Look At What Just Happened

I just had to watch Fox News talking about how Wikileaks was promoting anarchy. It’s not my fault, I was looking for ghouls. Anyway, when I went back to twitter everyone I follow had linked the first video below. We had been talking a lot about how the behaviour of the MIC in the last year will radicalize a generation that has been widely regarded as being completely self absorbed, spoiled, etc., etc., all the things old people usually call young people who haven’t done anything yet. But look at this.

Nothing like this ever happened to me when I was growing up. Not even close. As I’m sure most of you can imagine, I was an idealistic child and not one that had a whole lot of innate respect for authority. There are a lot of people born like that. This generation has the added fuel of knowing their health has been destroyed by the pharmaceutical and food industries, their economy by the military-industry-government mafias, and their living environments by everyone. Their entertainment has been co-opted by industry to the point that youtube videos made by children are more popular and resonate more with their audiences than the professional entertainers. This is a generation that has watched everything get worse in their lifetimes. What happens when a generation like this sees a glimmer of light? When they see one person standing up to the people linked below? Who is promoting anarchy again?

I don’t think the great experiment has worked. No matter how you destroy the health of a population, no matter how you remove safety, dignity and self respect, no matter how much propaganda you produce and how many ways you feed it to them, people have never been permanently crushed by a dictatorship. They have never lost hope. And the more desperate they are, the more of them will follow the glimmer of light.

Another link I was sent today included this wonderful quote from Antoine de Saint-Exupery via Assange: “If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up people to collect wood and don’t assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the seas.” That is what Wikileaks has done. That is all. To a people this oppressed, it is enough.

28 thoughts on “Look At What Just Happened

  1. Maybe the fascists would – for the first time and long overdue – finally face some real resistance from the people? I hope there’s hope.

    The key issue would be for these kids in London; for Greek protesters; for the Irish impoverished workers; for 9/11 workers in New York that were denied health aid and for the world as a whole to connect the dots: ALL the sufferings the planet is going through is caused by:
    a) The Financial Crime Cartel of the Wall Street and the U.S. Government;
    b) U.S. Government wars.

    And the real fight for freedom and against the fascists would start. Thanks for this post!


    • Got to say that in my modest case, it was high opening to see how the famous “rating agencies” setting the target for the next catastrophic speculation in the EU were all american… in short, they were Wall Street… their point man.


  2. Nice article. I frequently wonder does any significant mass of people notice all you mentioned. If yes, sound of widespread silence is terrifying.


  3. I saw the same thing this weekend. I heard that boy speak too. The kids are not alright. They are not Gen Y either. Gen Y had it good for a little while and seem to be a bit punch drunk from the change of circumstances, but it turns out that this next batch of near adults have actually been watching and understanding what’s going on. It is a time of reckoning now, at last.


  4. You think the EU anti-austerity riots would be even thinkable in the US? Between insular social inertia, psycho meds diffusion, propagandizing from cradle to tomb, the reaction forces are massive.


  5. Suggested reading : Crawford, Matthew B., 2009, Shop class as soul craft. An inquiry into the value of work, Penguin press

    And yes, there are many people who notice what you mention. But they don’t appear on corporate media.


  6. Very wierd, but they have been working very hard on that site lately. Could be just an editing glitch.

    Speaking of working hard, feel free to chatter away here as I have not finished any articles lately and I am going to be very busy till the new year. Off topic allowed, just no fighting. 😉


  7. 2 condoms are worth 240’000 pounds these days, talk about inflation.

    Do you have any interesting reading resource georgiebc? Like blogger friends about WL.


  8. Check my blog roll plus:

    If anyone hasn’t read ‘Underground’ yet, cowritten by Assange (Mendax is him)

    Assange’s old blog. Hilarious. Conspiracies by Assange.

    So much good at EFF, check out especially anything written by John Perry Barlow.

    Dan Ellsberg’s website.

    And of course Glenn Greenwald and Democracy Now will cover everything in their usual sterling fashion.

    I’ll add more later if I don’t get anything finished soon. Check out the ones on the side too.

    I will be only at WL Central for now.


  9. I was coming back to say “disregard that, here’s something important”. Really, sorry about asking you stuff georgiebc, I know you’re busy with more important things and it’s just I don’t know others as informed on WL.

