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Hey guys if you are new to ‪#‎OpDeathEaters‬ don’t be afraid to ask questions, feel free to ask us anything you would like more information on or explained. Check below for what we have already answered. We’ll try to answer your questions as soon as possible.

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Ask your questions below

Q: What is the objective of #OpDeathEaters?

A: The objective of #OpDeathEaters is an independent, internationally linked, victim-led inquiry/tribunal into the child trafficking and paedosadist industry.

Q: What do all those words mean?

A: Independent of all institutions potentially being investigated for complicity. 

Autonomous to each region but internationally communicating and co-operating.

Run by qualified and experienced people who the victims and general public can trust.

Legally binding inquiry to gather evidence for the justice system unless the justice system is deemed by the public to be so corrupt that independent, legally binding tribunals are necessary.

Paedosadist industry includes all the industries using children as products, whether for rape, other sadism, ritual killings, labour slavery, organs, drugs and trafficking mules or militias. These industries are impossible to separate.

What is happening on February, Friday the 13th?

#OpDeathEaters Solidarity for Independent Inquiries

Press Release: https://anoninsiders.net/anonymous-operation-death-eaters-press-release-2902/

Join The Day of Protest Event: February, Friday the 13th, 2015: https://www.facebook.com/events/1413710862255528/1413715605588387/?comment_id=1413718378921443&notif_t=event_mall_comment

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4kenFyPlESY

Q: What is a death eater?

A: A member of a sociopathic society where the societal norms or culture are driven by sadism or sexual sadism disorder. The agony of others is not a side effect of their actions but a goal. Death eaters are distinct from those with an individual personality disorder in that their society’s norms, structure and actions are all constructed to feed and support their sadism.

Q: What is the difference between a pedosadist and the sexual orientation of pedophilia?

A: There is no such thing as a sexual orientation called paedophilia. A sexual orientation, or sex, requires consenting partners. It is not sex if some of those involved are called victims, that is rape. Someone attracted to rape has sexual sadism disorder or paraphilic coercive disorder. Someone attracted to the rape of children is a paedosadist. A paedosadist who acts on their impulses is a criminal paedosadist, one who does not is a non-offending paedosadist.

Q: What is the difference between paedosadist and pedosadist?

A: Paedosadist is the UK spelling, pedosadist is US.

Q: Is OpDeathEaters going after paedosadists on the deep dark web?

A: No, the media made that up because they didn’t want to say we were going after paedosadists in parliament and other powerful institutions. But if we get rid of the ones in institutions of power, we are confident we can get rid of those on the web as well, deep or no.

Q: How do I report paedosadist imagery on the Internet?

A: Talk to our comrades at @ReportaPed0 and #OpPedoHunt. #OpDeathEaters focuses on high level complicity, obstruction of justice, cover ups, and child trafficking.

Q: Where do I donate to #OpDeathEaters?

A: OpDeathEaters is a global idea and the duty of all adults. Do not ever donate to anyone claiming to be #OpDeathEaters.

Q: Is OpDeathEaters calling for vigilante justice?

A: No. #OpDeathEaters is calling for legally binding inquiries and, if necessary, tribunals.

Q: Which inquiry does #OpDeathEaters support?

A: It is not #OpDeathEaters business to choose or support one inquiry over another. We support the right of the people to choose an inquiry format and panel which they can trust.

Q: When will Anonymous be finished setting up inquiries?

A: #OpDeathEaters is for all adults, not just Anonymous. To get support for inquiries we need easily presented facts and the best case(s) which need to be (re)opened and we need discussion forums on reddit, facebook, google+, instagram, Pinterest, tumblr, blogs, community halls, news media, everywhere. We need to have a global network of people committed enough to do the research and build community suppport in each region. We can then spread that information as widely as possible and organize inquiries. There will be no inquiries of any kind without massive public support. 

Q: Is Anonymous going to hack and find evidence of high level paedosadists?

A: There is no need for anyone associated with #opDeathEaters to ever hack a site or view illegal images. All of the evidence we need to establish a need for inquiries is publicly available. In the UK, even attempting to call up an illegal image is called ‘creating’ a child abuse image and is a crime. Don’t do itHacked evidence is inadmissible in court and you could mess up a real investigation. Don’t do that either.

Q: But the media told me all Anonymous were hackers?

A: Not really. The only hacking we are doing this time is writing code. That’s not illegal yet.

Q: What if someone on the #OpDeathEaters tag told me to hack or download child abuse?

A: Block them and report them to twitter for abuse and tell others to do the same.

Q: I did support #OpDeathEaters but someone on the tag said something I disagree with.

A: We do not control Twitter. We are only responsible for the information we collect for the database.

Q: No one is the boss of Anonymous. You can’t decide what OpDeathEaters is.

