Look At What Just Happened

I just had to watch Fox News talking about how Wikileaks was promoting anarchy. It’s not my fault, I was looking for ghouls. Anyway, when I went back to twitter everyone I follow had linked the first video below. We had been talking a lot about how the behaviour of the MIC in the last year will radicalize a generation that has been widely regarded as being completely self absorbed, spoiled, etc., etc., all the things old people usually call young people who haven’t done anything yet. But look at this.

Nothing like this ever happened to me when I was growing up. Not even close. As I’m sure most of you can imagine, I was an idealistic child and not one that had a whole lot of innate respect for authority. There are a lot of people born like that. This generation has the added fuel of knowing their health has been destroyed by the pharmaceutical and food industries, their economy by the military-industry-government mafias, and their living environments by everyone. Their entertainment has been co-opted by industry to the point that youtube videos made by children are more popular and resonate more with their audiences than the professional entertainers. This is a generation that has watched everything get worse in their lifetimes. What happens when a generation like this sees a glimmer of light? When they see one person standing up to the people linked below? Who is promoting anarchy again?

I don’t think the great experiment has worked. No matter how you destroy the health of a population, no matter how you remove safety, dignity and self respect, no matter how much propaganda you produce and how many ways you feed it to them, people have never been permanently crushed by a dictatorship. They have never lost hope. And the more desperate they are, the more of them will follow the glimmer of light.

Another link I was sent today included this wonderful quote from Antoine de Saint-Exupery via Assange: “If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up people to collect wood and don’t assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the seas.” That is what Wikileaks has done. That is all. To a people this oppressed, it is enough.

From Wikileaks to Wikileaks World

Now that most of the mainstream media have finally figured out who Anonymous is and that Wikileaks is not “one lone hacker”, some seem to think it is an organization populated by 16 year old boys shouting “Pew! Pew! Pewpewpew!” at their computer screens. And by “Wikileaks” they mean this whole movement we are watching.

We had a look at the origins of Wikileaks. It is possible to follow a shadowy tale from there to last summer, and watch journalists, IT people of all sorts, activists and politicians get involved. But the last three weeks have seen an absolute explosion in the numbers of people in this movement, and solidly in the movement, not just watching.

All of the support from people like EFF, Anonymous, the Pirate Party, etc., was pretty predictable, there is a lot of idealistic crossover and most people were already quiet supporters. But this is so much bigger. Last summer, there were really only a scant handful of people who were vocal supporters of Wikileaks. So scant that media could talk about a “microcosmic organization” and commenters could say “It’s always the same three names.” or “They’re like a cult”. It was truly scary on November 28th when Peter King decided he wanted the organization declared a terrorist organization like Al Qaeda and all of its supporters hunted down. Just 11 days later, that seems a laughable idea. Since the release of the cables, the Wikileaks twitter went from less than 200,000 followers to almost 500,000 and Wikileaks facebook went from 147,015 on November 23 to almost 1.2 million right now.

Who are all these people? Besides the usual internet suspects, all of the best journalists in the world have figured out which side they want to be standing on. Idealistic young people who want a job so righteous that it deserves to be protected by constitutions and laws. Also, journalists who want to work for Wikileaks, the new coolest media outlet in the world. And journalists who are just afraid of being shown up for the hypocrites they have been so far. But these were also the people we expected to join, sooner or later. It is still so much bigger.

One of the most wonderful additions I have seen is the amount of people from the legal profession getting on board. Possibly the world’s most hated profession is actually populated by a lot of very intelligent people of deep integrity and high ideals. People who believe in the law and everything it stands for, and people who have been horrified by the attitudes of politicians who think if something they don’t like isn’t against the law, then they’ll just change the law. The law is supposed to be above politics, it is not a political tool. When Assange said “It’s very important to remember the law is not what … powerful people would want others to believe it is. The law is not what a general says it is. The law is not what Hillary Clinton says it is.” it seems to have struck a chord with many people in the legal profession who have been feeling that way for some time.

