014. This is not a question that has to be discussed with parliament, because it is a ‘safe, training mission’. Are there any Canadians uninformed enough to believe a soldier in Afghanistan will be safe, or that Harper is not lying as always? Because if there are, let’s look at the idea of ‘training’ an Afghan army, when 25% promptly defect to the other side. Or which side of this war we are on anyway, and why? Our government keeps chanting about the women in Afghanistan, but the women have been pretty clear that both sides of the Afghan conflict and NATO soldiers are all equal enemies. If NATO leaves, they will be down to two.

It’s not like all the information isn’t there. It’s not like Canadians are stupid, or uninformed. It’s not even like we don’t care. We just have some kind of strange miasma that has settled over the country and is stopping us from being us.

There are 282 MP’s in Canada. And 34 million Canadians, of which 60% are firmly opposed to our presence in Afghanistan. If  1% of the Canadians opposed were to get active about protesting this war, it would be an immediate top priority across the country. As for the idea that our MP’s do not obey orders from us, this country was not founded on party allegiance, it was founded on individuals fighting each other tooth and nail for the ideas they believed in. We got along better then. And accomplished more.


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