A: No one can tell Anonymous what to do and everyone is free to help an op or not as they choose. But if they disagree with the core objectives of the op (as written here) they may be Anonymous but they aren’t part of OpDeathEaters. That’s how it works.

Q: How do I give testimony to #opDeathEaters?

A: At this tme, OpDeathEaters has no way of ensuring your safety, providing emotional support or ensuring your information will be acted on. Fight for a legally recognized, independent, victim-led inquiry which can provide a safe place for victim and witness testimony.

Q: But I have really important information and I want to tell you anyway?

A: Make 3 copies of it and pass it as either encrypted files or in person to people you trust will get it to the right place when it is safe to do so. Also, see if you can find a reporter who understands source protection to publish your information. If your information is legally actionable, try taking it to a lawyer and seeking justice. If that is not an option, at least try to present your information in legally actionable affidavit format when passing it to others. The database will eventually allow secure affidavit uploading, not for public viewing but to be collected by human rights law firms or inquiries. Talk to Heather Marsh (@GeorgieBC) after the database is live if you are a human rights lawyer and wish to help with that. The database may eventually be used to upload affidavits to inquiries after they are established.

Q: Where is the database?

A: Follow @OperationDB for updates

on Github https://github.com/OperationDB/Gaetana

on Tumblr http://operationdb.tumblr.com/ 

Q: Why do we need a database?

A: We need to change the way we do journalism so we can better understand the context, history and dependencies of these networks. Background:

News, analysis, action https://georgiebc.wordpress.com/2013/11/02/news-analysis-action/

Good-bye Wikipedia, hello something else https://georgiebc.wordpress.com/2013/10/21/good-bye-wikipedia-hello-something-else/ 

Our right to communicate https://georgiebc.wordpress.com/2013/04/16/our-right-to-communicate/ 

2010: Why we didn’t know our ruling classes were paedosadists. https://georgiebc.wordpress.com/2010/11/22/the-new-social-register/

Q: What kind of data will opDeathEaters collect?

A: We are looking for primary source, court documents and mainstream media reports. Using mainstream media and above sources is legal protection against false accusation and libel. As @der_bluthund points out, we can use blogs if they are by a recognized expert such as a lawyer, social worker, police or similar. Our first objective is to create a database which will track the influence networks around known cases.http://www.hundhaus.uk/2015/01/opdeatheaters-research-101/ 

When the database is operative we will work with human rights law firms (or hopefully established independent inquiries) to allow victim testimony in affidavit format to be submitted confidentially to those legally empowered to act on it. We have two primary obstacles for those seeking justice: the powerful support and perceived credibility of the accused and the frequently very vulnerable positions of the accusers. Many former victims are drug addicts as they were fed drugs by their abusers from a very young age. Many have mental health issues and are in institutions of one kind or another. Those in refugee camps or otherwise dependent have no voice to the outside. They are very vulnerable to being silenced. In order to have true equality under the law, we have to both remove (and prosecute) the support networks covering for the accused and proactively protect and seek testimony from the vulnerable. It is not enough to simply ask that they come forward when many are in no position to do so.

Q: Will the database just be looking at child rapists?

A: No. It is impossible to separate child rapists from those using children for ritual killings, organ harvesting, militias, slaves, drugs and weapons trafficking mules and more. We are also not looking at just those participating directly in paedosadism, we are looking at the influence networks of obstruction of justice and potential blackmail upholding them.

Q: Why are people mentioning the Clintons when he has not been accused of paedosadism?

A: The US Attorney General’s instruction to the US Justice Department was to “pursue justice without making a political mess”. The connection between Epstein and the Clintons, among others, could be seen as a possible factor in Epstein serving only 13 months of ‘house arrest’ (which included regular flights to the US virgin islands and NY) for criminal activity which would usually have resulted in a far stronger sentence. That relationship could then be considered a reason the case should have gone to an independent, victim-led tribunal protected by transparency and public support.

Q: What about Prince Andrew? Sex with a 17 year old wasn’t even illegal in the jurisdictions it occurred?

A: We are interested in Prince Andrew for potential blackmail, obstruction of justice and influence peddling in criminal networks. He has also been accused of participating in an underaged sex orgy.

Q: Is this just a UK / US op?

A: Phase one was @opGabon. This is a problem in every state and international organization of any size. 

Q: Aren’t there NGOs fighting this?

A: We have found infilteration of NGOs, HelpLines, police, and every type of organization set up ostensibly to aid victims. A high level mafia will always co-opt any organization their victims will run to.

Q: Why don’t you leave it to international organizations like the United Nations and Interpol?

A: There have been high level complicity and cover-ups there too.

Q: Is it just the Catholic church?

A: We have evidence from every major religious group. Where there is power, secrecy and impunity, there is paedosadism.

