2011-02-21 Live blog for #Libya #Feb17 from February 15 – 28

MONDAY, February 21

10:15 PM Extremely graphic pictures from hospital – these are not regular bullets.

10:00 PM Petition to the UN: “Stop the Massacre – Save the Libyans”

8:15 PM From the audioboo account of Feb17voices:

  • We need help, we need support, we need medical aid, we need someone to stop this guy. It’s really bad out here, everyone’s getting killed, it’s getting worse and worse right now.Source
  • There are 5 or 6 fires all around Tripoli, people are getting shot wherever they are in the street, people go to the hospitals and are sent back because people are killing doctors and people in the hospitals, people are grabbing bits of metal from their yards, and kitchens, whatever they can find to protect their homes. Source
  • We had to change locations and we see 5 or 6 fires all around Tripoli, we see two cars filled with Africans … they were shooting doctors and people in the hospital.Source
  • Yesterday: The number of people injured and killed is about 900. As far the army division, from 5:00 up until 10 minutes ago, young people were throwing hand bombs at the army. … there are cars spread in the region and every car carries four people armed with handguns and they are going through the streets shooting young people, and they are still here. As for Tripoli, I have called Tripoli, and I was told there is an airplane coming to Benghazi filled with the African mercenaries … I passed by 1200 beds … the number of people injured or killed is totaling 900 and the majority of them are in critical condition because the few who are not hit by regular bullets are being hit by bullets usually used to bring down aircraft…. I hear the sound of bullets used to bring down airplanes again …. and young people are not willing to stop because they know if they stop that will be the end of the in Benghazi, they are still in the streets waiting in different places and also there is a shortage in blood supply, in particular O-negative. There is also another thing, the special forces they are attacking hospitals and executing the doctors there.. Source

8:00 PM WL Central has received a video said to be of the remains of soldiers burned alive for refusing to kill protesters.

7:40 PM Two senior colonels from Libya flew jets to Malta and landed without authorization because they were ordered to bomb protesters in Benghazi The colonels defected and made an emergency request to land. They were detained.

It is believed that they flew to Malta because it is only an hour away and on European soil. The speculation also is that they did not go to Italy, as they could have, because they would likely have been repatriated.


This defection raises questions about the military. Correspondents on AJE talked about the role of the military saying that it is important but not as important as the military is in Egypt or Algeria. The defections show why Qadhafi is likely hiring mercenaries to stop protests.


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