2011-02-20 Live blog for #Libya #Feb17 from February 15 – 28 PART 1

SUNDAY, February 20

Below is a video of Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, the popular choice of Muammar Gaddafi’s ten children (eight sons), giving a speech today. He says the revolutionaries are children on drugs, things will go back to the way they were, they are in high spirits, there are tens of thousands of people behind them. This is the intelligent reformer son, as compared to the alternatives, Saadi,HannibalMutassim, daughter Ayesha al-Gaddafi, a lawyer who served on Saddam Hussein’s defense team, Saif al-Arab, and Khamis, whose private military is reputedly the most terrifying in Libya.

Translation of Saif’s speech from Uruknet.

I saw that I had to speak to you. Many Libyans asked me to speak. I don’t have a paper or a document to read from.I will not speak in classical Arabic, I will speak in Libyan, I don’t have any papers, this is a talk from the heart & mind. We all know that the region is passing through an earthquake, a hurricane or change. If this change does not come from the govts it will come from the people, we have seen this in other Arab countries. Today I will tell you only truth only. We know that there are opposition figures living abroad who have support in Libya. There people try to use Facebook for a revolution to copy Egypt. These people want to bring Libya to what happened in Egypt & Tunisia. We saw this on facebook and on emails. The country did a pre-emptive move by arresting some people before the protests, shots were fired, people died. The anger was directed at the police in Benghazi. People wanted to storm the police stations, people died, funerals occurred. This is a summary of what happened in Bengazi, now there is a major Fitna and a threat to the unity of Libya. Of course there were many deaths, which angered many people in Benghazi, but why were there people killed? The army was under stress, it is not used to crowd control so they shot, but I called them. The army said that some protesters were drunk, others were on hallucinogens or drugs. The army has to defend its weapons. And the people were angry. So there were deaths, but in the end Libyans were killed.

There are thee parts behind this

1- Political Activists whom we agree with,
2- What happened in Bayda are Islamic elements. Bayda is my town, my mother is from there. People called me. They stole weapons and killed soldiers. They want to establish an Islamic Emirate in Bayda. Some people took drugs & were used by these protesters.
3. The third part are these children who took the drugs and were used. These are facts like it or not.

We have arrested tens of Arabs and Africans, poor people, millions were spent on them to use them by millionaire businessmen. There are people who want to establish a countries in parts of Libya to rule, Like the Islamic Emirate. One person said he is the Emir of Islamic Emirate of Darna. The Arabic Media is manipulating these events. This Arabic media is owned by Arabs who are distorting the facts but also our media failed to cover the events.

Then there are the Baltagiya who destroyed public property, they fled jails. There are our brothers who sit and drink coffee and watch TV and laugh at us when they see us burn our country.

It is no lie that the protesters are in control of the streets now. Libya is not Tunis or Egypt. Libya is different, if there was disturbance it will split to several states. It was three states before 60 years. Libya are Tribes not like Egypt. There are no political parties, it is made of tribes. Everyone knows each other. We will have a civil war like in 1936. American Oil Companies played a big part in unifying Libya. Who will manage this oil? How will we divide this oil amongst us? Who will spend on our hospitals? All this oil will be burnt by the Baltagiya (Thugs) they will burn it. There are no people there. 3/4s of our people live in the East in Benghazi, there is no oil there, who will spend on them? Your children will not go to schools or universities. There will be chaos, we will have to leave Libya if we can’t share oil. Everyone wants to become a Sheikh and an Emir, we are not Egypt or Tunisia so we are in front of a major challenge.

We all now have arms. At this time drunks are driving tanks in central Benghazi. So we all now have weapons. The powers who want to destroy Libya have weapons. There will be a war & no future. All the firms will leave, we have 500 housing units being built, they won’t be completed. Remember my words. 200 billion dollars of projects are now underway, they won’t be finished.

You can say we want democracy & rights, we can talk about it, we should have talked about it before. It’s this or war. Instead of crying over 200 deaths we will cry over 100,000s of deaths. You will all leave Libya, there will be nothing here. There will be no bread in Libya, it will be more expensive than gold.

Before we let weapons come between us, from tomorrow, in 48 hours, we will call or a new conference for new laws. We will call for new media laws, civil rights, lift the stupid punishments, we will have a constitution. Even the LEader Gaddafi said he wants a constitution. We can even have autonomous rule, with limited central govt powers. Brothers there are 200 billion dollars of projects at stake now. We will agree to all these issues immediately. We will then be able to keep our country, unlike our neighbors. We will do that without the problems of Egypt & Tunisia who are now suffering. There is no tourism there. We will have a new Libya, new flag, new anthem. Or else, be ready to start a civil war and chaos and forget oil and petrol.

What is happening in Bayda and Benghazi is very sad. How do you who live in Benghazi, will you visit Tripoli with a visa? The country will be divided like North and South Korea we will see each other through a fence. You will wait in line for months for a visa. If we don’t do the first scenario be ready for the second scenario:

The British FM called me. Be ready for a new colonial period from American and Britain. ou think they will accept an Islamic Emirate here, 30 minutes from Crete? The West will come and occupy you. Europe & the West will not agree to chaos in Libya, to export chaos and drugs so they will occupy us.