Q: So is it the Masons? Or the Illuminati?

A: Whatever the origins, this is a problem that not only spans the globe but also is throughout every layer of society and can no longer be pinned to one group or reason. It is like metastasized cancer at this point.

Q: Why are you going after the top?

A: This is an industry. Going after the consumers while leaving those who create and enable the industry and the advertising for the industry intact will never work. Many paedsosadists are former victims and, as in the drug industry, the current laws have served as a means to blackmail victims and witnesses who may otherwise have gone to the police.

Q: What about WeProtect? Aren’t they doing the same thing?

A: WeProtect is an Internet censorship campaign aimed at blocking search results into paedosadism so the public will never be able to research a project such as opDeathEaters again. It also promises to arrest a lot of low level people (like victims and witnesses) and fill the prisons, but the same government is still blocking an inquiry into high level complicity in paedosadism. #WeProtect is the top planning to arrest the bottom. #OpDeathEaters is the bottom planning to arrest the top. 

Q: What should we do about this? Should we kill all pedosadists or put them in jail or what?

A: We created the paedosadism industry, we can dismantle it.

Free will and seductive coercion https://georgiebc.wordpress.com/2014/04/22/free-will-and-seductive-coercion/

A mythical Manichean world https://georgiebc.wordpress.com/2014/11/19/a-mythical-manichean-world/

How we came to be ruled by Death Eaters https://georgiebc.wordpress.com/2014/12/05/how-we-came-to-be-ruled-by-death-eaters/

The other Battle for the Internet https://georgiebc.wordpress.com/2014/11/08/the-other-battle-for-the-internet/

Q: When did #OpDeathEaters start?

A: This phase of OpDeathEaters started in November, 2014 but the first phase was @OpGabon in early 2013 and there are overlaps with @opRohingya and @opKachin as well.

Q: Who is leading #opDeathEaters?

A: No one. #OpDeathEaters is idea driven https://georgiebc.wordpress.com/2012/12/01/idea-and-action-driven-systems/ stigmergic action ( https://georgiebc.wordpress.com/2012/12/24/stigmergy-2/We are all aiming for the same objective but how you help us get there is your choice (which doesn’t mean you won’t get negative feedback if others don’t agree with your choice).

Q: Ok, but whose idea was #opDeathEaters?

A: Heather Marsh (@georgiebc).

#OpDeatheaters historical background:

How we came to be ruled by Death Eaters: https://georgiebc.wordpress.com/2014/12/05/how-we-came-to-be-ruled-by-death-eaters/

Sociopaths, Psychopaths and Death Eaters: https://georgiebc.wordpress.com/2014/11/23/sociopaths-psychopaths-and-death-eaters/

The other Battle for the Internet: https://georgiebc.wordpress.com/2014/11/08/the-other-battle-for-the-internet/

Installing new governance: https://georgiebc.wordpress.com/2014/11/12/installing-new-governance/

Witches and how they are silenced: https://georgiebc.wordpress.com/2014/05/01/witches-and-how-they-are-silenced/

2012: Internet and paedosadists (at 11:40):


2013: Internet and paedosadists again (at 45.)


2014: Internet and paedosadists again (pp 8-9)


Q: Are there main accounts I should follow?

A:Twitter: @opDeathEaters, @GeorgieBC, @YourAnonCentral and this 

List: https://twitter.com/OpDeathEaters/lists/opdeatheaters

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCklWsaKX-cvapEC5KRGU0hw

Tumblr: http://youranoncentral.tumblr.com/

Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1522133861392796/

Q: I want #opDeathEaters to be a big success in my country but the official Anonymous OpDeathEaters account for my state isn’t doing much.

A: There are no official accounts. Start another. Most accounts start with @opDeathEaters or @opDE so we can find them easily. They are for focused research and organizing. They can be formed for specific regions, NGO’s, UN, militaries, churches, corporations, wherever your interest lies.

Q: I’m not good at research or organizing so I am just retweeting and tweeting old tweets all day long. It’s getting boring.

A: Please spread that information to Facebook, reddit, Instagram, Google+, Tumblr, everywhere else you can think of.

Q: I’ve been working on #opDeathEaters and a journalist wants to talk to me. What should I say?

A: Refer them to the FAQ and then answer their questions. As long as no one contradicts the FAQ, anyone can talk about their experiences working on the op.

Q: A lot of the words I am hearing are new to me and they aren’t the same as I hear on the news.

A: This may help…

1. Glossary: https://georgiebc.wordpress.com/category/glossary/

2. New Orwellian Dictionary: https://georgiebc.wordpress.com/category/new-orwellian-dictionary-nod/

Q: Why use the term “death eaters”? The people you are describing are the utmost depraved perverts on the planet but to get all of this into the heads of the mainstream majority, I just think we need to use more familiar and simpler terms to describe these psycho’s and their evil actions.

