An interview with #GazaRebirth: a New Paradigm for Recovery Activism

The Cryptosphere

GazaRebirth for the Children GazaRebirth for the Children

After the most recent Hamas/IDF conflict, the people of the Gaza Strip had a heavy job to rebuild, never sure if THIS was the ceasefire that would hold as so many did not. #GazaRebirth, a new initiative by activists both inside and outside of Gaza, seeks to help with specific aid to a small number of local families in need. If this iteration works, the model will be used in other hard-hit locations around the world to bring direct aid to those who need it most.

We spoke to participants in GazaRebirth including The Cryptosphere contributor Heather Marsh via a collective exchange on Titanpad.

The operation seeks a total of $10,000 via Indigogo, to be divided among five families personally known to the organizers, and to be spent specifically on housing, food, and school supplies for the children. By using direct aid, the organizers are hoping…

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