In any case, I have spoken to you, we uncovered cells from Egypt and Tunisia and Arabs. The Libyans who live in Europe and USA, their children go to school and they want you to fight. They are comfortable. They then want to come and rule us and Libya. They want us to kill each other then come, like in Iraq. The Tunisians and Egyptians who are here also have weapons, they want to divide Libya and take over the country.

We are in front of two choices, we can reform now, this is an historic moment, without it there will be nothing for decades. You will see worse than Yugoslavia if we don’t choose the first option. Gaddafi is not Mubarak or Ben Ali, a classical ruler, he is a leader of a people. 10,000s of Libyans are coming to defend him. Over coastline Libyans are coming to support Gaddafi. The army is also there, it will play a big part whatever the cost. The army will play a big role, it is not the army of Tunisia or Egypt. It will support Gaddafi to the last minute. Now in the Green Square people shoot so that they show the world that the army is shooting. We must be awake.

Now comes the role of the National Guard and the Army, we will not lose one inch of this land. 60 years ago they defended Libya from the colonialists, now they will defend it from drug addicts. Most of he Libyans are intelligent, they are not Baltagiya (thugs) Benghazi is a million and a half not the few thousands who are in the streets. We will flight to the last man and woman and bullet. We will not lose Libya. We will not let Al Jazeera, Al Arabiya and BBC trick us.

We will live in Libya and die in Libya.

2:45 AM “After #Seif’s speech the city of #Tripoli turned to a battlefield. Please #God protect them.” via @ShababiLibya

2:45 AM “BREAKING CONFIRMED: Tarhuna is out in the streets! The army has joined the protesters! Heading to Tripoli now!!” via @ShababiLibya

2:45 AM “BREAKING – Snipers fire in Saha Al Khadra” via @ShababiLibya

2:45 AM “BREAKING: Call with eyewitnesses in Tripoli – IT IS GOING TO BE A BLOODBATH!” via @ShababiLibya


2:45 AM “BREAKING: Forget what Saif said, we still need to work in Tripoli. We will be free!” via @ShababiLibya

1:45 AM Saif Al Islam Gaddafi made a speech. Will try to get a transcript.

12:45 AM “BREAKING CONFIRMED: Benghazi Hospital today 60 dead. confirmed” via @ShababiLibya

12:45 AM “We are getting reports parts of Tripoli are now celebrating and taken over by protesters?!” via @ShababiLibya

12:45 AM “if saif talks tonight i think he will dismiss his father and assume control, but its way too late” via @ShababiLibya

12:45 AM “AlJaz talking about Gaddafi’s son getting shot by his brother, as well as Gaddafi fleeing to S. America. NONE OF THIS IS CONFIRMED.” via @ShababiLibya

12:45 AM “Unconfirmed: Muamar Al Gaddafi headed to Venezuela. pls note this is unconfirmed and received from lots of ppl on the ground” via @ShababiLibya

12:45 AM “Reports left right and center then Muammar Al Gaddafi has now left #Libya – we can not confirm this. libya has gone maglooba” via @ShababiLibya

12:45 AM “why do dictators delay their speech until the 11th hour? advise to all dictators, if your ppl start a protest, do a quick speech and leave” via @ShababiLibya

12:45 AM “BREAKING: abdalla sanussi will be put on trial!!! #Libya #Feb17 BREAKING” via @ShababiLibya

12:45 AM “somebody asked me earlier will he go tonight, I said only when the ministers resign like dominoes – they must know something, its started” via @ShababiLibya

12:45 AM “BREAKING: libyan ambassador to china has resigned” via @ShababiLibya

12:45 AM “the first online radio of a free benghazi (free libya channel) is announcing the free cyrenaica and soon to be a free libya” via @ShababiLibya

12:45 AM “all pro gaddafi only walked the streets by spreading fear, that is no more, they can not walk in #libya ever again, the tables are turning” via @ShababiLibya

12:45 AM “one thing to note about #libya, when #gaddafi goes, all who supported him will have to go, we will be the first to have a full revolution” via @ShababiLibya

12:45 AM “BREAKING: huge number in #tripoli protesting! We’ll have a Free Libya soon” via @ShababiLibya

11:30 PM Al Jazeera English reports clashes between pro- and anti-government Libyans in “Green Square” in Tripoli

11:20 PM Al Jazeera English interviews Azeldin El-Sharif, a Libyan activist whose brother was shot. He talks about mercenaries being used to kill Libyans. Says, “I don’t believe Gaddafi is a Libyan root man.”

On reports of demonstrations between Gaddafi loyalists and the opposition, “The loyalists are people who’ve got bloodshed on their hands. They are people who believe he can get away as he has doen before.” He talks about Gaddafi escaping crimes against humanity and not being held accountable and now the loyalists think they can get the “whole world” to “shut up” and be silent again.

El-Sharif ends the interview saying he thinks Libyans are going to make it.”I believe we are going to make it very very soon.”

ZDNet with a report on Libyan Internet and sites like Facebook being blocked.

BREAKING CONFIRMED: Tripoli protesters are OUT marching and chanting: La ilaha ila Allah Gadaffi 3adoo Allah!! #feb17 #gaddaficrimes #libya (@ShababiLibya)

BREAKING CONFIRMED: Protesters in Tripoli marching towards the Green Square chanting: No God but God and Gaddafi is the Enemy of God #feb17 (@ShababiLibya)

11:10 PM




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