A: We really don’t have a term to describe these people. That has been used to block this story for years, as soon as anyone mentions the topic their listeners demand to know who the group is and the conversation descends into ‘the Illuminati’ or ‘the Masons’ or ‘the Satanists’. There are depraved perverts at all levels of society, we are not talking about all of them (and neither of those words suit our meaning in any case). Also, there are people who are very much part of death eaters society who are not paedosadists or even involved in trafficking, they just live within, enable and protect the society and allow it to exist. So a choice, invent a completely new gobbledegook word or use one which everyone understands and is also a completely accurate term for what we mean. Anything less would be rationalizing, normalizing and completely false terminology like ‘paedophile’, comforting to the listeners and allowing them to settle back into slumber in famliar surroundings. We have seen this in the lies presenting child torture and murder around the world as ‘war’, ‘national security’, ‘policing’, etc., and the word ‘paedophile’ had already almost fully buried this story in the UK. This is really our last chance to NOT use familiar and simple terms and confront the fact that we are in fact ruled by death eaters.

Who controls the words controls your thoughts.

Q: How can you guarantee I won’t be arrested or harmed if I fight for the arrest of a powerful mafia?

A: We can’t. Adults assess the level of potential risk they are willing to take to keep children safe from real torture. It is the job of children to reach adulthood, it is the job of adults to do something with their adult lives. The only guarantee in life is death. Your only choice is what you do in the interim.

Q: Oh. Well, any tips at least?

A: The only security will come from society. We need numbers and speed and we need to remove power from sociopaths. Those most in need of protection are in jails and mental institutions and their testimony needs to be heard urgently. We will not bring a powerful sociopathic mafia to justice through encrypted email. Burkina Faso burned their parliament buildings and made at least a portion of their oligarchy flee the country in three days and they did not do it through online security, they used irl action. This mafia is not afraid of encryption (which they wrote) they are afraid of people speaking out loud.

Q: I just want to feel a little secure online? >_<

A: Oh all right, if you want online security tips ask @SamuraiLucy.

Q: Ok. I agree with #opDeathEaters but there are a lot of people talking to me who just want a few little things changed to make it more reasonable. They think it would help us achieve our goals if we made some slight modifications to the objective and used words these people are more comfortable with and appealed to a more mainstream audience and got some celebrities to endorse us and formed an NGO and collected funding and distanced ourselves from all the controversial people behind this op. They tell me that I am very reasonable and if only I distanced myself from these controversial aspects and people I could be a CEO of the new OpDeathEaters NGO and probably have a career in politics and really make a difference.

A: Please read: 

How corporations defeat grassroots movements: (Thank you Jeremy Hammond.) popularresistance.org/heres-how-the-corporations-defeat-political-movements/ 

Concern troll: http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/concern_troll

Bikeshedding: http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/bikeshedding

In particular note from first link:

Activist subtypes: “radicals, idealists, realists and opportunists.”

Radical activists “want to change the system; have underlying socio/political motives’ and see multinational corporations as ‘inherently evil’, do not trust the … federal, state and local governments to protect them and to safeguard the environment. They believe, rather, that individuals and local groups should have direct power over industry … I would categorize their principal aims … as social justice and political empowerment.”

The “idealist” is easier to deal with.

“Idealists…want a perfect world…Because of their intrinsic altruism, however, … [they] have a vulnerable point,” he told the audience. “If they can be shown that their position is in opposition to an industry … and cannot be ethically justified, they [will] change their position.”

The two easiest subtypes to join the corporate side of the fight are the “realists” and the “opportunists.” By definition, an “opportunist” takes the opportunity to side with the powerful for career gain and has skin in the game for “visibility, power [and] followers.”

The realist, by contrast, is more complex but the most important piece of the puzzle, says Duchin.

“[Realists are able to] live with trade-offs; willing to work within the system; not interested in radical change; pragmatic. The realists should always receive the highest priority in any strategy dealing with a public policy issue.”

Duchin outlined a corresponding three-step strategy to “deal with” these four activist subtypes. First, isolate the radicals. Second, “cultivate” the idealists and “educate” them into becoming realists. And finally, co-opt the realists.

“If your industry can successfully bring about these relationships, the credibility of the radicals will be lost and opportunists can be counted on to share in the final policy solution.”

Q: Well, I can’t help being taken in by feds. I am just too trusting, I am such an honest and caring person myself I could never understand how others could be dishonest. I just like to believe the best about people, I’m not a cynic or a pessimist like others. It’s just not in my nature to not talk to these people and attempt to bring them in and reach a compromise because I am a kind and loving person and I just can’t be rude when they are being so kind to me.

