2011-02-19 Live blog for #Libya #Feb17 from February 15 – 28

SATURDAY, February 19

12:08 AM Feb17Voices with this Audioboo update on Libya from Tripoli

11:30 PM Feb17Voices Audioboo update: Libyans believe their phones are being tapped. When talking about government, some are having are experiencing losses of connection.

9:22 PM Abdurahman Warsame or @abdu reports on Twitter in the past eight hours:

BREAKING: Al-Fadhil Brigade building in #Benghazi has fallen. This is the last base and the ppl are in control of Benghazi. #Libya

“Al Fadhil base was the residence of Gaddafi when he comes to #Benghazi. People protected important buildings like the courts. #Libya”

9:21 PM Renesys confirms that Libya Internet is coming back to life

9:19 PM: Tweet from LaylaMarafie saying people of Libya “did not see the tear gas, did not sprinkle with water did not feel the beat of rubber bullets, the Libyan revolutionary face live bullets only.”

9:18 PM NickKristof sends these tweets: “In the absence of int’l journalists in #Libya, thank God for brave Libyans who risk all to get the word out” and “Reports from Libya are horrific. It shld be getting more attention, but we journalists can’t get visas. I’ll keep trying.”

9:10 PM Sky News report on death toll in Libya hitting at least 120 in the past three days

6:00 PM Graphic videos are being posted of dead foreign mercenaries. Libyans have been saying that mercenaries were brought in by Gaddafi last week from Chad (and some report Korea) in preparation for the protests. In the beginning, protesters were reporting threats from Gaddafi that he would kill everyone in the cities and fill them with Africans (no source). Protesters have been reporting mercenaries from sub-Saharan Africa speaking French.

6:00 PM “Breaking news: All of Eastern Libya is now secured and waving the flag of independence (The Kingdom Flag)” via @ShababLibya
” via @ShababLibya

6:00 PM “Breaking: now every city in the east of libya has the true flag (my pic) now waving over its city, this is very historic” via @ShababLibya

6:00 PM “Aljazeera now has more frequencies for libya as it has been blocked if anyone has them please tweet at me and i will retweet” via @ShababLibya

6:00 PM “Confirmed: benghazi faced the biggest fight as it is the capital of the east and could not be lost, but now has been proved secure” via @ShababLibya

6:00 PM “Now breaking from #bayda they fought and beat the mercenaries and hanged them in the valleys surrounding bayda. now %100 secure” via @ShababLibya

6:00 PM “now breaking, historic town of tobrok now %100 secure and have renamed jamahiriya square to square of the martyrs” via @ShababLibya

6:00 PM “now breaking, historic town of tobrok now %100 secure and have renamed jamahiriya square to square of the martyrs” via @ShababLibya

6:00 PM “Confirmation now, that various brigades of the libyan army is now joining protesters to fight” via @ShababLibya

6:00 PM “@AJArabic caller confirms what we are all tweeting, aj corrispon in tripoli is hiding alot and agent for gaddafi” via @ShababLibya

6:00 PM “@AJArabic caller confirms khoms town and many many others surrounding tripoli are out on streets protesting” via @ShababLibya

6:00 PM “@AJArabic caller confirms over 700 now injured” via @ShababLibya

6:00 PM “@AJArabic BREAKiNG Caller confirmed over 200 dead in BENGHAZI, this has just come in now from @AJArabic caller on air now” via @ShababLibya

6:00 PM “More reports coming in from the army siding with the protesters in more and more places in #Libya, benghazi is confirmed” via @ShababLibya

6:00 PM “we had reports that khamis’ brigade was in benghazi al brika barracks area but situation now calm and protesters in control confirmed” via @ShababLibya

6:00 PM “Confirmed reports from the ground: Benghazi is NOT under siege, no helicopters in sight” via @ShababLibya

6:00 PM “CONFIRMED Report: 2000 demonstrators in center of #Misurata demonstrating against regime Getting closer and closer to Tripoli ” via @ShababLibya

