Spies Are Only Them

Watching Hilary Clinton and her cohorts threatening Wikileaks over being “terrorists” and “spies” was a laugh. As always, the comedy ended when I started looking at the amount of people online who bought into it. The propaganda and misinformation has been so complete over the years, it is frightening what people will accept now.

Look at this. Hilary Clinton was caught directing ambassadors to collect credit card numbers, email addresses, phone, fax and pager numbers, frequent-flyer account numbers, iris scans, fingerprints and DNA, current technical specifications, physical layout and planned upgrades to telecommunications infrastructure and information systems, networks and technologies used by top officials and their support staff, as well as details on private networks used for official comunication, to include upgrades, security measures, passwords, personal encryption keys and virtual private network versions used on all members of the UN.

The CIA, FBI and NSA were all involved in this. As we have seen, there is a very direct path between intelligence in those organizations and intelligence available to the highest bidder.

Her and her international colleagues are laughing this off as something that could happen to any of them, and blaming the person publishing the leak even though he has committed no crime. The logic they are presenting to the people is that he has unlawfully accessed their secrets and exposed those secrets to their international rivals. But the cables revealed that they were unlawfully accessing each other’s secrets and those secrets were already exposed to all of their rivals. Do you all see the logic fail here? Please?

The only differences between Hilary Cilnton’s spying and Wikileaks’ spying are:
– she was breaking international laws and protocols, he was behaving completely inside the law.
– she directed her subordinates to collect this information, Wikileaks was voluntarily given information by an anonymous source.
– she was part of a system where the world’s governing bodies all have access to each other’s secrets, he shared some of those secrets to the people being governed.

Somehow she has convinced the people being governed to start calling for his execution. Her first.

23 thoughts on “Spies Are Only Them

  1. Off on a little bit of a tangent, I would like to propose a wikileaks faithful community boycot of all Swedish goods and services until they drop their politically motivated charges against Julian Assange. Rock on the economic sanctions agenda of the people.


    • Not politically motivated. Rather, it is about two pissed-off women with whom Assange had sex (he removed a condom, etc.). The suspicion of rape charge was dropped by the Svea appelate court. You fail to recognize that Wikileaks has a lot of support in Sweden.

      Boycotting Swedish goods? More or less impossible:
      – Lady Gaga (Swedish music producer “Red One”, Swedish video maker, Swedish actor in videos)
      – IKEA
      – H&M clothes
      – Electrolux
      – Ericsson mobile phones
      – Scania trucks
      – Volvo trucks (car division sold)
      – Swedish authors such as Henning Mankell, Stieg Larsson (“The Girl Who Played with Fire”), and many others
      – Swedish actors such as Alexander Skarsgård, and many others
      – Swedish television concepts used under license, such as “Survivor”, etc.

      What about American products made of steel and produced by robots? Are they made with Swedish ASEA robots? Does the iron ore come from Swedish mines? Are the bearings made by SKF? Can you find a car with airbags that aren’t made by Swedish Autoliv? What about the U.S. military buying Swedish military equipment?

      Make sure your medicine isn’t made by a Swedish pharmaceutical, and if you need some medical procedure, make sure to request that Swedish medical equipment aren’t used. When your house is threatened by a flood, ask the city mayor to not use Swedish equipment to save your house.



  2. Yes, I’ve already committed to burning my old ABBA records (one day, I will, honestly), but how much do Ecuador and Iceland actually produce? We need to get a few more countries on board here … mine is unfortunately ruled by fools.


  3. I remember Hillary laughed at the EU parliament when she said american democracy was the oldest in the world, and didn’t ever really understand how a multiparty system could exist.


  4. In Australia this year we found out that it’s actually much better to vote for independant candidates that actually represent their constituency as opposed to voting for a party line mind slave.


  5. It’s amazing, right? All of these people keep portraying wikileaks as one crazy vandal hacker who wants anarchy … they don’t seem to recognize the basic concepts of transparency and democracy.

    Rick, have many independents been elected? We have a lot of little parties and independents but they have a hard time influencing decisions. It’s a far cry from where we came from. And Harper is one of the “tinpot dictators”, even worse than the rest. But the huge problem in Canada, is there are no inspiring politicians at the moment, it’s like a desert of mediocrity at best.


    • I think it’s 4 independents but they hold the balance of power in a hung parliament. One, Andrew Wilke, was a very senior intelligence analyst at our peak intelligence agency, the one that advises the Prime Minister, who and I’ll post a quote directly from wikipedia here ” In 2003 Wilkie resigned from his position in the ONA, an Australian intelligence agency, over concerns that intelligence was being misrepresented for political purposes in making the case for Australia’s contribution to the 2003 invasion of Iraq under the Howard government”


    • Australia has a totally different electoral system than Canada. Voting for independents/small parties in Canada is a far riskier prospect.


  6. Hey, thanks for responding to my comment over on zunguzungu’s post – any ideas on how to contact Wikileaks? I haven’t found a way on their website or elsewhere.


  7. There’s a submissions and chat section on their main site, which atm is down… like the diaries and cables mirrors (ok, this is bad). DO NOT tell anything to cryptome or other adrian-judas-lamo wannabes, remember to trust only WL.


  8. What xdiesp said. They will also see it if you send them an @wikileaks on twitter … maybe make a little post somewhere that says what you are looking for and why with contact info, and say “@wikileaks Urgent request re. Haiti cables” with link? Something like that.

    Don’t be too upset if you don’t hear back or they can’t do it though, they are under enormous pressure right now of all kinds from every direction. They are doing the very best they can.

    Just checked your blog. You are doing great work!


  9. I live down the street from where Igor Gouzenko lived when he was a cyber clerk in the Soviet Embassy. He revealed that any and all people working in the Embassy are spies. It is said that he started the ‘cold war’.

    Of course they are …. that is what emabssies are all about …. to communicate information back to the home countries …..


  10. Thanks Georgie for such a concise and easy to assimilate overview to pass on.. Here in New Zealand we have yet to experience quite the level of paranoic killer bees buzzing as elsewhere but I can hear a hummm since Hillary’s visit.. We used to have a policy of NO ENTRY to those with uranium on their breath ( David Lange years) as well as those with a penchant for misappropriating information ( Mossad passport thefts).Sadly we appear to allow such asylum inmates access right now.I am also working on rectifyng it via facebook ..;) Kia ora.. Love your work.


    • Concise and easy to assimilate were exactly the goals of this blog, so thank you very much, appreciated! All of our countries seem completely out of control at the moment … we will prevail.


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