A: You are an unprincipled, weak-willed narcissist. You cannot resist flattery and you are not-so-secretly jealous of those with stronger principles than you and you wish to feel superior by presenting derailment as ‘reasonable’. You are helping derail the objective and the movement and you can’t sit with us.

Q: Ok, I don’t want to be taken in by feds but I see the UK army just added 1500 troops to conduct a propaganda war on Facebook and Twitter along with all the other government socks that were already there. How will I know who these people are?

A: By their techniques. They aim to co-opt, divide and divert. If an idea is anonymous, they will prop up media friendly poppets to claim the idea as their own and divert followers to worthless or harmful objectives (see Sabu or Occupy). With an idea such as OpDeathEaters they would dismiss it as a product of the sensational, poorly researched sites that previously enabled the topic to be dismissed as lunacy. If an idea had an origin, they will discredit the origin. (‘Turing believes machines think. Turing lies with men. Therefore, machines don’t think.’) If an idea has an origin that nothing is known about, that will be portrayed as untrustworthy. If the origin is a well known personality then everything they have ever done will be attacked and they will be portrayed as a ‘narcissist’ and ‘personality cult’ for being well known. Any known person involved at any level will be used as an excuse to divide (‘I love what you are doing but I can’t work on anything X is involved in.’)

The solution is to ignore personalities and block anyone who tries to derail into discussion of personalities. OpDeathEaters is idea driven, stigmergic action, our focus is on the objective and data.

Q: If we just focus on the objective they can’t stop us?

A: Of course they can try. They can redefine the meaning of the objective or each of the words in it and attack each word separately. They can do everything possible to intimidate witnesses, victims, investigators and everyone else involved. They can co-opt panels. They can even flee to other countries and fake their own deaths as the nazis did before Nuremberg. They are currently doing every one of those things, but we have the momentum and they are crumbling.

Q: In the meantime, these trolls on the tag and in my timeline are driving me crazy. What do I say to them?

A: Nothing. They have elite, specialized training in how to drive you crazy. If everyone on the tag uses the block button they can’t do their jobs, they are paid to engage you. Do not engage with intelligence agents trained to divert you. 


Q: Who wrote all this crap and who did they go to for authority?

A: Heather Marsh (@georgiebc) and she went to herself.

If you have any further questions feel free to ask any of our main accounts, thank you. Please translate and share the FAQ widely, Hashtag: #OpDeathEaters

Warning: This is not #OpDeathEaters

Normally I would just paste this, but for anyone looking on this blog for #opDeathEaters information, I am putting it here too.

A few days ago I received a message asking me to follow an account @JustDriveMovie on Twitter, which I did. I then received dm’s from them as follows. As far as I am concerned any communication I received from them was meant for anyone involved in Anonymous or OpDeathEaters since that is the only reason they were contacting me. It is completely in the interest of all people they wish to represent to see how they are to be represented. Since this company said “Confidence that the network will have our backs is essential.” early feedback is of course an advantage for them as well. This is my sole communication with these people.

Them: Thank you. I lk forward to communicating w/you and proving to you that I am who and what I say I am. Values and Principles are my soul.

A man is only willing to bend over backwards so many times before he realizes he wasn’t performing for a potential ally. Its time to take me Seriously.

Me: I said I would talk to you today. My schedule is not yours to order and threats don’t go over well. Explain what you want.

Them: Actually we said we would talk THURSDAY, don’t expect to “control” your schedule, just do as each other says, especially when building trust

Your schedule is no more busy than mine and I’m still reaching out to YOU to use my art, business and life as a vehicle for you, sooo

How about we move past the part where you assume I’m some kid playing games and we have a serious discussion about how I can help. 

And its hard to reference your schedule when you post a thousands tweets a day for the cause, but can’t respond to someone willing to

Take on your war in a major way.

Me: This is a response. Still waiting for you to explain what you want.

Them: Fyi Respect goes both ways. I believe what i OFFER has been explained to you by several people. I was told you were the person to have a

Serious conversation with about how we can HELP EACH OTHER, advance the cause with enlightenment through entertainment.

If you hv a lot of filmmakers lining up to risk their career catering a script & platform to YOUR agenda,

then sorry for wasting your tweeting time.

Me: I have had one mutual acquaintance ask me to follow you. I know nothing else about you. Serious conversations involve information.

Them: I find that hard to believe considering the public tweets we’ve both been tagged with and ___ told me he sent you my email and talked to you

Several times about what we are willing to do and how we would try and work in as much pertinent details as possible.

I’m willing to use my career/film to be the mainstream vehicle that forces press to broach/discuss the cause. Maybe you and ___should get on

Same page before we go any farther. I’m the one offering the two of you something you simply do not have on your side.