    So: in the last few days, I didn’t know what to answer to a certain claim that WL doesn’t give money to Manning after promising. So far I just countered that they killed their bank accounts so they can’t be in good faith. But, do you know anything official?


    • This is probably the most important thing I do xdiesp, if no one is reading there is no point in us doing any of this. Very grateful to you all for reading and asking questions (have you noticed how often your questions are my next article?) 😉

      I’m trying to get together a very good answer to the recurring Manning accusation, I’ll either write something soon or put a Debunked up at WLC about it. That is a very good thing to bring up because based on the horrible tweet Greenwald posted today, Manning is the topic this week (and should be every week).

      Just so you all know, I have never written about Manning not because I don’t think he is important, but because I cannot break down the enormity of that tragedy into one article (I felt the same about Khadr which is why I have written about extradition and his trial but never the full story). If what is coming out is true, this is the worst thing the US has done. To the first genuinely perfect hero they have had in decades.

      Edit: Ok, maybe not the worst. Now I’m going to have nightmares.


  10. Thanks!

    There’s a ghastly photo of Manning in prison floating around, looking 40 years older than he is. Honestly doesn’t leave doubts about him being beaten night and day.


  11. It seems you were right, georgie. The missing cables are back again.

    wikileaks.org seem to be working again, but redirects to wikileaks.info, which looks very different from wikileaks.ch.
    I’m confused now. are they all the real WL?


    • To be honest, this .info one seems hacked and I would avoid it. Trouble is, the WL Twitter still has the old .org as linked website and that now reroutes you there.


  12. I doubt Greenwald will be able to make much out of the Manning thing: without graphic violence, a buried alive style torture won’t make the news.


  13. I stood up and cheered loudly when I heard of his liberation. I want to believe the brits will surprise us.

    It is being grotesquely ironic to have “The Special Relationship” up in theatres while the cables rewrite its history more like “The F*cked Up Relationship”.


    • Well done, I’m forwarding this now.

      BTW it’s Bradley Manning’s birthday. I feel sorry for him: I am vulnerable to the most folkloric stuff about Assange’s persona and Wikileaks parade stuff, and the depths of his tragedy are sometimes above me.

      Because for all the saying about Assange being framed, jailed, extradited, Manning is ten years down the road already. Guy’s being killed and might very well be the biggest hero born in my lifetime, an old fashioned “martyr”. Believe that whenever I was hearing of the fuss concerning the DADT, I had his face pop up. Guy needs a very visible strong hand to pull him back up from hell, more dramatic than some ddos vengeance or rap video, but all I can do is to spread the word.


    • Good! BTW, I was particularly struck by the cable where the US threatens Chavez not to try anything if they took Cuba after Fidel is dead.


  14. I realize this post is long, if length is a problem, please feel free to delete it.

    I found these in Julian Assange’s blog and was inspired to write after it. Hope it serves the freedom to love.

    “Insofar as we can affect the world, let it be to utterly eliminate guilt and fear as a motivator of man and replace it cell for cell with love for one another and the passion of creation.”
    J. Assange

    Conspiracy as Governance
    me @ iq.org
    December 3, 2006
    Conspiracy, Conspire : make secret plans jointly to commit a harmful act; working together to bring about a particular result, typically to someone’s detriment. ORIGIN late Middle English : from Old French conspirer, from Latin conspirare agree, plot, from con- together with spirare breathe. (OED)
    The best party is but a kind of conspiracy against the rest of the nation. (Lord Halifax)
    Security gives way to conspiracy. (Julius Caesar, act 2, sc. 3. The soothsayer’s message, but Caesar is too busy to look at it)
    To radically shift regime behavior we must think clearly and boldly for if we have learned anything, it is that regimes do not want to be changed. We must think beyond those who have gone before us and discover technological changes that embolden us with ways to act in which our forebears could not. We must understand the key generative structure of bad governance We must develop a way of thinking about this structure that is strong enough to carry us through the mire of competing political moralities and into a position of clarity. Most importantly, we must use these insights to inspire within us and others a course of ennobling and effective action to replace the structures that lead to bad governance with something better.