6:00 PM “Just in from a call benghazi youth control the city but clashes in birka area with khamis brigade spread now” via @ShababLibya

6:00 PM “it is believed AbdulQader al gaddafi who joined protesters (from gaddafi familiy) was killed by khamis’ brigade” via @ShababLibya

6:00 PM “Breaking: funeral today in bayda for abdulqader sultan al gaddafi from the gaddafi family who refused to fire on protesters” via @ShababLibya

6:00 PM “getting more reports of khamis gaddafi’s brigade active in benghazi, they are the most brutal in #Libya” via @ShababLibya

6:00 PM “The UK and France suspend weapons export to Libya in protest to the violent suppression of protesters by the regime.” via @ShababLibya

6:00 PM “More conformations of events in Tripoli, Prior to #Feb17 Gaddafi has dispatched most of his tribe to the city” via @ShababLibya

6:00 PM “International calls out of Libya are blocked. They can only receive calls.” via @ShababLibya

6:00 PM “Benghazi. Gadafi’s son’s deadliest brigade has started launching rockets on the city. It is declared a war zone” via @MangasFreeKicks

6:00 PM Google Transparency chart shows internet traffic for Libya, dropping to almost nothing earlier and now coming back.

Video of army in Benghazi joining protesters.

9:00 AM Renesys posted earlier Renesys confirms that the 13 globally routed Libyan network prefixes were withdrawn at 23:18 GMT (Friday night, 1:18am Saturday local time), and Libya is off the Internet. One Libyan route originated by Telecom Italia directly is still BGP-reachable, but inbound traceroutes appear to die in Palermo. A minority of our peers report some surviving paths through the peering connection between Level3 and Telecom Italia, but traceroutes into those prefixes fail, suggesting that the Libyan cutoff is complete.

And then: Update 06:39 UTC Two-thirds of Libyan routes came back to life at 6:01 UTC (8:01 local time), and the remainder were restored nine minutes later. At the moment, spot checks of Libyan domains and traceroutes into affected networks indicate that connectivity has been restored, and Libya is back on the Internet.

7:00 AM Adding to all the reported shutdown of social media and internet in Libya, Al Jazeerareports its signal being jammed on several frequencies and its website being blocked in Libya.

7:00 AM Human Rights watch report on Libya for February 18 says that government security forces have killed at least 84 people in three days of protests in several cities in Libya.

Thousands of demonstrators gathered in the eastern Libyan cities of Benghazi, Baida, Ajdabiya, Zawiya, and Derna on February 18, 2011, following violent attacks against peaceful protests the day before that killed 20 people in Benghazi, 23 in Baida, three in Ajdabiya, and three in Derna. Hospital sources told Human Rights Watch that security forces killed 35 people in Benghazi on February 18, almost all with live ammunition.

The protests in Benghazi on February 18 began during funerals for the 20 demonstrators killed by security forces the day before. Eyewitnesses told Human Rights Watch that security forces with distinctive yellow uniforms opened fire on protesters near the Fadil Bu Omar Katiba, a security force base in the center of Benghazi. One protester told Human Rights Watch he witnessed four men shot dead.

By 11 p.m. on February 18, Al Jalaa Hospital in Benghazi had received the bodies of 35 people killed that day, a senior hospital official told Human Rights Watch. He said the deaths had been caused by gunshot wounds to the chest, neck, and head. Two sources at the hospital confirmed to Human Rights Watch that the death toll for February 17 was 20, and that at least 45 people had been wounded by bullets.

The senior hospital official told Human Rights Watch, “We put out a call to all the doctors in Benghazi to come to the hospital and for everyone to contribute blood because I’ve never seen anything like this before.”

Witnesses said that after the February 18 shootings, protesters in Benghazi continued on to the courthouse and gathered there throughout the evening, the crowd swelling to thousands.

In Baida, further to the east, protesters on February 18 buried the 23 people who had been shot dead the day before. One protester told Human Rights Watch that police were patrolling the streets but he had seen no further clashes.