– – –

So, I put this in the spam folder of my mind where so many such communications a day go, but then I received an email explaining further what their objective was and apparently this is a real person so I think it needs to be clarified just how far I stand from this initiative.

OpDeathEaters is a global idea and the duty of all adults. For decades (centuries?) untold numbers of investigators, reporters, victims, witnesses and concerned people have died while trying to expose elite paedosadist and trafficking rings. Right now, untold numbers are risking their safety trying to expose this story. We have responsible adults working worldwide as researchers, investigators, coders, and every other manner of assistance. The work they are doing is exceptional.

Anyone who has never worked on this subject before, takes no risk, wants all promotion and research done for them and also thinks their efforts should benefit from a crowd sourced fundraising campaign is a special kind of arrogant. Add to that these people want to be the “face and voice for the message” (and any new Anonymous operation) and the proposed movie has absolutely nothing to do with real victims or the real campaign and appears to be the worst kind of Great Hero Hollywood tripe, posing as reality, mixed in with conspiracy theory. It would completely destroy the credibility of OpDeathEaters, as well as completely co-opt any media around it. So I thought you should know.

Ed: Worth reading this whole thread from @OpDeathEaters

Email with ID removed.

I apologize for the delay. While preparing to write this I found myself
quite inspired with strong ideas about how to integrate #OpDeathEaters
in to a story that was always meant to serve this type of cause. Before
I get into all the surrounding aspects of our ‘Social Filmmaking’
plan, how I see cohesion in agendas and the concerns I have going in,
let me start with the story. I attached the current version of the


The basic storyline is a disenfranchised superstar (think Russell Brand
and his Trews attitude meets George Clooney’s level of influence)
figures out on the way to an appearance that the event has been hijacked
by a nefarious political force specifically to give the public
appearance that our superstar ‘Tony DeFranco’ endorses their agenda.
The entire film takes place in a limousine on the way to the event and
ends in a high speed chase that culminates with Tony’s publicist
offering him an ultimate that includes playing ball and exiting the limo
alive, or dying in a horrible crash in a limo full of drugs and dead
hookers. As the story unfolds the audience discovers that Tony is the
primary financier of ‘Anonymous Operations’ and he has been
orchestrating an underground war against the global elite right under
their nose from the heart of Hollywood.

I always intended for Tony’s motivations to be more focused and
meaningful, so framing his motivations around a major Anonymous
Operation like #OpDeathEaters is something I fully support as the writer
and an activist.

I immediately wrote up an outline for changes to the script that could
dramatically involve key details such as already convicted names, direct
references and a central conflict/plot that revolve around the
Operation. In a general sense it could look like this, Tony’s
Hollywood existence gave him first hand access to this cabal of
pedophilia. It was he who originally ordered #OpDeathEaters. He who has
been financing and supplying insider information to the operation. The
nefarious politician who hijacks his event for their presidential bid,
is one of the key ring leaders, the most untouchable, for the cabal and
Tony’s antithesis. After Tony picks up a sexy stranger on the way to
the event and debates the moral dilemma of going or not going to the
event, she convinces him that “you can only remain anonymous for so
long, before you must lead by example.” He decides that tonight will
be “the night the mask comes off”. When his traitorous, soulless
publicist gets wind of his intent, she blackmails the young driver to
take Tony on a high speed police chase where she forces the devils
ultimatum on him. In the end he chooses to be a martyr for the cause. It
leaks out that he drew a triangle into the coke dust before he died and
his death becomes a massive conspiracy theory, portrayed in the
mainstream media as the nefarious politicians example/platform for why
“everyone will be held accountable”. (This is just a sweeping
generalization, but with hard specifics from your side I can definitely
weave hard facts and truths into the story without skipping a beat and
in fact making the story much deeper and more powerful.)


When it comes to production, I have a small, but elite team of studio
caliber professionals who are all personal friends. We designed this as
a contained thriller that we could use to show off our talents as a team
and claim our career independence from the system. (For exactly these
kinds of creative freedoms) The film was designed to be shot in just 15
days on a single sound stage. We had intended on shooting it at the
Youtube studios, but we must partner with a channel that has over 100k
subscribers already. Any chance you’re connected to the anonymous
youtube channel? Could be a platform to directly release the film on as
well. Some of the linked documents below discuss the business/technical
aspects of the film in greater detail. Rest assured we expect the
quality of this film to be a stunning leap in what indie filmmaking is
capable of. It will have the production quality and heart to win


At the same time all of this is happening, we just started shooting
initial interviews, and as part of the secondary surrounding content, we
are shooting a documentary following our efforts to make this movie.
That documentary could easily be expanded to be a documentary about the
use of fiction as a vehicle for a delivering a horrifying truth to the
population in an un-ignorable way. IE the Hannibal Burris/Bill Cosby
moment of reckoning on a massive scale. In addition, by documenting
everything and sharing most of it in real time it offers a built in
layer of protection from anyone who would mean us harm. Any
harm/harrassment to us would only reinforce the truth of what they are,
and make this whole story an un-ignorable headline around the world.


