2011-02-20 Live blog for #Libya #Feb17 from February 15 – 28 PART 2

7:00 PM “Al saika brigade 236 now in control of benghazi joint with the people, sorry i forgot form the call the officer incharge” via @ShababLibya

7:00 PM “Al saika brigade 236 now in control of benghazi joint with the people, sorry i forgot form the call the officer incharge” via @ShababLibya

7:00 PM “getting reports of abdalla sanussi gaddafis main man for security is reported to be arrested he was in the barracks” via @ShababLibya

7:00 PM “al saika brigade marched in and helped the people and the mercenaries in birka barracks ‘fled like rats’ CONFIRMED” via @ShababLibya


7:00 PM “i was told, you have missed out u did not see them run out of birka like rats all foreign mercenaries” via @ShababLibya

6:30 PM “Confirmed: benghazi now free, with surrender of birka barracks moments ago but misrata now hearing gun fire” via @ShababLibya

6:30 PM “BREAKING CONFIRMED: City of Misratah is protesting. EVERYONE is in the streets.” via @ShababLibya

6:30 PM “just received a call from birka area, barracks fallen and the youth are not letting them leave without a fight” via @ShababLibya

6:30 PM “Birka barracks fallen: benghazi have refused to let them leave towards airport without a fight #Libya #Feb17 they asked to leave confirmed” via @ShababLibya

6:30 PM “Birka barracks have sent a text to all benghazi and asked them in the area if they can leave to buatni near airport, and take weapons” via @ShababLibya

6:30 PM “Confirmed: BIRKA barracks has now fallen, conformation birka barracks nowo fallen they have asked benghazi if they can leave peacefully” via @ShababLibya

6:00 PM “More and more reports of a major commandos and army uprising/coup within the libyan army.. I CANNOT confirm this right now” via @ChangeInLibya

6:00 PM “FB sources mention that 1 of the most renowned commandos units in #libya is going to help #benghazi against mercenaries..cnt confirm ” via @ChangeInLibya

6:00 PM “#Gaddafi is treating #tripoli as a series of “pockets”, extremely hard to get from one to another and can be easily contained” via @ChangeInLibya

6:00 PM “Name of martyr, died last night in Tajura: Mohamed Alhatimi, RIP” via @EnoughGaddafi

6:00 PM “Lawyers and judges conducting sit-in at the courts complex in #tripoli” via @EnoughGaddafi

6:00 PM “Huge crowds out in Misurata.” via @EnoughGaddafi

6:00 PM “Talked to many in misrata today. Est. Of 15,000 demonstrators. Live ammo used against demonstr ” via @EnoughGaddafi

6:00 PM “In #Tripoli protests are quick, dspersed by police, but protestors gather elsewhere…similar to first days in #benghazi” via @EnoughGaddafi

6:00 PM “Protests last night in Mansura, which is very close to gaddafi’s central command, bab alaziziya in #tripoli” via @EnoughGaddafi

6:00 PM “from eyewitness, clashes most day in Fashloom, #Tripoli, no 1 reported dead. Some police reported 2 not disturb protestors” via @EnoughGaddafi

6:00 PM “Tripolitanian on Aljaz called on Gaddafi to hand over power to ra’is al-ma7kama al-3ulia and leave the country immediately” via @Cyrenaican

6:00 PM “Radio Benghazi swearing cryptically that a surprise is in store for Gaddafi over in the next 24 hours” via @Cyrenaican

6:00 PM “Massacres reported in front of maktabat al-sha3b in Tripoli” via @Cyrenaican

6:00 PM “Radio Benghazi reporting that large numbers of protesters have poured onto the streets in Tripoli, being attacked by police” via @Cyrenaican

6:00 PM “BREAKING CONFIRMED: Fate of Benghazi and Libya unknown, death toll rising by the second. WORLD INTERVENTION IMPERATIVE NOW!” via @ShababLibya

6:00 PM “BREAKING: Large numbers of people dead in Benghazi today. Amount to be confirmed.” via @ShababLibya

6:00 PM “Please, we need people to contact the Obama administration and the United Nations to demand they do something about Libya” via @Cyrenaican