The other professionals that I have seen in overwhelming numbers are professors and others associated with academia. Again, this is probably something born of frustration, people who love knowledge and the transmission of knowledge who have had their profession, like the legal profession, curtailed and under attack. To suddenly be of use again, to find a movement that values truth and intelligence, is like finally coming home for a great many people who have been so frustrated with the anti-intellectual feeling of the last several decades. Academia has also been on the front lines of the attack from the US government, with students at Columbia University told by the US State Dept that discussing Wikileaks on Facebook or Twitter would hurt their chances of a job in the future. Joe McCarthy could not have said it better.

With the arrest of Assange, we are seeing human rights activists around the world, sympathetic and hopeful before, but genuinely concerned now. Today the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights said “I am concerned about reports of pressure exerted on private companies including banks, credit card companies and Internet service providers to close down credit lines for donations to Wikileaks, as well as to stop hosting the website,” pointing out that this could be interpreted as an attempt to prevent Wikileaks from publishing, in violation of its right to freedom of expression.

We are at the point now where any petition in support of Wikileaks looks like a Who’s Who of intelligent thoughtful professionals the world over, while people of all ages around the world are engaged in any way they can. As the battle lines are being drawn, look around at who is standing where. It is a very interesting and telling thing to observe.

Speeches for Rallies

Written in response to a specific request but available for use by anyone. Feel free to use, in whole or in part, or publish them on a website, newsletter, store window, office cublicle, etc. If you are organizing a rally, please tell me the details and I’ll post them here and at WLCentral. Thank you all for your support.

Speech 1

On behalf of _____________, we are calling on the governments of the United Kingdom and Australia to ensure the safety of Julian Assange while in custody in London. We also strongly condemn his unnecessary arrest and ask that he not be extradited to Sweden, a country known to extradite people to the US without proper justification and due process. We stand for press freedom and democracy and strongly condemn actions taken and words spoken to incite harm to journalists and publishers, and deterrents placed to free speech. The blatantly illegal government and corporate action being taken against Wikileaks is against the rule of law and the will of the people and has no place in a democratic society. We call for the release of Julian Assange and the cessation of further harassment and illegal activity against a free press.

Speech 2

I am speaking for supporters of Wikileaks, Julian Assange, freedom of speech and democracy world wide.

Julian Assange was arrested in London this morning. His arrest comes after a farcical judicial process in Sweden and an unprecedented Interpol red notice for a matter that could have been handled by phone. His arrest is in breach of agreements between the Swedish and UK governments and the European Convention on Human Rights. Once Assange is extradited to Sweden, we have no faith that the Swedish government will not use that cooperative spirit with the US which we read about in the embassy cables to have him extradited to the US.

Julian Assange bravely volunteered to be the public face of a worldwide movement calling for democracy and press freedom. In doing so, he has exposed the supposedly democratic and open governments in the west for the fascist corporate dictatorships they are. Nothing we read in the Wikileaks releases is more telling than the abuses suffered by the first person in the western media who has stood up to tell the truth on a significant scale. If the world ever needed a more pure indication of how long and how much the world’s media has been lying, take a look at what happens when a media organization tells the truth.

We will no longer submit to a paternalistic and secret form of governance, where everyone in the world running political, industrial, financial, media and military organizations are privy to information that we, the governed, are denied. We will never again believe anything we are told by the servant media, unless we have supporting evidence and a forum for verifying their interpretations. We, the people, now have the ability to store and communicate massive amounts of data. We, the people, also have the ability to logically process that data and come to the best conclusions possible for society. Together our brains are much more capable than the brains currently running the world, and an open transparent system will ensure potential abuses are spotted and stopped.

The Wikileaks releases of this year have been our training period, a progressive course in getting the truth out and acting on it. We are now the strongest force the world has ever seen, a truly informed worldwide populace, the worst nightmare of a fascist world government. This is the moment we have been waiting for, for five or six decades, maybe since the beginning of time. This is our first, best and perhaps only chance for a worldwide democracy.

Wikileaks is not a lone vandal hacker. It is an idea. We all have the idea. And you can’t bomb an idea, or send drones after it, or put it in jail. Do you think that people who have had the secrets to the BP oil spill, the environmental disasters, the pharmaceutical lobbies, the political corruption, the military abuses and the financial crash dangled in front of them will just sit back and be content again while “investigative reporting” serves up breast implants discovered on reality TV stars? If you manage to dismantle Wikileaks, those secrets will still be ours, we know you have them and we will get them.