Our surrounding plan for the film is very detailed and extensive. It
provides countless live and social platforms that combined with the
right network could ensure that #OpDeathEaters is a constant trending
topic. The linked documents explain our plans in more detail, but the
general plan is this… Through live events, viral, reality and
transmedia storytelling we intend to document and share the entire
process of making our movie as we make it. All of this secondary content
will be part of our viral marketing campaign for the film and will be
used to hold ourselves accountable to the crowd. Because we will be
asking the community to support this film, we have made a commitment to
use the film as a platform to give back to the community. There is no
limitation on how we do this, but this is what we have planned so far…

LAUNCH – In the Spring of 2015 we intend to host a celebrity charity
poker tournament for Big Brother Big Sister. This event will be
co-hosted with Aces & Angels the charity poker organization to the
stars. This event will be a high profile live streamed event on Youtube
– The Anonymous Youtube Channel perhaps? This event will serve as the
back drop for an interactive web-a-thon promoting the start of our
national crowd fund campaign. The web-a-thon will feature a level of
audience guest interaction never before experienced with rewards to
match. 50% of the money raised will go to BBBS and 50% will go to us to
cover the costs of the event. As part of our agreement with Aces and
Angels the event projects no less than $100,000 raised with an
expectation of $250,000.

Another part of our charitable commitments will be a 10% pledge of every
crowd fund donation to a national charity/cause (TBD) when the campaign
ends. The 90% that goes to fund the project will be promised as a
donation by the film once it is released.

PRODUCTION – In order to restore the trust and value back into crowd
funding the key to our entire business model is shooting the film while
the campaign is actually happening. This way through our documenting and
sharing, the audience can watch the film come together, meet the people
involved, watch the hard work and passion before they even consider
donating to the project. During production there would be a live
streamed nightly wrap up show from set where a host interviews members
of the production, this would be another great nightly platform to
remind people why we are doing this.

DISTRIBUTION – While we have traditional distribution contacts, those
would only be necessary for foreign sales. For domestic everything would
be interactive and cause oriented. With our model we have the freedom to
release the film in all traditional formats as well as new media formats
such as any youtube channel, theater or alternative platform we choose.
For us this means making sure the film releases everywhere at the same

We have arranged a theatrical release that goes outside the studio
system and is sustained only as long as the demand, without any upfront
costs. The CEO of Tugg.com [1] has promised us a minimum of 200 theater
screenings for our release night. Tickets for these screenings will be
available from the first day the movie goes into production. Through
Tugg additional local screenings can be easily requested by fans or
event promoters and include affiliate fees for events that sell out.

On top of that, with a platform called distrify.com we can offer a
youtube like video that serves as a trailer/store/vod platform that can
be updated from the back end. That means any online press the cause or
film gets along the way can embed a youtube like video player in their
article that offers fresh content, promos, videos, products and the
movie once it is released. It also has a built in affiliates commission.
If you and/or us need to issue an important call to arms video, it would
instantly populate in any past article, press, blog or website that
shared or embedded the player. This has a built in 15% affiliate
commission for anyone who shares or embeds the player/store so get
creates a tangible reason for positive coverage.

THE CHERRY – The final piece of our social filmmaking model includes a
30 day bus tour leading up to the release of the movie. The tour would
serve as a rolling reality show and include 20 free charity screenings
around the country, the filmmakers would host Q&A’s after each show
talking about the film and presumably the Operation and any new
operation. We could be a face and voice for the message that people can
interact and feel comfortable with, while still deferring to the
collective. The nuts and bolts of this plan are all designed to turn the
movies release night (which will be scheduled and promoted before the
launch event) into the pop culture event of the year. This is all before
we add the power of Anonymous into the equation.


Because much of this model centers around personal relationships, we can
produce, market and distribute the film for less than $350,000. But, the
beauty of the business model is that with a large enough social network
(This is where Anonymous comes in) the model is designed to be self
sufficient after the initial costs of the charity event have been
acquired. Once we come up with $30,000 to cover the event deposits, we
have a proven sponsorship coordinator, the BBBS donor list and Aces and
Angels ready to maximize the event revenue.

The crowd fund campaign, web-a-thon, presales, secondary content, tour
sponsorships, online ad revenue (from all viral traffic) will cover the
costs of production and the tour. Our detailed financial projections
show us reaching profitability before we wrap production on the film.

Thanks to our financial sponsorship through ‘From The Heart
Productions’ any donation to the project is eligible for a tax


Every aspect of this plan is designed to be a tight ascending line of
momentum that builds off each stage before it. This means no long turn
around, we create a wave and ride it to the release night.

