2011-03-10 @USDayofRage is on facebook #USDOR

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Current time and date in Washington, DC: 


MONDAY, March 14

@USDayofRage (currently 1,216 followers) has announced a facebook page, a facebook group, and a facebook profile along with the previous twitter account and hashtag #USDOR.

A new announcement from @USDayofRage (currently 1,164 followers) via Twitlonger:

On Monday 14th March 2011, @USDayofRage said:

Public Announcement #USDOR | US Day of Rage

On March 10, we established the Twitter profile @USDayofRage and the hash tag #USDOR as a common rallying point for Americans (and supporters worldwide).

Four days later we have 1077 followers and are growing at a rate of about three followers every ten minutes.

Americans are outraged because they realize that there is something terribly wrong with the way our nation is governed, and the way in which our public discourse is conducted.

The nation’s institutions, meant to underpin the principles of our democratic republic, do not function effectively in the 21st century. Their failure leaves us prey to rampant corruption, unprincipled and abusive government action, and a demoralized populace.

We @USDayofRage place democratic principles before any particular personality or party, even our own.

Talking point politics and double speak only compound our nation’s problem. They corrode our primary column, the intelligence and genuine good will of the American people.

We are currently organizing a national non-violent protest to reclaim democracy on an official US Day of Rage. We will announce the date when our Twitter profile reaches 50,000 followers.


We have established an official hash tag on Twitter, #USDOR, where we call on Americans and our supporters worldwide to voice their grievances.


We invite individuals, subject matter experts, and civic associations to help us in the following way:

• Follow and support @USDayofRage
• Contribute to the conversation on #USDOR both on Twitter and elsewhere
• Help us organize the US Day of Rage Protest

Our official Web site, coming soon, will become a public platform that enables effective public discourse by curating the main hash tag into secondary hash tags along major themes.

We invite subject matter experts and civic leaders to help us design our public platform, which will host and moderate real public debate, and provide a means for citizens to interact and create real solutions to our nation’s problems.

We are deeply humbled and called to a great purpose by the events of this week.

Will you join us?

Best regards,


FRIDAY, March 11

Not many day of rages warrant steady coverage on their second day. But, even with no official date this protest is gaining momentum very quickly. According to many twitter users, quickly enough to be censored on its first day, both the twitter profile and the hash tag. Also quickly enough to be taken over by fringe groups who are also trying to dilute Bradley Manning Day. From a pirate pad “ANNOUNCEMENT : MARCH 20 is a day reserved for Bradley Manning. NO PROTESTS except for him.”

@USDayofRage will announce date after 50,000 followers


Below seen today, only in the US








It has its own Youtube video




THURSDAY, March 10

Following in the footsteps of revolutions taking place across North Africa, the Middle East, and Near East; it appears that a ‘Day of Rage’ is coming to the United States. Or so it seems, according to a new profile created on Twitter, @USDayofRage.





In what appears to be the beginning effort of a group of activists, two profiles: an active one on Twitter, @USDayofRage, and one parked and inactive on Facebook, Usday of rage [sic], appear to be in the process of being readied. As of today, the twitter profile has 104 followers.

Beyond Political Parties

The twitter profile for @USDayofRage states, “The US gov’t & major political parties corrupt the principles of good governance & pervert the public interest. They don’t represent us. Does it make you angry?”

Call To Action: Hash-Tag List of Grievances

The active profile on Twitter has a call to action for citizens to lists their grievances by using the twitter hash-tag #USDOR.





Hash-Tag Revolutionary Debates

The hash-tag #USDOR lists US torture, outdated institutional models and the need for institutional reform for the 21st century; propaganda and a lack of freedom of the press; surveillance and privacy protection; political and corporate corruption and the growth of the military industrial complex as major grievances. More are listed in the below chirpstory:

As reported today in the Jordan Times: “Hashtag Debates are a continuation of similar online dialogues about democracy and political reforms, which have been taking place on Twitter and other social networking websites, the main tool used to mobilise the recent popular revolutions and protests in the Arab street.”


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