In Ajdabiya, to the south of Benghazi, one protester told Human Rights Watch that early on February 18 people had gathered to bury the three protesters shot dead the day before. He said that on February 17, Revolutionary Guard officers fired upon peaceful protesters who were calling for a change in government. He said the protests were ongoing as of 9:30 p.m. on February 18 but that he had seen no further violence.

Tripoli, Libya’s political and economic capital, remained quiet compared to the east of the country.

4:00 AM “Derna caller, he says 8 have been killed in the situation, but they have no gaddafi influence there now and lots are wounded” via @ShababLibya

4:00 AM “caller from derna, situation seems to be good, they seem to be happier with the situation then benghazi, it seems they have secured the city” via @ShababLibya

4:00 AM “if you contact anyone in benghazi tonight, please tell them water supply poisoning is scare tactics” via @ShababLibya

4:00 AM “we are not a news agency and neither are the people, they are fearing for their lives, we are relaying information as it happens ” via @ShababLibya

4:00 AM “people in Libya are calling franticly each has a story to share, this is because of the lack of media on the ground” via @ShababLibya

4:00 AM “caller from egypt to explain water situation – poisoned water is scare tactics which was spread on streets of egypt, they want you to be scared and stay at home” via @ShababLibya

4:00 AM “@Cyrenaican called a contact, he says water poisoned, thats 4 different people in #Benghazi ” via @ShababLibya

4:00 AM “people we now have a few callers from benghazi including the dr saying water poisoned so il leave it to you guys to decide” via @ShababLibya

4:00 AM “the caller in benghazi also says Saadi escaped ” via @ShababLibya

4:00 AM “more messages being received now of mercenaries entering homes in benghazi… intimidating women while men out guarding ” via @ShababLibya

4:00 AM “I am getting messages now, saying saadi is %100 not captures, ok thanks, right lets not mention him again please” via @ShababLibya

4:00 AM “Some say no saadi caught, its going to be one of those guys… but they say they will send pics, so i would ignore until pics” via @ShababLibya

4:00 AM “ok light on the saadi situation, someone called his bro they said they nearly did but he escaped in a helicopter from benghazi ” via @ShababLibya

4:00 AM “Names of #Benghazi’s martyrs: Moid Fathi Bujlawi 26 yrs old, Rami Salih Almaghrbi 18 yrs old, Idris Ali Raslan Almaghrbi 13 yrs old, Mohamed Salem Bu Jnah 21 yrs old, Marwan Al-ShatShat 20 yrs old, Fawzi Hussein As-Sabri 36 yrs old, Hmad Al-Ilam 27 yrs old, Mutaz Abdel-Ati Al-Droki 19 yrs old, Ibrahim Mohamed Al-Irfi 19 yrs old” via @EnoughGaddafi

4:00 AM “CONFIRMED: Zawiyyah protestors pushing out mercenaries #Feb17 #Libya but in #Benghazi mercenaries attacking citizens” via @EnoughGaddafi

4:00 AM “CONFIRMED: office of Gaddafi’s Vanguard Lijan Thawriyya burnt down in Zawiyyah and city hall-like building in Zawiyyah” via @EnoughGaddafi

4:00 AM “Audioboo: LPC: #Tripoli wman: Korean&African mercenaries let loose on people in #Benghazi” via @feb17voices

4:00 AM “LPC: #Tripoli wman: gov. giving out weapons,tore up runway@ Bayda airport, sound of explosion” via @feb17voices

4:00 AM “Man from #Tripoli says Gaddafi’s guys have been given guns and cars, they are at every corner” via @feb17voices

4:00 AM “LPC: #Tripoli wman: 10,000 prisoners let out 2night after prison in Ayn Zarah burned down” via @feb17voices

4:00 AM “#Tripoli wman: cops “shooting at the innocent,” 5 protesters arrested” via @feb17voices

4:00 AM “#Benghazi man: gov destroying property” via @feb17voices

4:00 AM “#Benghazi man: army killng prtstrs n sum places,standng w/them n othrs. motives unclear.” via @feb17voices

4:00 AM “#Benghazi man: army saying they are w/the ppl but there is “something fishy about it.”” via @feb17voices

4:00 AM “#Benghazi man:elec&intnet cut, sound of live gunshts, pleading4internat community 4relief” via @feb17voices

3:30 AM A picture reportedly of a Benghazi hospital set on fire by thugs.