6:00 PM “BREAKING CONFIRMED: All protesters out in Zawia burning down Gaddafi’s house!#gaddaficrimes ZAWIA IS OFFICIALLY FREE!” via @ShababLibya

6:00 PM “CONFIRMED: Aljazeera reports youngst martyr in Libya: 1 and a half years old!!!!” via @ShababLibya

6:00 PM “Confirmed: tripoli are out in numbers they are chanting they are with benghazi, heart warming…” via @ShababLibya

6:00 PM “more reports from more sources, there is killing ongoing in benghazi, how long can we just tweet this for? until someone says something?” via @ShababLibya

6:00 PM “confirmed: brika barracks, they are firing at anyone and everyone regardless of age etc, anyone they see (these ppl being paid)” via @ShababLibya

6:00 PM “if anyone can get in contact with benghazi, call them and tell them to stay indoors do not approach birka barracks (fadheel camp) please” via @ShababLibya

6:00 PM “From now there will be no oil exported from Libya CONFIRMED no oil from libya, now the world will wake up” via @ShababLibya

6:00 PM “Brega company in libya, their export field pipes in various areas such as tobrok etc have been burnt, no libya from oil officially” via @ShababLibya

6:00 PM “now we feel really helpless…” via @ShababLibya

6:00 PM “in humaytha confirmed, if u open window to look at barracks they shoot you, people dying, i wish i could call them to warn them” via @ShababLibya

6:00 PM “news coming in from humaytha (opposite birka barracks) ppl being killed now.. my fam live in humaytha……” via @ShababLibya

6:00 PM “we are getting, pharmacies are opening doors to everyone in benghazi, but also that those mercenaries have landed in benghazi?” via @ShababLibya

6:00 PM “yes reported high profile people in birka barracks, also if he completely loses ben, he lost more then half of #libya” via @ShababLibya

6:00 PM “the latest people now to confirm that 200 died in one hospital in benghazi is sky news, there is no question now it was a massacre” via @ShababLibya

6:00 PM “Breaking: 3 sources claim, foreign mercenaries have just landed in benina airport god help benghazi god help benghazi” via @ShababLibya

6:00 PM “the problem with birka (barracks) is there are important people inside, that the regime is trying to rescue these people so it seems ” via @ShababLibya

6:00 PM “i would also like to confirm benghazi is in the hands of the protesters the problem is only in the birka region” via @ShababLibya

6:00 PM “Al birka benghazi has still not fallen in benghazi, more gunfire coming from this area, reports say abdalla sanussi inside” via @ShababLibya

6:00 PM “also confirming else where in the absence of police in east libya we seem to only be seeming a mercenary problem” via @ShababLibya

6:00 PM “please also note population of benghazi is under 1 million, libyan population about 6.5 million” via @ShababLibya

6:00 PM “also we now have word that there are 100,000s on the streets of benghazi.. its easy to forget about the ongoing protests” via @ShababLibya

6:00 PM “eyewitness in western libya says he has seen military units being flown towards east libya since yesterday” via @ShababLibya

6:00 PM “our brothers in the historic town of cyrene, according to AJ have now overtaken the mercenary barracks but 50 died so far” via @ShababLibya

6:00 PM “youtube are removing our videos one by one, we will keep mirroring i am sorry for this, our account is being watched” via @ShababLibya

6:00 PM “the eyewitnesses told me, youth ran towards the antitank gun fire (someone give me a name for it) they did not care what happened to them” via @ShababLibya

6:00 PM “200 died in benghazi in one go by automatic anti tank weaponry from the barracks in birka, this was confirmed by many sources” via @ShababLibya

6:00 PM “Libya is not in civil war, libya is one and united, #libya has one common enemy a man who has killed libyans and sucked libya’s money” via @ShababLibya

5:00 AM There is now very little reason for anyone to be ignorant of what is happening in Libya. Besides Twitter and Youtube, for those that did not see them at the bottom of this post,@Arasmus is still updating a googlemap and live update of the protests, Feb17Voiceshas continuously updated audio from Libya that they frequently translate, the protester controlled Benghazi radio station is still broadcasting and here is a spreadsheet which attempts to list all of the deaths of protesters along with their identities. There was a live stream set up earlier today, and protesters have made themselves available, at huge risk, to talk to international media on skype.