That is our idea. It is not anarchy, it is not vandalism, we call it democracy and transparent governance. It has never existed before. But now we have the ability and the idea, and you will not kill this revolution any more than the bullets that killed Martin Luther King and Malcolm X killed the civil rights movement.

Ok, The Internet Is Like An Ocean, All Right?

I have tried, I have really tried, to explain the internet to the US DoD. I have said it was a flock of birds, some starfish, even a samizdat movement (ok that was Wikileaks twitter). Let’s try again. Remember when people used to “surf the net”? Well, that’s because it’s kind of like an ocean.

Everything in the ocean is interconnected, no matter how far apart they may appear to be, even if they have never met. The ocean is full of happy little individuals and communities that may veer off and head to where you are if you attract attention. Blood in the ocean attracts attention. It could attract a battery of barracudas, or something big and dark that you have never heard of.

All of the happy activists, hacktivists, open source programmers etc., peacefully working away at what they do have all had their attention diverted by the explosions around that sparkly little fish Wikileaks. People who usually only come here to work on Tor, EFF, anti-ACTA, anti-censorship, human rights, free internet, darknet, Pirate Bay, or just to hang out at any of the chans, have all wandered over to take a look.

This ocean abhors a vacuum. And it is full of problem solvers, all watching the attacks on Wikileaks and figuring out how those attacks can be counteracted next time. Yes, there’s already a next time. See Napster. And like with Napster, next time will be a mutation that can defend against anything that worked against Wikileaks this time. Remember? Untraceable source? NewWikileaks doesn’t need an “editor in chief”, it doesn’t need to involve the mainstream media, and it certainly doesn’t need to redact.

The internet is free. It says what it thinks. It debates. It cooperates. It is obsessive. It doesn’t sleep. It mutates. It is everywhere. It is nowhere. It is the alternative if Wikileaks is destroyed.

What Has Become Transparent

We touched on this before. Like in Germany under the nazis, or the Soviet Union under Stalin, the military industrial rule started off carefully and has become more brazen. We are now at the point where the governing bodies would like you to see their power, their brutality, and their disregard of your rights. In The Intelligence Mafia, I referenced a huge project which had ‘uncovered’ the astounding scope of US intelligence and ‘exposed’ that information to its citizens. What I did not mention, was that this ‘exposé’ was not featured on Democracy Now, but in the Washington Post, with a documentary on Frontline. In other words, this information release was fully sanctioned by the pentagon. They wanted you to see how huge and invincible they were. They wanted you to see the wide open spigot of money directed at the military and intelligence. George W. Bush told you that the US Constitution was nothing but a “scrap of paper” and showed the futility of resistance.

Since Obama has come to power, these public muscle flexings have become more apparent. The Yes I Can messages he has been sending range from the statement that he can order murdered anyone he wishes, support torturers that target civilians, partner governments that use child soldiers, not be accountable to US courts, continue allowing rendition flights and torture, and refuse to prosecute crimes because they happened “in the past”.

Another phase which has arrived is the stripping of human dignity and the public exposure of this. As the guards in Auschwitz and Abu Ghraib knew, stripping people of their clothes and any rights to privacy over their own bodies has a huge psychological impact on their ability to fight back. It has been pointed out ad nauseam that scanners which expose your naked body to random ‘officials’ (and your body to cancerous radiation) and having your genitals groped by complete strangers as if this was a completely normal thing, has nothing to do with airline safety. What then does it have to do with, do you think? This is a test. If you will watch your child being fondled by strangers or exposed to radiation, with no reason given except unquestioning submission to authority, you are ready to file up for the gas chamber.

This is the progression, we have seen it before. But someone is altering it.

This year, there is an organization setting off flares by the side of the road, exposing things in other directions you are not supposed to look at yet. We are not yet at the point where there is nothing you can do; if you see everything at once, you may see where the lighted road is headed. Also, the governing bodies are being pushed out of their inexorable progression into a much more panicked attack. Sovereignty pretenses have gone as the world government acts as one in their completely illegal attempts to shut down Wikileaks’ completely legal activities. The law courts are no longer pretending obedience of law. The politicians are not pretending to represent the people.

