2011-10-25 Thoughts on revolution from Take the Square, WL Central and a member of US Day of Rage (AUDIO)

Podcast Listen to the conversation here Speakers in order of appearance: Heather Marsh.  As  Georgie  she has been writing about the revolution since before the beginning, starting with  A Stateless War  in September 2010. As editor/administrator of WL Central, she has created a community for activists around the world to provide a new hard news organization, […]

2011-08-01 United States Day of Rage and Occupy Wall Street #usdor #occupywallstreet

One citizen. One dollar. One vote. The US Day of Rage, a movement launched on March 10 of this year, appears to be taking off with the anger and frustration surrounding the ongoing debt crises this week. The movement describes itself as an“assymetrical self organizing political movement of ordinary citizens”, believes in non-violence and principles before parties […]

2011-02-09 February 20 is Morocco’s Day of Rage

A February 20 protest has been planned to restore “the dignity of the Moroccan people and for democratic and constitutional reform and the dissolution of parliament.” One of Morocco’s leading Islamist movements, Justice and Charity, which has an estimated 200,000 members and is banned from politics but tolerated, has called for “urgent democratic change.” It’s website states […]

2011-02-09 February 17 A Day of Rage to protest against ‘The Revolution’

In Libya, the Revolution (Al-Thawra) refers not to the protests happening today, but to the revolution over 41 years ago which installed Brotherly Leader and Guide of the Revolution Muammar al-Gaddafi in power. The National Conference for the Libyan Opposition (NCLO) and Libyan activists are calling for a Libyan Day of Rage on February 17 […]

2011-02-06 Syria and the Day of Rage that didn’t happen

As predicted, Syria’s day of rage did not meet with the same response as that of others in the region. “The only rage in Syria yesterday was the rage of nature,” wrote Syrian journalist Ziad Haidar, in reference to a cold spell and heavy rain on the day of the protest. While the facebook group promoting the day […]

2011-02-01 Yemen’s Day of Rage and Abdul Ilah Shayi

The Interior Ministry of Yemen issued a statement on its website outlining extra security measures it has taken in preparation for Yemen’s Day of Rage on February 3. Security forces have been reinforced around Sanaa, the capital, and transportation routes into major cities have security checkpoints added for ‘wanted suspects’ or firearms. The opposition parties have called for a […]

2011-01-31 Syria: Day of Rage on February 5

Facebook pages are calling for a Syrian Day of Rage on February 5, demanding an improvement in living standards, respect for human rights, freedom of speech for all Syrian citizens, and greater influence for Syrian youth. Bashar Assad has been the President of Syria since 2000, and before that his father held the post for three decades. Al […]

2011-01-29 Yemen: Day of Rage on February 3

On January 27 tens of thousands of people in Yemen took to the streets calling for an end to the government of Ali Abdullah Saleh, the president. Today, Al Jazeera reports dozens of activists clashing with government supporters in Sanaa, the capital of Yemen. They chanted “Ali, leave leave” and “Tunisia left, Egypt after it and Yemen in the […]

2011-03-10 @USDayofRage is on facebook #USDOR

Tweet WL Central will be updating news on the United States, with new items added at the top. You can contact me on twitter @GeorgieBC or by email at admin@wlcentral.org. Current time and date in Washington, DC:    MONDAY, March 14 @USDayofRage (currently 1,216 followers) has announced a facebook page, a facebook group, and a facebook profile along with the previous twitter account […]

The average tyrant

Part of a series, Autonomy, Diversity, Society. Posts about our roles, relationships and governance. No article in this section is meant to stand alone, there will be a lot more coming soon that will clarify the current posts. —- For as to the strength of body, the weakest has strength enough to kill the strongest, […]