Okay, I was writing something called the Anonymous Revolution, but Wikileaks twitter just renamed it samizdat. I can live with the slightly more highbrow name, it is more accurate.

The point in either case is this. Wikileaks is not a lone vandal hacker. It is an idea. We all have the idea. And you can’t bomb an idea, or send drones after it, or put it in jail. I suppose Hilary Clinton could declare an idea a terrorist, since she called the people terrorists for catching her spying, but she’s going to have a hard time executing an idea.

This is not a ‘hacker’ movement, whatever that even means, but it gains two things from the computer world: shared logic and mass communication of data. We, the people, have the ability to store and communicate massive amounts of data. We, the people, also have the ability to logically process that data and come to the best conclusions possible for society. Together our brains are much more capable than the brains currently running the world, and an open transparent system will ensure potential abuses are spotted and stopped. We will no longer submit to a paternalistic and secret form of governance, where everyone in the world running political, industrial, financial, media and military organizations are privy to information that we, the governed, are denied. We will never again believe anything we are told by the servant media, unless we have supporting evidence and a forum for verifying their interpretations.

Do you think that people who have had the secrets to the BP oil spill, the environmental disasters, the pharmaceutical lobbies, the political corruption, the military abuses and the financial crash dangled in front of them will just sit back and be content again while “investigative reporting” serves up breast implants discovered on reality TV stars? If you manage to dismantle Wikileaks, those secrets will still be ours, we know you have them and we will get them.

That is our idea. It is not anarchy, it is not vandalism, we call it democracy and transparent governance. It has never existed before. But now we have the ability and the idea, and you will not kill this revolution any more than the bullets that killed Martin Luther King and Malcolm X killed the civil rights movement.

We explore…and you call us criminals. We seek after knowledge…and you call us criminals. We exist without skin color, without nationality, without religious bias…and you call us criminals. You build atomic bombs, you wage wars, you murder, cheat, and lie to us and try to make us believe it’s for our own good, yet we’re the criminals. Yes, I am a criminal. My crime is that of curiosity. My crime is that of judging people by what they say and think, not what they look like. My crime is that of outsmarting you, something that you will never forgive me for. I am a hacker, and this is my manifesto. You may stop this individual, but you can’t stop us all. – The Mentor

33 thoughts on “Samizdat

  1. “You can’t bomb an idea” – reminiscent of the lyrics of “Die Gedanken Sind Frei” (Thoughts are Free)…

    “Kein Mensch kann sie wissen, kein Jäger erschießen
    mit Pulver und Blei, Die Gedanken sind frei!”

    (“No man can know them, no hunter can shoot them
    with powder and lead; THOUGHTS ARE FREE!”)

    The inspiration for the title of that song dates from the 12th century; the lyrics themseves were composed in the 18th. But yuo can go all teh way back to Cicero’s “Pro Milones”: “liberae sunt enim nostrae cogitationes”… our thoughts are free.



    PS – have you considered a comment system plugin like Disqus or IntenseDebate? (I use IntenseDebate for legacy reasons, but Disqus is actually better). It would enable people to share their comments on Twitter & Facebook (with links back to here, of course). Both have seamless WP plugins.


    • Wow, I haven’t heard Die Gedanken Sind Frei since I was little, thank you so much for the reminder. I stuck it in the Aid & Comfort Directory where it definitely belongs, not because I’m too lazy to finish it myself or anything … (it’s not easy, you try narrowing down the books to a readable list).

      Yes I did consider, and decided against, for reasons I do not recall. Comments floating into the ether perhaps, or some stickiness with wordpress. Would it make things nicer for you?


  2. WL twitter sounds increasingly desperate, I give them one week for the official arrest of Assange. Tbh I wouldn’t have expected the matter to meet its swan song so soon, but it was bound to happen. So we’re in the “after” phase already: will he grow into a martyr? Will truth keep filtering through cracks? Manning disappeared without a trace and nobody in the msm even remembers about him, I’m afraid we’re alone in this.


      • We only need to wake up as much people as possible, everibody is for truth… Time to cure this world from virus that sucs the life from it. Believe me , we are not alone 😉


    • WL is a concept, a movement, it’s a symbol of the desire that we all have for democracy. Not a sham democracy, an open democracy where the govt represents the people… not where powerful people get their power rubber stamped once in a while.

      Assange is not essential to WL. He is a symbol. He will be seen in history the same way that all progressive people have been. The founders of greenpeace were initially HATED and France especially hated them and used special forces and intelligence to disable them, sinking their boats.

      But today one of the founders of Greenpeace is the foreign minister for France and the world no longer permits nuclear explosions for research on islands in the pacific and instead uses computer simulations.

      This change came BECAUSE of those visionaries… but at first they were hated and called all kinds of names and hunted down and opposed. That’s how it goes. And Assange will be lauded in the same way in future. I’m sure he will be the Time Man of the Year.


  3. I hope there are so many more of you, and so many more reading this. Maybe with fortune, and intelligence we’re on the beginnings of the awakening of humankind to the controlling Mafia? A Pandora’s Box opened by them, of enlightenment? 🙂

    Keep writing. X.


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  5. yes i am here for you, lets kick the virus and cast it far away into the galaxy of hell
    please dont stop, get the truth out, i’m hungry, i’m about to blast in revolution even though i feel the media are not helping, pitty litle pupets, do not hide nothing, you risk no one’s life , bollocks, a lot of innocent soldiers have died allready because of the evil shady governments, lets get rid of evil. keep strong


  6. All closing wikileaks will accomplish is to scatter the contributors to a host of similar sites, making the job of keeping track of them more difficult by several orders of magnitude.

