2011-02-18 Live blog for #Libya #Feb17 from February 15 – 28

FRIDAY, February 18


9:20 PM “ZAWYA IS OUT ZAWYA is OUT they have no net they have to coms they are on their own sabratha go out now now now now” via @ShababLibya


9:20 PM “BENGHAZI HAS FALLEN BENGHAZI HAS FALLEN only 2 tanks in the salmani REGION LEFT PLEASE SPREAD” via @ShababLibya

9:20 PM “Benghazi is free except for Salmani area: CONFIRMED BREAKING NEWS” via @ShababLibya

9:20 PM “CONFIRMED foreign mercenaries are being treated in bayda hospitals pics will be available by libyans tonight BREAKING” via @ShababLibya

8:20 PM Benghazi now


8:20 PM Benghazi radio station now broadcasts very angry Libyan protesters.

8:20 PM A very graphic compilation video of Libyan martyrs.

8:20 PM Derna, Al Baieda and Benghazi have all reported police officers joining the protesters.

8:20 PM LibyaFeb17 have a translation of an interview between Al Jazeera and political activist Aamir Saad.

Aamir: …Their cousin, their family and neighbours. How would you feel if you were to find your brother or son have been killed by African mercenaries? The protesters in Al Bayda have been able to seize control of the military airbase in the city and have executed 50 African mercenaries and 2 Libyan conspirators. Even in Darnah today, a number of conspirators were executed, they were locked up in the holding cells of a police station because they resisted, and some died burning inside the building. This will be the end of every oppressor who stands with Gaddafi. Gaddafi is over, that’s it, he has no presence here anymore. The eastern regions of Libya are now free regions. If he wants to reclaim it, he will need to bomb us with nuclear or chemical bombs. This is his only option. The people have stood and said they will not go back. And we in Darnah today are standing and camping in AsSahabah square.

Aamir: Those are conspirators and thugs that the regime set free, and gave them 5000 dinars. The regime also promised them another 5000 dinars. But even though they are conspirators and thugs, they remain Libyans. And I know very well that they will NOT side with Gaddafi’s regime. Impossible. Only one of them fully declared his allegiance with the regime and his name is RAJAB AL ADOOLI and he was executed yesterday, he was killed, and it was over! And the things AsSaadi Al Gaddafi said yesterday on Libya’s state channel is rubbish, saying he will return to Benghazi. Benghazi does not belong to his father, for his father to give it to him to rule. Did not his father say that the RULE is in the hands of the people? WE ARE THE PEOPLE! And we tell you Gaddafi one word: LEAVE! You are an oppressor! We do not want you. I am the child of a free police officer, and I am benefitting from your regime, and I still benefit from it, and I still have money in your regime that I am entitled to due to my being the son of a police officer, but I don’t want this money. I want one thing, I want FREEDOM FOR MY COUNTRY. I want to see the flag of Islam fluttering over my country, I want to see you leave! Get out! Game over! Go hide your ugly face! What do you want me to say to him? Please go ahead Ms Khadijah.

Full translation at LibyaFeb17

7:00 PM Facebook group has an unconfirmed report of Gaddafi leaving for Sabha “in the center of a large convoy of cars and in tight security, with the closure of all the main streets of the capital until it passed.”

7:45 AM Massive demonstrations now.

7:45 AM “tomorrow day of (Libya Pride) after prayer we will take it to the road men and women, dress accordingly” via @Odarhobi

7:45 AM “It’s been reported from #Benghazi that internal police are killing the injured in Jala Hospital ” via @Cyrenaican

7:45 AM Human Rights Watch produces an extensive report on the protests, confirms many of the “unconfirmed deaths” and reports the rest.

Some of the worst violence was in the eastern city of Baida. At around 1 p.m. on February 17, according to sources in Libya, hospital staff put out a call for additional medical supplies, as they became overwhelmed with the medical needs of 70 injured protesters, half of them in critical condition due to gunshot wounds. On the night of February 16, security forces had attacked peaceful protesters with teargas and live ammunition, shooting dead two protesters, according to protesters who spoke to Human Rights Watch. Geneva-based Libya Human Rights Solidarity has confirmed three of the names of those shot dead so far: Safwan Attiya, Nasser Al Juweigi, and Ahmad El Qabili.

One injured protester in a hospital in Baida told Human Rights Watch that he was sitting near the intensive care unit there and had confirmed that security forces had shot dead 16 people and wounded dozens of others. He said that Special Forces and armed men in street clothes fired live ammunition to deter protesters.

The protester told Human Rights Watch that he believed security forces had shot dead at least 17 protesters during the day, mostly near Abdel Nasser Street. Human Rights Watch was able to confirm eight of those deaths.