Message from Libya to the world

5:00 AM: Gaddafi’s special forces are reportedly going into hospitals and executing doctors. Unarmed teenagers and children are trying to take Green Square in Tripoli from armed mercenaries, army secret police and the Revolutionary Guard. Helicopters are again firing on protesters, this time in Tripoli. A wall exploded on Birka Barracks (reportedly with TNT), killing a nephew of Gaddafi along with 55 others in Benghazi.

5:00 AM “what started with so much optimism is now incredibly depressing, we have seen something worthy of headlines for the next 3years today” via @ShababLibya

5:00 AM “independent confirms 200 dead in benghazi, we have around 400 mark confirmed by eye witness in benghazi” via @ShababLibya

5:00 AM “European sources confirmed that a C130 plane from Austria will land in Malta heading towards Libya with military supplies” via @libyanfsl

5:00 AM “Gheryan eye witness just now, 2 dead, we would urge all from gheryan to try to make contact and @mention with further info” via @ShababLibya

5:00 AM “Major protest currently taking place in Gheryan confirmed by phone call in the city just now” via @ShababLibya

5:00 AM “World: It is Libyan blood on your hands that you let shed today. Death toll rising, unimaginable conditions in Libya! WE NEED HELP!” via @ShababLibya

5:00 AM “Confirmed and heard on CNN: MASSACRE IN BENGHAZI TODAY! 200 shot with machine guns in one go! PLEASE STOP THIS!” via @ShababLibya

5:00 AM “Dear Libya: Help Benghazi! Random shootings in the streets confirmed. PLEASE HELP BENGHAZI” via @ShababLibya

5:00 AM “BREAKIN|G Confirmed via many reliable sources 200 shoot with machine fire in Birka”via @ShababLibya

5:00 AM “Confirmed: 200 people dead in one go in Benghazi eye witness, when attacking the albirka barracks” via @ShababLibya

5:00 AM “Confirmed: 1000 people now out in fashloom area of Tripoli, gun fire reported and confirmed by other sources” via @ShababLibya

5:00 AM “Dear media and aid abroad, where there’s a will, there’s a way this is an extreme situation. You need to act!” via @ShababLibya

5:00 AM “Libyans are calling on the world to be strong and support. send aid. How are visas a problem? the border is opened by the protesters.” via @ShababLibya

5:00 AM “Libya also has foreigners living inside, has the world forgotten, if you don’t care about Libyanswhat about theother citizens?” via @ShababLibya

5:00 AM “What the hell is happening .. Heavy artillery , mercenaries , gunships what the hell is this moron up 2 now he’s burning libya now!!!” via @mohamed_wasfy

5:00 AM “Please help Libya. Please.” via @ShababLibya

5:00 AM “BREAKING CONFIRMED: eyewitness is that unfortunatley 700-750 (dead+injured) the barracks is on fire in Benghazi. HELP!!” via @ShababLibya

5:00 AM “BREAKING CONFIRMED: Libya needs blood types A- and B- the most. PLEASE HELP! RT!!!” via @ShababLibya

5:00 AM “BREAKING, CONFIRMED:Nalut’s youth are out in the square tearing down Gaddafi’s pictures.” via @ShababLibya

5:00 AM “URGENT:PLEASE EMAIL AT libyanym@gmail.com if you are an aidorganization we have drs inside willing to come to the border please email” via @ShababLibya

5:00 AM “Please call for international intervention in Libya please stop Gaddafi’s tyranny. End the violence” via @ShababLibya

5:00 AM “Radio Libya report: Fashloom in Tripoli is under heavy gun fire. .people are dying. WAITING ON WORLD TO ACT!” via @ShababLibya

5:00 AM “Confirmed: Shahat camp free, now heading towards Benghazi with weapons to aid people.” via @ShababLibya

5:00 AM “well done gaddafi you have just made mubarak look human” via @ShababLibya

5:00 AM “how is it in the 21st cent, a leader can massacre their people, a hospital out of beds and blood, and the world is silent?” via @ShababLibya


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