2011-04-12 Devout Catholic Robert Mugabe continues to detain 13 for prayer meeting #Zimbabwe

In anticipation of the upcoming election in Zimbabwe, president Robert Mugabe and his ZANU PF party have, in the words of Human Rights Watch’s Africa director Daniel Bekele, “resorted to its old campaign tactics of suppressing political opponents by harassment and intimidation.” Human Rights Watch has called for them to end their harassment and arbitrary arrests of […]

2011-03-05 Mugabe issues a ‘major clampdown’

Robert Mugabe and his Zanu PF party have stepped up thecustomary rampage over human rights in Zimbabwe. Amnesty has issued an alert stating that with over 60 currently held in detention and many allegedly tortured, activists are facing a major clampdown. Previously on WL Central we reported on the arrest, imprisonment, and torture for some, of Munyaradzi Gwisai, the International Socialist […]

2011-02-23 Mugabe seeks the death penalty for citizens watching video of #Tunisia and #Egypt, #Zimbabwe protest set for #Mar1

Munyaradzi Gwisai, the International Socialist Organisation (ISO) general coordinator, and 45 others were charged in Zimbabwe today with treason, which carries the death penalty, or subverting a constitutionally elected government, for which the maximum penalty is 20 years imprisonment. The charges stem from a meeting the plaintiffs allegedly held, by invitation, and participants, although invited, were subjected […]

The revolutionaries

The last shall be the first and the first last. – Frantz Fanon The objective of a revolutionary is to keep everything exactly as it was but replace those in power with themselves, to become what they hate, to gain the approval of those they despise. The mark of a successful revolutionary is recognition and […]

2011-01-03 Tech Eye: Anonymous defends WikiLeaks in Zimbabwe website attack

Tech Eye reported on an attack on various Zimbabwe government websites by Anonymous in response to censorship of WikiLeaks cables: Graham Cluley writes from his bog, AKA Naked Security: “Grace Mugabe, wife of Zimbabwe president Robert Mugabe, was recently reported to be suing a newspaper for $15 million after it published a WikiLeaks cable that claimed […]

Approval Economy: In Practice

Approval Economy background. I have talked a lot in this blog about money and society and the need for new solutions. My opinion from years of volunteering is that money ruins every volunteer effort. As soon as a need receives funding, it becomes a noun and a product instead of an action. As soon as […]