3:30 AM Over 40 videos from Libya via @AliLePointe

3:30 AM “my last tweet of the night, i have tried to add up deaths total from various people across Libya, looks like its around 71” via @ShababLibya

3:30 AM “#Libya, tonight, teetering between hope and terror…the violence as staggering as the courage” via @EnoughGaddafi

3:30 AM “CONFIRMED: foreign mercenaries attacking people in #Benghazi #Feb17 #Libya, eye witness account, just got off the phone” via @EnoughGaddafi

3:30 AM “Saadi escaping? Yes, I got it from those on the ground” via @der_bluthund

3:30 AM “Reports that Saadi #Gaddafi left #Benghazi with convoy.” via @LibyanDictator

3:30 AM “@EnoughGaddafi Is Saadi captured?!” via @LibyanDictator

1:00 AM “benghazi is now like Cairo, where youth are organising traffic and guarding property”via @ShababLibya

1:00 AM “Mercenaries still walking the streets of Benghazi and scaring people, citizen committees being organized to protect people ” via @ShababLibya

1:00 AM “TUNIS EGYPT and half of LIBYA are now free #Feb17 #Libya %100 confirmed” via @ShababLibya

1:00 AM “Aljazeera just confirmed over 100,000 demonstrators in #Benghazi, a city of 600,000”via @ShababLibya

1:00 AM “Mercenaries still walking the streets of Benghazi and scaring people, citizen committees being organized to protect people” via @libyanfsl

1:00 AM “again from fellow tweeter: mercenaries are entering homes of libyans while males are out #Libya #Feb17 (as expected city is now lawless)” via @ShababLibya

12:30 AM “Almanara: Libyan protesters hang two policemen (who shot protesters) in #Bayda”via @Tripolitanian

12:30 AM “Just heard it on radio from Benghazi!”, “This in just from the Radio: Benghazi residents have arrested Saa’di al-Gaddafi!” via @Cyrenaican

12:30 AM “Benghazi resident says no army, police presence on streets, except 3 tanks outside courthouse, tank crews speaking with protesters.” via @bencnn

12:30 AM “The army has turned over 4 tanks to the people in Benghazi infront of the courthouse.” via @EANewsFeed

12:30 AM “Aljazeera live from #Benghazi: More than 40 buried today in the city; some as young as 12 years old ” via @iyad_elbaghdadi

12:30 AM “The Libyan city of #Benghazi is in the hands of the revolutionaries now. Not a single security person there” via @AhmadFahmy

12:30 AM “we are seeing the worst in libya from the troops belonging to the children of Muamar al #gaddafi ” via @ShababLibya

12:30 AM “Confirmed Zintan: gas cut petrol cut net and coms, please pray for those in Zintan”via @ShababLibya

12:30 AM “Confirmed: ladies men and children are out in Zawia facing tear gas” via @ShababLibya

12:30 AM “Confirmed: revolutionary guard building now up in flames in Zawia” via @ShababLibya

12:30 AM “@AJArabic caller confirms none of #gaddafi security left in benghazi” via @ShababLibya

12:30 AM “@AJArabic sheikh from benghazi on the line, they killed kids 10 years old and 12 years old etc” via @ShababLibya

12:30 AM “@AJArabic Obama finally speaks asks #Gaddafi not to use violence against protesters” via @ShababLibya

12:30 AM “ok, people still spread the fact we need blood in #Benghazi and #bayda please do not forget” via @ShababLibya

12:30 AM feb17voicesis an Audioboo site broadcasting eyewitness accounts from Libya.

Benghazi protesters taking Jilyana Bridge.


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