2011-02-17 Live blog for #Libya #Feb17 from February 15 – 28

THURSDAY, February 17

11:25 LibyaFeb17 have a translation of an article from Tripoli protesters sent to Alamanara.org, They are protesting in Al Zawiya Street and in Al Jomhoreeya Street near to the National Security building and in Fashloom and in Tajura. “The situation in Tripoli is very charged and people are calling for the masses to come out tomorrow after Friday prayer God-Willing in a modern and respectable demonstration that will demand the toppling of the regime and making reforms. It will also call for holding the corrupt to trial. The demonstrators are chanting: The blood of the martyrs will not go in vain! God is greater!” Full translation at LibyaFeb17

11:25 Protester shot in Benghazi WARNING: VERY GRAPHIC.

11:25 Protests in Tripoli

10:40 PM Al Jazeera reports Libyan students in the US say the Libyan government is threatening to withdraw scholarship funding unless they attend pro-government rallies in Washington this weekend.Source: Al Jazeera

10:20 PM Protester shot in Derna

8:50 PM “BREAKING: security belonging to the sons of #gaddafi in baida (where they live) have opened fire injuring 100s &killing 3” via @ShababLibya

8:50 PM “One boy was killed in the mosque after it was raided in Bayda (Safwan Atiyah Saleh his name)” via @rimakaLUSH

7:50PM Two people shot, reportedly dead, in Benghazi

7:30 PM Death toll hits 19 in Libya’s “Day of Rage” Source: Al Arabiya

7:30 PM “an estimated 1000 people currently out in #Tripoli (Dahra and Fashloom) also crowded with traffic via @amtfoto

7:30 PM “shocking account from a resident in #Benghazi we just spoke to #Libya #Feb17 #gaddafi crimes: as follows Contact: I spoke to my friend in central Benghazi, he said so many were arrested, and trapped in the corners of central Benghazi they caught a lot of us who appeared on videos from the night before, there are ppl undercover between us hiding in between cars and arrest us one by one when we turn away, they beat you first so you are unconscious, then take them to tripoli and elsewhere they are doing their best to kill our spirits and the motivation, we know we can not stop, coz if he remains we are first in the black list but god help us, it was limited to central benghazi but now its spreading all over, mainly through deprived areas, there is helicopters and some of the airforce in the skies, we in libya go out late afternoon and sunset, so this is when protesters are coming out and this is what has happened for the past two days (going out evening) but I hear the numbers are increasing” via @ShababLibya

7:30 PM “confirmed: 400 in the streets of #Tripoli, come on guys let it snowball ” via @ShababLibya

7:30 PM “#Tripoli is making it clear: “it’s crazy here” people are out and no longer have fear. confirming numbers soon” via @amtfoto

7:30 PM “Plz keep in mind #Libya has a small population living in clusters, its easy for them to trap us body, but not mind or spirit!” via @Libyan4life

7:00 PM “#Baida has been totally surrounded by the #Gaddafi regime’s police and snipers are firing at unarmed protesters from rooftops.” via @Jnoubiyeh

7:00 PM “BREAKING, according to Almanara, 10,000 people have taken the streets in #Benghazi asking for the downfall of the regime!!!!!! ” via @ShababLibya

7:00 PM “the last we have from Ajdabiya is 4 ppl killed by sniper fire, we need info from there asap #Libya #Feb17 #Libya is at war with its regime” via @ShababLibya

7:00 PM “urgent: guys this has just gotten a whole lot more serious, please make contact with those in Ajdabiya urgently” via @ShababLibya

7:00 PM “URGENT URGENT URGENT, reports coming in of a massacre in AJDABIYA CITY, please try to make contact with those you know ” via @ShababLibya

5:00 PM “@BBC @AJENGLISH @CNN People are getting shot during prayers in #Benghazi #Libya. We dont have many people spreading the word about #libya via @Shergawia

5:00 PM “@AJArabic we need you guys to show smiler to your sister channel the libyans need to see whats going on” via @ShababLibya

5:00 PM “African mercenaries now in #Benghazi #Libya sources in Libya say they’re chasing and killing people with knives and swords. We only fear God” via @ShababLibya

5:00 PM “#Qaddafi has threatened to flatten #Benghazi and rebuild it, and place in it African Migrants” via @ShababLibya

5:00 PM “As libyans we expected this from #gaddafi, recruiting protesters to fight us from Africa namely Chad #Libya #Feb17 he warned us about this” via @ShababLibya

5:00 PM “Abdallah: yes there are pro gaddafi protests: but they are not Libyan, they are Africans they are killing everybody” via @ShababLibya

5:00 PM “Abdallah: they are killing everybody, i am running now, they have released people from the prisons” via @ShababLibya

5:00 PM “Abdallah (caller from benghazi) they are killing us, they just killed 6, they have swords and knifes ” via @ShababLibya

5:00 PM “People in Tripoli and Misrata saying they agreed to go out after Asr, perhaps that’s why there is little movement so far.” via @LibyanDictator

5:00 PM “is it just me, or has no world leader mentioned #Libya?” via @ShababLibya

5:00 PM “our population in #Libya is just over 6 million, country twice the size of egypt who are 85 mil, we need your help guys” via @ShababLibya

5:00 PM “Confirmed Reports from #Benghazi, 6 people killed today in the city #Libya #Feb17 and the news still show pro #gaddafi protests.. shocking” via @ShababLibya

5:00 PM “@BBCKimGhattas BBC news needs to update the videos we are sending lots please update situation is much worse” via @ShababLibya

5:00 PM “Benghazi,, mass protest in 20 street underway (very busy road in #Benghazi ” via @ShababLibya

5:00 PM “unconfirmed reports from #Tripoli protests against #gaddafi have begun, will try to confirm shortly” via @ShababLibya

5:00 PM “Amazing none of this is on the major news, bbc, aljeez,etc. keep the news coming” via @malabobioko

5:00 PM “reports in #benghazi alot of women are taking to the streets (very good sign) #Libya #Feb17 noway back for benghazi now ” via @ShababLibya

5:00 PM “CONFIRMED: a military building is burnt down in AJDABIYA (East #Libya)” via @ShababLibya

5:00 PM “AL Bayda in full crisis, need medical supplies urgently, more security forces are being sent in we need help in bayda fast” via @ShababLibya

5:00 PM “#tripoli gather your friends, keep quiet and walk anywhere initially, numbers will grow, we need you now more then ever” via @ShababLibya

5:00 PM “@AJEnglish @AJArabic Please include these vids http://on.fb.me/i2wXwH you are showing pro qaddafi protesters & ppl are dying ” via @ShababLibya

5:00 PM “just spoke to someone in #benghazi http://on.fb.me/i2wXwH ‘we are dying here’ please tell AJ to air this VID we need them to NOW ” via @ShababLibya

5:00 PM “please urge @AJEnglish @AJArabic to broadcast, will make a world of difference to the libyans” via @ShababLibya

5:00 PM “most Protests happening in #Tripoli are pro-regime protests” via @amtfoto

5:00 PM “#Benghazi #Shahat (cyrene) #AlBayda #Zintan #rajban and unconfirmed from #derna are all protesting, expecting nationwide soon” via @ShababLibya

5:00 PM “all journalists banned from #Benghazi, most journalists based in #Benghazi have been detained” via @ShababLibya

5:00 PM “for the second day in a row, #Benghazi lawyers are protesting in front of the court house demanding a constitution” via @ShababLibya

5:00 PM “guys in #Tripoli, just get in small groups with friends and walk anywhere, it will start don’t worry” via @ShababLibya

5:00 PM “you got it right, but #Tripoli is not on board yet, kind of frustrating do not know what they R waiting for” via @Odarhobi

5:00 PM “Benghazi is crawling with Police still waiting on news from #Tripoli seems to be rather tense” via @ShababLibya

5:00 PM “Eye witness: saw the current pro #gaddaficrimes protesters arrive from #tripoli late last night” via @ShababLibya

5:00 PM “BREAKING: PRO #gaddaficrimes protesters now gathering in AL Keesh area of #Benghazi preparing to clash with anti regime protersters” via @ShababLibya

5:00 PM “Net is up again in #Benghazi, what are they playing at? expect some new vids soon inshala” via @ShababLibya

5:00 PM “Zintan (west libya) electricity cut off, net down, people have set up a generator for essentials” via @ShababLibya

5:00 PM “#Benghazi: protests gaining numbers by the min heading for maydan al shajara once more, scene of gun fire and petrol bombs last night ” via @ShababLibya

5:00 PM “Al Bayda asking for URGENT help, running out of medical supplies #Libya #Feb17 Media need to pass this on ASAP” via @ShababLibya

5:00 PM “Contact: looks as though the protesters are headed to the Security HQ in #Benghazi, cant make out the chants at the min” via @ShababLibya

5:00 PM “Contact in the center of #Benghazi, & now protests officially begun, also being fed from smaller streets, heading to Jamal st” via @ShababLibya

5:00 PM “Omar Al Mokhtar st and Amr BinAl’as st both closed ahead of huge planned protests in #Benghazi ” via @ShababLibya

5:00 PM “Libyans abroad scrambling for any information as the net begins to go down across the country, if you hear anything post it” via @ShababLibya

5:00 PM “Reports in Al Bayda, security are now hunting a man who contacted Jazeera last night”via @ShababLibya

5:00 PM “sorry didn’t translate the SMS’ sent in libya, if you protest in squares or streets, you will be shot at with live fire” via @ShababLibya

5:00 PM “doctors not allowed to talk to media in Bayda, supplies are very low, 3 confirmed dead yesterday, no confirmation for today” via @EnoughGaddafi

5:00 PM “situation #Libya critical, brutal repression of demos in #Benghazi 6 confirmed dead & #Bayda no conf on death toll” via @EnoughGaddafi

5:00 PM “CONFIRMED Doctors in Bayda, east of #Benghazi , #Libya being threatened, warned against talking to media” via @EnoughGaddafi

5:00 PM It was impossible to contact witnesses in Benghazi because telephone connections to the city appeared to be out of order. Source: Haaretz

5:00 PM Head of the Libyan Committee for Truth and Justice, said two more people were killed in another city, Zentana, on Thursday while one protester was killed in Rijban, a town about 120 kilometers southwest of Tripoli.Source: Haaretz

5:00 PM Libyan activist Fathi al-Warfali said 11 protesters were killed in Beyida on Wednesday night, and scores were wounded.Source: Haaretz

5:00 PM “Confirmed from leaked correspondence, some security officers refuse 2 fight protestoers & support change Regime.” via @EnoughGaddafi

5:00 PM Website Libya Al-Youm said four protesters were slain by snipers from the Internal Security Forces in the eastern city of BeyidaSource: Haaretz

5:00 PM Zintan and Rujban have been taken over by citizens. Need med suplies via Red Crescent and WHO can get in with UN protection via @Abdullah_Fadhli

5:00 PM @AJEnglish 40 years ago #Libya wasn’t much of a country?Do not be the mouthpiece of dictatorship. You are insulting Libya and its history. via @Abdullah_Fadhli

5:00 PM @AJEnglish 40 years ago #Libya wasn’t much of a country. Well Gaddafis been in power for nearly 42 years now. Cant even get propaganda right via @Abdullah_Fadhli

5:00 PM @AJEnglish How about doing some coverage on the human rights violations that are ravaging the people of #Libya now? via @Abdullah_Fadhli

5:00 PM @AJEnglish Your coverage of Libya is inconsistent. The people are demanding Gaddafis removal and are dying for doing so. via @Abdullah_Fadhli

5:00 PM @AJEnglish Libyans are incredibly repressed and you are aiding that repression. via @Abdullah_Fadhli

5:00 PM @AJEnglish Do you have bipolar? Your recent segment was a disgrace to journalism and freedom in general. You must hate #Libya and its people via @Abdullah_Fadhli

5:00 PM The people of #Benghazi will be slaughtered if journalists do not cover the ongoing sturggle. @AJEnglish @jazeeraportal @AP via @Abdullah_Fadhli

9:30 AM Updated map and blog stream of protests via @Arasmus.

7:30 AM A video from Zintan from youtube user MeddiTV.

7:30 AM Another video from Albeida from youtube user MeddiTV.

7:15 AM Al Jazeera announces a live blog for Libya. It so far contains two entries, neither newsworthy.

7:15 AM Protesters in Albeida shout “Gaddafi you dictator! The turn has come for you, the turn has come for you!” Translation from LibyaFeb17.

7:15 AM Benghazi eyewitness account on Al Jazeera translated on LibyaFeb17. The eyewiness says there is no Libyan government presence for negotiation, they brought thugs to Benghazi from outside but they all fled from the protesters. Snipers are positioned atop buildings in all parts of the city with the primary aim to kill the Libyan youth. [Men with what appear to be rifles on top of buildings can be seen in the video below.] While I speak to you now there is a heavy exchange of fire. Our demand is one and that is to topple the regime! Removing Mu’ammar Al Gaddafi! Removing him and his children! We want to change the regime! We are fed up! We have become tired, that’s it, we’ve had enough as the Arabs say! Too much has happened. 1200 murdered in the prison of Abu Sleem, 500 HIV infected children in Benghazi. Full translation at LibyaFeb17.

4:02 AM: Al Jazeera reports that the names of the two people killed in Al-Beida were Khaled ElNaji Khanfar and Ahmad Shoushaniya. They say at least 38 other people were injured in Al-Beida.
3:40 AM: Protesters burn Gadaffi pictures and a building in Al-Beida

  • 1:10 AM: “CONFIRMED: Demonstrations in #Benghazi on Gamel AbduNasr St., over 5000 demonstrators” via @EnoughGaddafi
  • 1:10 AM: “CONFIRMED: Demonstrations in #Derna, chantin “Ya sa7afa, waynkum waynkum” “Media! Where are you? Where are you?” via @EnoughGaddafi
  • 1:10 AM: “Gunfire in the street Amr ibn al-Aas in #Benghazi” via @DJMeddi
  • 1:10 AM: “CONFIRMED: Helicopters used to shoot demonstrators in #Bayda, 3 CONFIRMED dead” via @EnoughGaddafi
  • 1:10 AM: “CONFIRMED: Demonstrations in #Benghazi on Gamel AbduNasr St., security forces using teargas & water cannons on protestors ” via @EnoughGaddafi
  • 1:10 AM: “Confirmed: 13 Dead in #Bayda” via @Libya17Feb
  • 12:30 AM: “UPDATE: 2 protesters are confirmed dead after being shot by police east of #Benghazi and several #Libyans have been wounded.” via @Jnoubiyeh
  • 12:30 AM: “URGENT: Shots fired in downtown Benghazi killing at least 1 person” via @SumayyahG


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