Twitter, TikTok and totalitarianism

Most of this month’s emails and messages have been about Twitter. I have already written so much about social media and communication but I guess it’s been a few years so we can revisit it. At this point I’m going to assume you all know what I think is wrong with social media as it is.

The thing that needs to be recognized first is that we are talking about the form of governance we live under which has really nothing to do with voting, no matter how life and death that act is portrayed as. Real change comes from convincing enough people that something is necessary so that they will force politicians to change it. That comes from information control. This is the form of governance we have always lived under and it is still nominally played out in parliamentary debates but it has been superseded for centuries by, first pamphlets, then news media and now social media. People need to be willing to look at this as How do we want to be governed? or How do we want our information to be sourced and presented? instead of just the endless platitudes about free speech. Then it needs to be recognized that governance is the job of governments, not organized crime or compromised billionaires.

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