Providing Aid and Comfort to the Enemy

This is a post of ideas to aid the fight for democracy. Another commenter participation post, please add links of anything good you’ve seen and check back – it will get a lot bigger.

The Little

Promote democracy. Amnesty, Democracy Now, Electronic Frontier Foundation, Glenn Greenwald, Human Rights Watch, Iraq Body Count, Iraq Veterans Against the War, John Pilger, Wikileaks, Wikileaks Central,
Protect victims. Bradley Manning, Omar Khadr,
Comment in the media.
Argue with your friends.
Say really smart things. Quotes I Love,

The Big

Write music. Another Brick in the Wall, Democracy, Die Gedanken Sind Frei, C’mon Everybody, Comfortably Numb, Freedom, Games, I Don’t Wanna Be The One, Imagine, People Got to be Free, Read About It, Revolution, Somalia, Soobax
Write poetry. America
Write books: Underground
Make videos.  Anonymous, Arts&Crafts, Coldcut vs TV Sheriff, JuiceRapVideos, KnowledgeIsFree, The Social Leak,
Make websites Julian Assange Fanciers’ Guild, So Why Is Wikileaks A Good Thing Again?,
Make posters. Agents of Chaos, lolcat
Write comedy. George Carlin
Make art. Lisbon street art,
Write your own manifesto. The Free and The Unashamed
Take it to the streets. Anonymous?, Sandwich, The World Can’t Wait,
Refuse to comply. National Opt Out Day
Risk your career. Sinead O’ Connor,
Be brave and cool and powerful. Danny MacAskill,

The Biggest

Become the government. Dwight Eisenhower, Birgitta Jonsdottir, John Kennedy,
Become the legal system. Dennis Edney, Michael Ratner,
Leak the secrets we need to know.

Get healthy, get strong, get educated and informed, and start contributing to your own governance.


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