    Everytime we witness an act that we feel to be unjust and do not act we become a party to injustice. Those who are repeatedly passive in the face of injustice soon find their character corroded into servility. Most witnessed acts of injustice are associated with bad governance, since when governance is good, unanswered injustice is rare. By the progressive diminution of a people’s character, the impact of reported, but unanswered injustice is far greater than it may initially seem. Modern communications states through their scale, homogeneity and excesses provide their populace with an unprecidented deluge of witnessed, but seemingly
    unanswerable injustices.

    Conspiracy as governance in authoritarian regimes Where details are known as to the inner workings of authoritarian regimes, we
    see conspiratorial interactions among the political elite, not merely for preferment or favor within the regime, but as the primary planning methodology behind maintaining or strengthening authoritarian power. Authoritarian regimes create forces which oppose them by pushing against a people’s will to truth, love and self-realization. Plans which assist authoritarian
    rule, once discovered, induce further resistance. Hence such schemes are concealed by successful authoritarian powers until resistance is futile or outweighed by the efficiencies of naked power. This collaborative secrecy, working to the detriment of a population, is enough to define their behavior as conspiratorial. Thus it happens in matters of state; for knowing afar off (which
    it is only given a prudent man to do) the evils that are brewing, they are easily cured. But when, for want of such knowledge, they
    are al lowed to grow until everyone can recognize them, there is no longer any remedy to be found.
    (The Prince, Niccolo Machiavelli [1469-1527])
    Terrorist conspiracies as connected graphs Pre and post 9/11 the Maryland Procurement Office2 and others have funded mathematicians to look at terrorist conspiracies as connected graphs (no mathematical background is needed to follow this article).
    We extend this understanding of terrorist organizations and turn it on the likes of its paymasters; transforming it into a knife to dissect the conspiracies used to maintain authoritarian power structures. We will use connected graphs as a way to apply our spatial reasoning abilities to political relationships. These graphs are very easy to visualize. First take some nails (“conspirators”) and hammer them into a board at random. Then take twine (“communication”) and loop it from nail to nail without breaking. Call the twine connecting two nails a link. Unbroken twine means it is possible to travel from any nail to any other nail via twine and intermediary nails. Mathematicians say that this type of graph is connected. Information flows from conspirator to conspirator. Not every conspirator trusts or knows every other conspirator even though all are connected. Some are on the fringe of the conspiracy, others are central and communicate with many conspirators and others still may know only two conspirators but be a bridge between important sections or groupings of the conspiracy.
    Separating a conspiracy
    If all conspirators are assassinated or all the links between them are destroyed, then a conspiracy no longer exists. This is usually requires more resources than National Security Agency light cover for academic funding, google for grant code “MDA904” we can deploy, so we ask our first question: What is the minimum number of links that must be cut to separate the conspiracy into two groups of equal number? (divide and conquer). The answer depends on the structure of the conspiracy. Sometimes there are no alternative paths for conspiratorial infor- mation to flow between conspirators, othertimes there are many. This is a useful and interesting characteristic of a conspiracy. For instance, by assassinating one “bridge” conspirator, it may be possible to split a conspiracy. But we want to say something about all conspiracies. Some conspirators dance closer than others Conspirators are often discerning, for some trust and depend each other, while others say little. Important information flows frequently through some links,
    trivial information through others. So we expand our simple connected graph model to include not only links, but their “importance”.
    Return to our board-and-nails analogy. Imagine a thick heavy cord between some nails and fine light thread between others. Call the importance, thickness
    or heaviness of a link its weight. Between conspirators that never communicate
    the weight is zero. The “importance” of communication passing through a
    link is difficult to evaluate apriori, since its true value depends on the outcome
    of the conspiracy. We simply say that the “importance” of communication
    contributes to the weight of a link in the most obvious way; the weight of a
    link is proportional to the amount of important communication flowing across
    it. Questions about conspiracies in general won’t require us to know the weight
    of any link, since that changes from conspiracy to conspiracy.
    Conspiracies are cognitive devices. They are able to out-
    think the same group of individuals acting alone
    Conspiracies take information about the world in which they operate (the con-
    spiratorial environment), pass through the conspirators and then act on the
    result. We can see conspiracies as a type of device that has inputs (information
    about the environment), a computational network (the conspirators and their