STARTING POINT – The moment we can secure 30k (seed money) to pay the
deposit on Aces & Angels, the venue and essential labor.

LAUNCH EVENT – Schedule 90 days after seed money. This is lead up, viral
marketing, event promotions.

PRODUCTION/CROWDFUND CAMPAIGN – 15 days during the 45 day campaign.
(Endless amount of secondary content produced)

POST PRODUCTION/TOUR PROMOTIONS – 90 days – The film will be shot in
chronological order to allow editing and reshoots to happen as we go.


WORLDWIDE RELEASE – 240 Days. (Unheard of by traditional industry


– The title of our charity event is ‘All In For Kids’ so adding a
deeper, more important subtext/purpose to that title works perfectly.

– As long as we do not feel like we are painting a bullseye on our chest
and then being escorted out into a field, we are happy to use our
platform, business model, film and content as a vehicle for the greater
good. The truth is the sole reason I ever saught to exploit my ability
to entertain was to accumulate the relationships and the resources to
fight these wars, so if I have the opportunity to skip the long game and
get back the ten years of my life I wasted with no direction, I am so
down for the cause.

Together we could easily turn this into a 9 month straight barrage of
attention/press/media/discussions on #OpDeathEaters culminating in crowd
sourced theatrical release that could double as a public demonstration
of the full power of Anonymous. Through pop culture we can create a
moment that insists that anyone in power who is not with them, turn on

– I know for a fact the union of our resources would create an
inevitable media firestorm. We’ve accumulated quite a few press and
industry people who are secret supporters of our social filmmaking model
and laying in wait to join a groundswell. When you combine the
disruption to the traditional industry we already represent, with the
reach of anonymous, it will be like catnip to social journalists

I can already see the spin – band of Hollywood rebels risk industry
banishment working with Anonymous to make a powerful film dedicated to
exposing Hollywood Mogul Monsters. Especially if we go with a marketing
campaign that…

– Implies we made this movie (even changed the script) based on a
supposed real superstars first hand account. We can say that we were
already planning on making a movie about a Hollywood A-Lister who is
secretly a member of Anonymous. From that we connected with a member of
Anonymous who has been in communication with a very high-level member of
the Hollywood food chain for sometime regarding #OpDeathEater. From this
unidentified whistleblowers communications relayed to Gratwick Films, we
rewrote our script to be a “fictional” story based on this secret
A-listers secret confessions.

– Video Collaboration, blurring the lines between fiction and reality
would sell it. If both sides are 100% willing to go to the wall with
this, we can collaborate on a series of videos that imply we have a big
time Hollywood WhistleBlower who gave us first hand accounts of their
secret war with the powerful scum of Hollywood. We can take from the
documents and information your ally has and “leak” details out in
those videos. If done and presented right, the “Tony DeFranco”
character would be a pseudonym for the alleged whistleblower. It could
get the real scumbags shaking in their boots about how close to home
this movie is going to go and if someone really did talk to us. The goal
would be to turn a mantra like “Who Is Tony DeFranco?” into a call
to action with endless layers of subtext in the likes of “Who Is John
Gault?” It would be code for anyone fighting to expose these scum, it
would create speculation about who the REAL Tony DeFranco actually is,
maybe it will inspire a Hollywood elite to personify Tony and step
forward. The advantages are endless.


– 1 is being hung out to dry. For us, once an alignment/commitment like
this is made, we are not publicly anonymous, there is no going back. So
much more than the threat of harm, my greatest concern is taking a giant
social trust fall and not having anonymous people there to blow some
wind under our wings.

– 2 this caliber of alliance will certainly strain some of our
unfortunately necessary business relationships. Such as enticing event
sponsors, celebrity guests, charity partnerships. This could suffocate
the modest financial streams we are counting on to run a professional
crowd fund campaign. Confidence that the network will have our backs is
essential. To be completely honest, we have already sacrificed so much
for the greater good, everything we have and the roof over our tiny
apartment is riding on getting this project off the ground in the next
30 days, so adding a degree of difficulty to securing those precious
initial funds could be a back breaker.

All this being said I’m down for doing whatever is necessary on my end
to make this happen.

Please view the documents below as supporting information,

Looking to do some good before I go,


THE SCRIPT – http://pastebin.com/SJDZEBt8

LOOK BOOK – Visual presentation of what the film will look like.


PITCH DECK – A basic overview of the films essential details. Some
casting info is outdated.

[3]pzNVV5UFNHYW8/edit?usp=docslist_api [4]












http://www.aces-angels.com/ [10]


http://fromtheheartproductions.com/ [11]

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Anonymous Whistleblower Shares Cryptic Warning to Hollywood: