The other Battle for the Internet

In 1974, a group of sociopaths decided to change the world. They had ridden the wave of social activism pushing for equal rights for minorities in the 60s to conflate pedosadism with homosexuality and fight for its acceptance as just another personal choice of sexual preference. They (adults) fought for “children’s sexuality” as though children were a persecuted minority group fighting for their sexual freedom. In 1974 they formed the Pedophile Information Exchange, a propaganda movement that was more powerful than hasbara in dictating media coverage and influencing public dialogue. They campaigned for the complete removal of the age of consent (legalized sex with babies).

PIE was joined by The North American Man-Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) in the US, the Paedophile Action for Liberation in the UK, the Australian Paedophile Support Group and others. They promoted terms like ‘moral hysteria’ for their opposition and ‘child-lovers’ for themselves. They worked with the UK National Council for Civil Liberties to direct media coverage of pedosadists and rape, normalizing guidelines still used today. They provided legal aid to those facing charges of pedosadism. They worked to conflate documentation of child abuse with pornography and free speech rights and they promoted pedosadism as the ‘sexual liberation’ of children and ‘free love’. They used the UK’s unequal age of consent of 16 for heterosexuals but 21 for homosexuals to push their issues through beside the fight for homosexual equality. They were the major propaganda arm of an international ring of pedosadists which has grown exponentially since then. Any doubts that their abuses were motivated by sadism, not love, and that they were part of the fabric of power, have been put to rest by the recent UK investigations. PIE was probably funded by the UK Government in the 1980s and they had an office address at the UK Home Office.

If you call a pedosadist a pedophile you are accepting their propaganda. Corporate media still very frequently write ‘sex with a child’ instead of rape and ‘child porn’ instead of child abuse documentation. The words rape and rapist appear in quotes constantly, and in conjunction with the words ‘accused’ and ‘alleged’ even after convicted far more often than words such as ‘murder’. UK media still use the term ‘rent-boy’ for victims of child abuse.

In the mid-1980s, and escalating dramatically into the 90s, something the pedosadist activists called the ‘sexual abuse movement’ and a ‘sexual inquisition’ created widespread revulsion for and awareness of pedosadism. Pedosadists were convinced that the media, which they and their sympathizers largely controlled, were persecuting them and blamed women as their primary ideological opponents. A 2005 paper argues the concept of paedophilia was a feminist attack on male normative sexuality. In 1984, PIE ostensibly ‘disbanded’, but in actuality retreated to primarily online and mailing list activity. A primary objective of PIE since its formation was networking between pedosadists for exchange of child victims, pedosadist houses, documentation of child abuse and related support. Online tools were used immediately for ‘secure’ networking.

By the mid-1990’s, this group and their propaganda were a very large influence on what became known as ‘Internet culture’. Their decades of immersion in propaganda techniques to change social norms overwhelmed disinterested others in online forums. Their rage at being ‘censored’ from mainstream media and not achieving their “utopian goals of the dissolution of the nuclear family and the abolition of the age of consent was directed at both women and those of the LGBT community who shunned them. They promoted dehumanization of both along with normalizing child abuse documentation as ‘free speech’ and ‘porn’.

Unofficial PIE stalked online forums and worked constantly to challenge social norms against them and instil hate for their opponents. Moral imbeciles taught the dismissal of moral ‘hysteria’ (that word used to dismiss anyone with a uterus since Hippocrates) and lately ‘social justice warriors’. They used their security knowledge, acquired of necessity to protect themselves from legal repercussions, to impress young boys newly arrived on the Internet and claim their position as elders to be emulated and shielded from criticism. The old talking points from the 70s were wrapped up as freedom and anarchy. New ideas of morality and rejection of adult norms were exciting to those just of an age to form their own principles. The wall of hate encouraged as ‘free speech’ against their old opponents protected their forums from outside influence. 

Unofficial PIE are the trolls who ‘attempt dialogue’ every time pedosadists are mentioned on the Internet. Their scripted 70’s talking points are everywhere. They co-opt every initiative which tries to counsel pedosadists with attempts to normalize it instead. So many people have absorbed PIE propaganda that most don’t even know the origin of what they are quoting. They use reason in public forums and hate in their safer forums, but the end goal is the same. 

Some media and politicians still leap to defend child abuse documentation under the banner of free speech with no concern for the continued trauma and invasion of privacy of their victims. Pedosadism advocates still maintain great influence and power. The exact same powerful people who have allowed human trafficking to become the most lucrative criminal career in the world, ahead of even weapons or drugs, have used ‘combating child porn’ as their excuse to restrict Internet freedom for everyone else, ensuring the wider population is suspicious of any attempt to combat pedosadists. The UK establishment which supported and attempted to normalize pedosadism is now conducting massive sweeps of people who accepted their propaganda while still refusing to investigate the high level complicity which promoted it. The criminalization of consumers of an industry created by the governing class is a reaction very reminiscent of the drug war or the war on terrorism.

Meanwhile the boys, and the girls who pretended to be boys, in the old pedosadist retreats have grown up. Many left for the more mainstream acceptable but still completely closed and moderated thought bubbles of reddit where feminists and masculinists go to percolate in closed forums of hate and othering which social auto-coercion cannot reach and where empathy cannot be learned. The same media which fostered and nurtured the division between men and women since its inception gleefully promote a he-said-she-said ‘Battle of the Sexes’. The thought bubbles have now produced self-proclaimed “pick up artists” who teach that the way to a woman’s heart is to use violence and humiliation against her.