    links to each other) and outputs (actions intending to change or maintain the
    Deceiving conspiracies
    Since a conspiracy is a type of cognitive device that acts on information acquired
    from its environment, distorting or restricting these inputs means acts based on
    them are likely to be misplaced. Programmers call this effect garbage in, garbage
    Usually the effect runs the other way; it is conspiracy that is the agent of
    deception and information restriction. In the US, the programmer’s aphorism
    is sometimes called “the Fox News effect”.
    What does a conspiracy compute? It computes the next
    action of the conspiracy
    Now we ask the question: how effective is this device? Can we compare it to
    itself at different times? Is the conspiracy growing stronger or is it weakening?
    This question asks us to compare two values over time.
    Can we find a value that describes the power of a conspir-
    We could count the number of conspirators, but that would not capture the key
    difference between a conspiracy and the individuals which comprise it. How do
    they differ? In a conspiracy, individuals conspire, while when isolated they do
    not. We can show most of this difference by adding up all the important com-
    munication (weights) between all the conspirators. Call this total conspiratorial
    Total conspiratorial power
    This number is an abstraction. The pattern of connections in a conspiracy is
    usually unique. But by looking at a value that is independent of the arrangement
    of connections between conspirators we can say something about conspiracies
    in general.
    If total conspiratorial power is zero, there is no conspiracy
    If total conspiratorial power is zero, then clearly there is no information flow
    between the conspirators and hence no conspiracy.
    A substantial increase or decrease in total conspiratorial power almost always
    means what we expect it to mean; an increase or decrease in the ability of the
    conspiracy to think, act and adapt.
    Separating weighted conspiracies
    We now return to our earlier idea about cleaving a conspiracy into halves. Then
    we looked at dividing a conspiracy into two groups of equal numbers by cutting
    the links between conspirators. Now we see that a more interesting idea is to
    split the total conspiratorial power in half. Since any isolated half can be viewed
    as a conspiracy in its own right we can continue separating indefinitely.
    Throttling weighted conspiracies
    Instead of cutting links between conspirators so as to separate a weighted con-
    spiracy we can achieve a similar effect by throttling the conspiracy — constrict-
    ing (reducing the weight of ) those high weight links which bridge regions of
    equal total conspiratorial power.
    Attacks on conspiratorial cognitive ability
    A man in chains knows he should have acted sooner for his ability to influence
    the actions of the state is near its end. To deal with powerful conspiratorial
    actions we must think ahead and attack the process that leads to them since
    the actions themselves can not be dealt with.
    We can deceive or blind a conspiracy by distorting or restricting the infor-
    mation available to it.
    We can reduce total conspiratorial power via unstructured attacks on links
    or through throttling and separating.
    A conspiracy sufficiently engaged in this manner is no longer able to com-
    prehend its environment and plan robust action.
    Traditional vs. modern conspiracies
    Traditional attacks on conspiratorial power groupings, such as assassination,
    cut many high weight links. The act of assassination — the targeting of visible
    individuals, is the result of mental inclinations honed for the pre-literate societies
    in which our species evolved.
    Literacy and the communications revolution have empowered conspirators
    with new means to conspire, increasing the speed of accuracy of the their in-
    teractions and thereby the maximum size a conspiracy may achieve before it
    breaks down.
    Conspirators who have this technology are able to out conspire conspirators
    without it. For the same costs they are able to achieve a higher total conspira-
    torial power. That is why they adopt it.
    For example, remembering Lord Halifax’s words, let us consider two closely
    balanced and broadly conspiratorial power groupings, the US Democratic and
    Republican parties.
    Consider what would happen if one of these parties gave up their mobile
    phones, fax and email correspondence — let alone the computer systems which
    manage their subscribes, donors, budgets, polling, call centres and direct mail
    They would immediately fall into an organizational stupor and lose to the
    An authoritarian conspiracy that cannot think is powerless
    to preserve itself against the opponents it induces
    When we look at an authoritarian conspiracy as a whole, we see a system of
    interacting organs, a beast with arteries and veins whose blood may be thickened
    and slowed until it falls, stupefied; unable to sufficiently comprehend and control
    the forces in its environment.
    Later we will see how new technology and insights into the psychological
    motivations of conspirators can give us practical methods for preventing or
    reducing important communication between authoritarian conspirators, foment
    strong resistance to authoritarian planning and create powerful incentives for
    more humane forms of governance.

