Covers, clean up and collaboration

So I succeeded in scaring myself by showing the first people what the next book is about. Publishing is actually terrifying for me, I get extreme stage fright and can only really do it when I think no one is reading anyway. But it’s started and what is done can’t be undone so that helps me stop waffling. A couple chapters are out for any patrons who want to see them and a couple more are out to my amazing epistemic community. There will be a lot more to the epistemic community in the upcoming month.

Besides that, I have also been heeding my friend’s admonition to take my own work seriously and I had the most wonderful luck in getting a brilliant designer to do the covers.

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One thought on “Covers, clean up and collaboration

  1. I am having trouble reading your new work, not so much that I’m short on time (that too), but it shines so bright that it sends my mind (and spirit) into a frenzy. Its brilliance is blinding. If that is of any use to you. I will read it, at some point, for sure.

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