7:45 AM Interview with Ibrahim Sahad, secretary general of the National Front for the Salvation of Libya:

“President Gaddafi enlisted military forces from Chad to help in the crackdown a week before the protests began. …

Gaddafi sent gangs to Europe to kill Libyans who choose to live away from Libya and Gaddafi. He killed Libyans in London, in Rome, Milan, in Athens. He tried to kill others in other cities. …

One of the crimes is killing 1200 prisoners in three hours … I expected that to hear the European governments, United States of America as they are talking about human rights and talking about democracy type of freedom to see them come forward to support the Libyan people. Unfortunately that is not taking place. …

I don’t know why. Is the oil, the Libyan oil is, there are some other deals with Gaddafi. I don’t know why the White House they did not include Libya. We are seeing that they come always forward talking about human rights and democracy in other areas in the world. Why Libya, why Libyan people, why the Libyan people’s rights not been supported and helped from this administration?

This is very, very, very, very disappointing.

7:45 AM “Pray for Libya, tomorrow’s a big day. Big protests following Friday Prayer!” via @ShababLibya

7:45 AM “Report from ground: Benghazi and Ajdabiya said to be surrounded by troops. Nothing yet confirmed.” via @ShababLibya

7:45 AM “All of Libya will be out after Friday Prayer! DOWN DOWN GADDAFI!” via @ShababLibya

7:45 AM “Police in #Derna refuse to open fire on protesters. Tomorrow will be renewed effort in the streets. #Derna will be unleashed.” via @ShababLibya

7:45 AM “Tents Have been placed for Protesters in #Bengahzi” via @ShababLibya

7:45 AM “we hear the situation in rajban is dire, need any info as possible, the net and phones are down, we can not expect vids or pics” via @ShababLibya

7:45 AM “wonderful scenes through out the day in tobrok shahat (cyrene) ajdabia zintan and graphic scenes from benghazi,” via @ShababLibya

Ambulances arrive in Al Baieda.

6:30 AM A lot more of the “unconfirmed dead” in pictures and video taken at a morgue.

3:30 AM “Zintan city, reports of it being surrounded by khamis gaddfis brutal troops, gaddafi’s son, what on gods earth is he planning? ” via @ShababLibya

3:30 AM “hey guys, to update you, we have conformation that 50 have died in #Benghazi alone tonight” via @ShababLibya

3:30 AM “Doctors confirm via Videos sent, that 50 were killed today in #Benghazi #Libya #Feb17 does this translate as a massacre?” via @ShababLibya

2:45 AM Pictures of what news outlets are calling the “unconfirmed dead”.

2:45 AM “Saadi Gaddafi speech: he is committing himself to pampering #Benghazi, all the protesters should go home” via @OmarAlmu5tar

2:45 AM “@cnnbrk the “unconfirmed deaths” are only unconfirmed because YOU GUYS are not covering it adequately! DO YOUR JOB! @AJELive” via @AliLePointe

2:45 AM “Lots of unconfirmed deaths in libya, for us the are confirmed, but no independent media on the ground we libyans have our families tell us” via @ShababLibya

2:45 AM “Reports, of up to 150k LYD offered to people in Zintan to return to their homes #Libya #Feb17 LYD is double £” via @ShababLibya

2:45 AM “Saadi has asked his dad to let him develop #benghazi #yeahright #wrongplacewrongtime” via @ShababLibya

2:45 AM “saadi your speech is late, too much blood has been shed tonight and there is only one way to satisfy us.” via @ShababLibya

2:45 AM “I watched it, wasn’t really a speech, more of a ramble on. Just Saadi. I’m trying to tweet what I can remember, there was nothing relevant apart him brown-nosing.” via @LibyanDictator

2:45 AM “I’m thinking Saadi #Gaddafi was sent to #Benghazi by his father to calm things down. Freedom is close.” via @LibyanDictator

2:45 AM “Saadi #Gaddafi: I’ll be staying in #Benghazi to get to know it street by street, name by name. I’ll meet with the people tmrw.” via @LibyanDictator

2:45 AM “Saadi #Gaddafi: There’s nothing wrong with #Libyans being billionaires, if you have 10mil you can invest 10mil in Tunis and 10mil in #Libya.” via @LibyanDictator

2:45 AM “Saadi #Gaddafi: #Benghazi is a great city, I have asked the leader to let me develop it. Nobody will touch it unless it’s through me.” via @LibyanDictator

2:45 AM “There is nothing to type out, [Saadi] rambles on worse than his father, but i’ll get some points down.” via @LibyanDictator

2:05 AM “Confirmed, Mercenaries killing protesters across Libya DO NOT speak Libyan, and are from subsaharan Africa speaking french” via @ShababLibya

1:30 AM Derna: Snipers on rooftops shooting at protesters with rocks

12:01 AM “2 different SMS messages sent to Libyans saying Saif & Saadi will address Libyans “via @libyanfsl

Libyan state TV Saif Gaddafi and possibly also Saadi to address Libya soon.

12:01 AM Huge protest in Benghazi

12:01 AM Protests in Tobruk


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