    Elena: The only conspiracy that I am interested in is the conspiracy of love. The affirmation of love with absolute firmness and resolution. The connectedness we hold long beyond our conscious selves inviting each and every human being to spread out their wings and fly into their most humane self. People who need institutionalized power to exist are afraid of their own presence. Those are the ones who need most help and understanding. We are each “all of us” in different degrees. We all carry different amounts of authority and authoritarianism and we cannot fight authoritarianism with authoritarianism. Many of us have already made that mistake, including myself. I congratulate wikileaks for placing itself at the center of freedom of speech. The protection of speech is the key to the protection of human development. Without it everything is indoctrination and involution.

    Violence is the expression of fear that responds to the lack of love in others confronting one and reveals the lack of trust in one’s self and the inability to actualize one’s being. Being is nothing but consciousness and consciousness is nothing but consciousness of the whole and consciousness of the whole is nothing but love. Love is the ability to stop one’s self from acting in anyone else’s detriment: that is consciousness. Consciousness is not only a high state, a high state is only the beginning of consciousness. Full consciousness is the ability to actualize that “wholeness” in each act. It is in this very great and beautiful world of matter in which consciousness actualizes its reality. We cannot hold “consciousness” up and isolate our selves from the suffering imposed by unconsciousness on ourselves from us individually or socially. As somebody said, if we are not part of the solution, we are part of the problem. We cannot remain passive before suffering and injustice and pretend that it will not get around to us sooner than later.

    Bradley Manning, buried alive, is the suffering of those in power who’ve buried their own self alive. People who do these things to each other are reflecting their own condition: the distance they hold from their own human self: the disconnectedness from their own spirit. Imprisoning those who act with freedom from their most inner essence justifies their own condition. They externalize and actualize their own inner suffering. They extrovert their own pain. They have to see freedom in jail because their own freedom was jailed long before they even had the chance to get a taste of it. I am extremely sorry for Bradley Manning but I experience a lot more compassion for those who’ve jailed him and are torturing him. At least Bradley has already tasted freedom but those who are willing to torture him have never had a taste of it.

    Yes, he’s taken documents and thrown them out of the window for the world to look at them but for Christ’s sake, he is a twenty two year old boy. BOY I may say, for at twenty-two even if they put a gun on our hands and force us to shoot at innocent people, we do it only because we are twenty two years too young to know better. Where are the mothers willing to protest these atrocities? Where are the fathers who know that it is outrageous for us to be pretending to fight with bombs against people without shoes?

    I am not saying he’s not man enough to be a hero but I am saying that he’s too young to be a martyr. Each day that Bradley spends in conditions of torture is another day in which the aberration of our acts against our own essence is revealed. Not only our American essence but our human essence. For how long will we continue to allow the rigidity of our false personalities to punish children and teenagers for actualizing freedom in our lives while we place them in wars? We are no longer Americans acting against an American, we are human beings concerned about no matter who, acting against no matter who.

    Bradley Manning has not acted against America for throwing out its diplomatic messages. If those messages are nothing but diplomatic, there’s nothing harmful about them, nothing any American or any other nation should be ashamed of. If the diplomats writing them are diplomats in the full sense of the word, they should be proud of sharing with their people the business we’ve named them to carry out on our behalf.

    We must never again forget that appointed power is transitory but real power belongs to the people. Freedom is the power of power.


    • Hi Elena, Thank you for posting that, I’ve been meaning to add it to the links for people to read. It may be easier to read from the source if you wanted to post a link. Re your own message, it is wonderful that Courage to Resist, Greenwald and others seem to have finally gotten some attention for Manning. http://wlcentral.org/node/686 Let’s keep pushing, for Manning and all the others unjustly prisoned and kept in solitary or other torture. We have some momentum, but we have to keep pushing.


  15. This comment is a reply to a comment on anther Website, and the reader should keep this in mind.

    I had to reread a comment that I wrote to discover the inconsistency that I had written, and the inadvertent lack of explanation to that comment.