But horrifyingly to the pedosadist propagandists, some of their most receptive protégés not only rejected their principles when they expanded their social group, they now openly combat pedosadists or use their principles against them. NAMBLA bemoans “Anonymous hipster vigilantes”, and their “partisan and paranoid” anti-pedosadist and anti-sociopath actions and old pedosadist Anon and their disciples do as well. The Internet hate machine they encouraged to mob little girls is deplored when it hates adult men. All the rules about free speech which are so sacrosanct when dehumanizing the weak collapse into hysteria when anyone says “white man”. The admonition to always disregard feelings is not to be applied to their feelings. ‘Anonymous is dead’  proclaim the few remaining apologists of the old PIE rules while thousands around the world carry on Anonymous without them.

Free will does not exist, there is always coercion. Representative democracy, NGOs which divide people into groups competing for advocacy, sensational corporate media and protected online thought bubbles create myopic societies with no empathy for those outside. Societies formed in these thought bubbles will always be challenged and perceive themselves as persecuted when they attempt to enter wider society. Censorship which prevents all voices from being heard is a tyranny of the majority or the powerful. Amplification controlled by corporate media and celebrity is governance by oligarchy.

The only way we will attain self-governance by auto-coercion is through free and open forums where every person is allowed to speak and the crowd chooses both who to amplify and what actions to shun.

34 thoughts on “The other Battle for the Internet

  1. I am interested in your thoughts on the latest battle of ideas with the RSD Nation scandal? I am always intrigued with how these corners of the internet can develop into full blown cults almost that get into their own group think to the point where they do not even realise that what they may be doing would be deemed as anti social in a wider community. As someone who loves tracking as many of these groups as I can over the years somehow the PUA phenomenon COMPLETELY missed me. I had never heard of it. Never saw the shows on MTV or had come across the books. When the Elliot Rodgers rampage occurred earlier in the year I briefly heard elements of it but did not understand what was being talked about. So it was a complete surprise when I found myself swept up in very real conflict on the streets of my city here in Aus the other day as this thing came to a head.

    As I see it, it was the moment the PUA bubble finally got large enough that it clashed into wider society and found that there is a distinct culture clash between their minority beliefs and a large portion of the rest of the world. This manifested in literal physical conflict. Since then I have spent hours researching the whole thing and think I have a bit of a grasp on its whole history and evolution. I know the feminists are seeing it as just in terms of the more classical ‘conflict of the sexes’ but I personally feel there is a much more intriguing angle on this as to subculture evolution, cult developments and idea echo chambers. From what I understand this subculture even spawned its own reactionary anti culture to it that was the PUAhate scene that spawned the mass shooting earlier in the year. So it has been a busy year for this culture.

    It has now of course lead to the even more intriguing dynamic where as the cultural clash escalated we now have the champions of ‘free speech’ Anon assisting in essentially a type of censorship. Not saying that in any value judgment but that is what is happening. So it is all so intriguing on so many levels. As you say these thought bubbles should not become closed circuits so should more women and men who were not so enamored with the doctrine of PUA maybe have frequented these boards over the years, even as stealth accounts, and engaged in a bit of meme correcting tinkering? They certainly have left their boards wide open to anyone to insert ideas and trends for the herd mind to follow over the years. Or is that also fraught with moral implications?

    All in all it is an amazing scenario to think that what began essentially as snake oil salesman Ross Jeffries attempt to sell some seminars and books 30 years ago to make a bit of coin has somehow managed to evolve into a full blown socio political culture that is accelerating into a full conflict with wider society around it. I see that it is even being tracked by the SPLC now like other militant movements. What is interesting is that unlike other subcultures, especially involving sexuality, that have sprung up over the years that tend to seek out like minded individuals and then explore their scene together in private, this one openly inserts itself into the wider community and thus assures that conflict will ensue. It’s not like consenting men and women are going to PUA clubs where they know a bit of psychological abuse and physically rough play is what will be offered.

    All in all its an astonishing story. The next PUA book should be more about its history and cultural context and less about how to ‘pull chicks’. What a story!!

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    • I was one of the people who first decided to amplify Jen and bring it through anon. No, it is not censorship. Censorship would be if someone cut out his tongue. He has the right to speak, he does not have the right for international corporate amplification of his speech. The five eyes in general and caucasian men in particular have all committed censorship by noise on everyone else in the world by drowning everyone else out with the megaphones they were born with. The people have the right to choose amplification and the people have the right to remove demagogues, especially since we are governed by propaganda and demagogues.


      PUA is a very natural result of not being able to hear other voices. You have closed forums where people reinforce each others beliefs and ban everyone who disagrees. Both reddit and irc channels reinforced and created these communities and they do the same for the feminist communities and then the two react off each other with the media happily adding fuel. It’s not just feminists and masculinists either, jihadi forums are the same and others. And they all get the same reaction when they try to reach open forums like Twitter.



      • It has been a very interesting campaign. Why do you think this one has succeeded so rapidly where others have failed? It is strange that it has forced reaction from older state structures as well. Bringing about some rather strange temporary alliances between anarchists and stateists. Why do you think this has been the case?


      • 1. The people who decided to amplify it have a lot of experience. Our stuff has always succeeded and made a lot of noise with both anarchists and statists and forced reaction from older state structures. We usually have a larger message which gives people something new to think about and a plan of action that makes noise. In this case, from day one we pushed to have his megaphone removed and have him kicked out of countries, both to show people that they can shun (or accept) who they wish as a people, not a state and to challenge the idea that removing a megaphone is censorship by showing censorship by noise, corporate amplification of demagogues etc. Those are ideas I’ve discussed in here before, but they needed a good field test to show people.

        2. The moment was ripe. Things have been escalating on both sides, Elliot Rodger, Jian Ghomeshi, and that video of a woman walking for 10 hours through NY which feminists portrayed as a woman being harassed and masculinists portrayed as a rude, entitled, classist, racist video. Then this video and this group were the perfect explosive to amplify. The objective now is to get people out of their thought bubbles to start talking and it seems to be working.



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