    It would be better from the US intelligence point of view to have them all on one site where they can more easily keep track of all the leaks.


    FUCK YOU ……………………..


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  9. JA said that he is the lightning rod, a focus for the fallout. The good work continues out of sight. If they can prosecute him then next will be everyone who downloaded the insurance file, and then the newspaper editors and reporters who contextualised and published the information, and then anyone who read or discussed it. Can there be an end to US vengeance and blood-lust if they continue on the current path?

    Jarvis Cocker’s song is as apt as ever.


  10. I hear calls for murder in the ‘slightly sanatised?!’ form of ‘assasination’ from only one side in this debacle of a situation that we, the most ‘civilised’ form of homosapiens that I’ve ever experienced up close, find ourselves in at the moment. I mean what? Fuckofski!, seriously. Anyway, soz, that’s all I can come up with after one too many.


    • Something has to be done about this. There is no law against what w/l is doing, but there are definitely laws against incitement to violence, and these clowns need to face them. Hearing the clown in my own country recommending that Obama send a drone after Assange (and next me? you?) was a bit much. We still do have laws.

      What some people are still missing here is that neither Assange nor W/l have broken any laws … they are trying to get him under the aid & comfort bs. And where does that end? Who won’t have a drone over their head if they get away with this?


  11. You are right that there has never been an open government. I have been writing about abuses in Intelligence for years, and I can assure you that they do not take kindly to criticism. Their all effort to blame their crimes on the messenger, especially from the Obama who promised a new level of openness in government and sure as hell understands all the implications of this issue and still chooses to ignore them. Anyone who can have their crimes shut out of history for fifty years is going to be reckless for the good of the rest of us. People forget, what is done in our name, Concerns us. We own these peoples asses, in theory, not the other way around.


  12. What is the goal of Wikileaks? It seems like an arena for self aggrandizing, aspiring journalists the opportunity to butt their noses into US affairs, for what end? Simple. The United States is not being frowned upon for its inhumanity, but instead for its role in the world.

    It is very clear that Assange is guilty of treason as he is “adhering” with enemies of the United States in the form of “an idea”. That idea is pro-antiUS sentiments. And, you are right in saying that you can’t kill an idea. An idea is what pushes terrorist Islam. Assange’s fueling (and validation) of America as the “great white Satan” in the eyes of extremist Islam puts him in the category of irresponsible at best, and simply nosy at the very least. The one who leaked on behalf of the United States is a misguided fool to think that innocent US soldiers will not be targeted by Islamic fundamentalists, and blood will be on his hands, and indirectly (not illegally) will be on Assange’s. There is a difference between what is able to be said and able to be discovered, and then what is prudent to be revealed.

    Everyone here at Wikileaks. Go get a life. Undo the top button on your shirt. Goodness!!! I apologize for all indiscretions of individuals who do wrong. However, inhumanity is a part of being human. We should be held accountable, but I believe we are, whether tried before a court or not. Leaks wouldn’t be leaks if the information wasn’t private. Assange knows these “leaks” are meant to be private, but feels compelled to expose the US for what they are, a just target for large airplanes flying into large New York buildings. When you have enemies like that you Aussies, Kiwis, and other socially civil countries, then see how you react. You will never have to worry because you so wisely vote for independents and not the “brain washed” party lines. You have know idea what it is to be involved in world affairs at the level the US is involved in. We are engaged in noble causes, unjust causes, and that middle area where we impulsively dove in and are trying to sort out the mess.

    Wikileaks exposes the mess, which just makes the mess messier. Great job, guys. Keep it up! I might as well lather on the sarcasm as I know you can’t wait to get your hands on the next conspiracy theory, scandal, or juicy political gossip.

    The crime is not being curious. It is of being imprudent, nosy, a gossip, and, behind all that idealistic banter, a gossip.



  13. @Dagtrain:

    Paragraph 1: The object is probably similar in many accounts of history of the Roman Empire and others. Pillaging and unaccountable murder with a large dose of lying and cheating being the ‘operative.’ A role of ‘gain’ for very few privileged isn’t a good definition, or example to the world.

    Paragraph 2: You seem to be afflicted with the same old paranoia many inverse Americans feel about persecution. ‘Truth’ is often then perceived as ‘treason.’ Best not to mix them. Not one person can be concluded to have been harmed by the revelations, therefore proving the paranoia, and guilt. The more American politicians rant about assassination, the deeper they dig their graves.

    Paragraph 3: You state we should all be accountable, so with his help – you, I, he, and the rest of the world are working up to that. The leaks are from your own government people. One might conclude Nixon would still be an American idol without our friendly narcissists. Your example of the 911 attack is poor compared to WW2 and and the complete annihilation of many other countries at that historical period. Opinions of messes and who’s best to sort them wouldn’t necessarily be those that have looted the world of its resources and rule with the iron fist of self appointed delusion and imaginary deities on their side, whether Christian or Islamic, and WL will report on both.

    Last Paragraphs: Narcissists have a tendency to extreme hypocrisy, and selfishness. So the world will look on and judge, as it won’t be released 30 or 50 years later, when all the culprits are dead or pitied for their dementia. It’s a changing world, and it’s best not to assume a one man band. See you in the dock.

    Lurve from the other side X.


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