    I will therefore correct the apparent inconsistency in the next few sentences, and then I will provide supplementary background information to place that comment in its proper context, to allow for additional personal research.

    Even if the current Puppets and Traitors in Serbia recognize Kosovo to receive a lifelong supply of vaccines against genetically engineered lethal viruses, then as long as the United Nations Security Council Vetos it; then Serbia and Northern Kosovo, and its Province of Southern Kosovo can be one Country again.

    If Serbia does recognize Kosovo to join the European Union, and if the United Nations Security Council does not allow a New Serbia with Northern Kosovo, or an Independent Southern Kosovo to become Countries, then the European Union could allow Serbia along with Northern Kosovo, or Southern Autonomous Kosovo to join the European Union in Cyprus Type situations.

    A Definite Veto at the United Nations Security Council against any Countries in the Balkans breaking up will help this process of a Cyprus Type situations being considered more seriously as an Option for the European Union with regards to the Balkans.

    The other option is of course for Serbia along with its Province of Kosovo joins the European Union at the same time with no need for a Cyprus Type situation.

    A Definite Veto at the United Nations Security Council against any Countries in the Balkans breaking up will help this process of Serbia with its Province of Kosovo joining the European Union at the same time, with no need for a Cyprus Type situation.

    Britain and America have Puppertized the Continental European Politicians, with promises of a lifelong supply of vaccines against genetically engineered lethal viruses.

    These genetically engineered lethal viruses will only become more lethal in time with the advancement of technology, and all Anglo-American Puppet Politicians and Judges want these vaccines for themselves and their families, slightly more than they want the Dirty Bribe Money.

    These genetically engineered lethal viruses will be able to kill 99% of all those who are not vaccinated within one week of being released.

    The best Strategic Places at which these genetically engineered lethal viruses will be released will be British and American Military Bases like Camp Bondsteel in Serbia, and the other Anglo-American Military Bases in other Countries of the World.

    We should not overlook American Funded and vaccinated Non Government Organizations, and the Anglo-American Funded and vaccinated ‘Human Rights’ and ‘Democracy’ groups could also release these genetically engineered lethal viruses at Anglo-America’s Dictatorial Decree.

    If we have been reading about advancement in Technology, then we would be in a better position to understand the situation, even a Cyprus Type situation.

    If anyone thinks that I have not understood something correctly, then I hope that we can agree to disagree without becoming disagreeable.

    I have found that on occasions; if someone does become disagreeable, but provides no assistance to help the one they are accusing of being ignorant, then it is because they totally agree with me.

    I have further found on occasions, that such a disagreeable person will not Confess to totally agreeing with me for the Obvious Reasons.

    A Northern Summit of Nordic States and Baltic States was held in Secret in London on January 20, 2011.

    It is vital to Completely Understand That Extremely Generous Amounts of Lies mixed in with some truths have been given to the Puppet Media to Publish.

    Those who wish to be above Moron Status Must take this Fully into Account when deciphering the Secret Meeting, or whenever Nazis open their mouths.

    I should have mentioned that I copied and pasted a Puppet Journalist’s Article, and I used Poetic Licence to make it closer to the Truth.

    If you type: Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt noted that debate among northern countries “differs a little sometimes from discussions in central and southern Europe”, into an internet search engine, you will find the original Article that contains many lies.

    If you type: UK Prime Minister David Cameron has insisted that countries in northern Europe should form an “alliance of common interests” ahead of a London summit, into an internet search engine you will find more Articles.

    The Official Title of the Nazi Summit was, UK Nordic Baltic Summit London 2001, and if type that into an internet search engine you will find many Articles that do of course contain many lies mixed in with a few truths.

    I consider myself to be an amateur analyst, and an amateur investigative journalist, who goes looking for the News behind the News, in order to contribute to the Public Debate.


  16. That 15 year old ( Barnaby Raine ) is a result of public school education, As well as some coaching I believe. Hes affiliated with the UAF an extreme socialist group they are pretty much violent thugs!


  17. Followed a chain of random links to this site and read quite a bit before realizing I’d just talked to the author in an email about another project just hours ago. Seeing the type of people that are involved, I’m now more inspired than ever to think our Movement really is the beginning of a new world. Nice writing Heather, much better than nice actually.


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