But the governing are fighting an early war, while Anonymous is still free to move, before they were quite ready to deny access to the internet. They are being pushed into reactions instead of actions. At the end of the day, they won’t really care what information we have because we won’t be able to do anything about it. Top US government officials are saying we are already at that point. But if we are, why are they so afraid?

Because they actually have no idea how to fight this war. Anonymous doesn’t lose.

Ghoul Directory

Death to Julian Assange, his offspring, the Wikileaks board, all of us, the internet, etc. Contrary to what these clowns have learned from video games and Hollywood, most countries do have laws. And public opinion works both ways. This is a list of the ghouls and it will soon contain what can be done about them. Sadly, I expect it to grow faster than the NOD. While reading this sickening post, please keep in mind that no one associated with Wikileaks has broken any laws, and Wikileaks’ work over the past four years has caused no physical harm to anyone. If the world ever needed a more pure indication of how long and how much the world’s media has been lying, take a look at what happens when a media organization tells the truth.

Bob Beckel

“A dead man can’t leak stuff. This guy’s a traitor, a treasonist and has broken every law of the United States. I’m not for the death penalty and if I’m not for the death penalty there’s only one way to do it, illegally shoot the son of a bitch.”

Bo Dietl (Beau Dietl & Associates)

Agrees with Bob Beckel, making shooting sounds with imaginary gun like a four year old on national TV. “Obama, if you’re listening today, you should take this guy out, have the CIA take him out.”

Tom Flanagan

Former Harper adviser, former US draft dodger, who now wants Obama to send a drone after Julian Assange as his personal form of Viagra. After watching the show a woman sent Flanagan an email protesting and received a one line answer saying “Better be careful, we know where you live.” For those not familiar with this former advisor to prime minister Stephen Harper, he was also responsible for one of the most revolting moments in recent Canadian politics when he attempted to bribe independent MP Chuck Cadman to vote with the conservatives by offering Cadman, who was dying of cancer, a million dollar life insurance policy for his family. It was turned down.

Update: Charges filed against Tom Flanagan. University of Calgary is doing nothing about a professor making death threats on national television while continuing to persecute students for posting feedback about a professor on facebook. Have a petition.

Newt Gingrich

“We should treat (Assange) as an enemy combatant, and as an absolute enemy of the United States.”

“And no one from WikiLeaks should feel comfortable the rest of their lives. These are bad people doing bad things, and they’re gonna get Americans and our allies killed. And we should recognize that, and recognize that it is in effect an act of war against the United

Jonah Goldberg

“Why wasn’t Assange garroted in his hotel room years ago?”


Kimberly Guilfoyle

“If we can find a way to get him to come to the United States we can take matters into our own hands.”


(on twitter @DarkOgham, myspace.com/jonolan1967)
Assange “has at least one acknowledged son, Daniel Assange, who lives something close to normal life in Australia and who is easy to find and equally easy to harm either physically, legally, or economically. Physical harm would be best.”

“That’s makes Julian Assange vulnerable and quite “touchable.” Threaten his child and it’s an odds-on bet that he’ll let himself be taken and that, once in custody, he’ll divulge the information needed to eliminate the rest of his cell. Even if he won’t surrender voluntarily, credibly threatening or taking his son should rattle him enough to cause him to err and be an easier target.”

Update: Now this blog has been updated with:


Some of the “people” that have been defending Assange’s “freedom of speech” have complained to my hosting provider in such a manner that I have been forced to censor / redact this post.

Ironic isn’t it?

Some of them found my statements profoundly disturbing and were frightened by the thought that they might cause someone harm. In response they had me silenced by the most efficient methods at their disposal.

Actually, they proved my point and validated my opinion of what should be done, as did various deleted death threats against my family and I (all reported to US Agencies and agencies of their own nations).


Earlier Daniel Assange had added this comment:

somnidea Says:
December 3rd, 2010 at 9:56 am

Why must people use such terrible, terrible photos? Look! I have pretty sparkly purikura!: http://www.facebook.com/somnidea

As to the content… hmm. I’m not sure my father is the sort of man to submit to such dastardly tactics. I haven’t spoken to him in three years, so there’s certainly no immediate emotional connection to be preyed upon. Even if it were effective, I suspect that Wikileaks has now reached a point where it simply cannot be permanently destroyed. Now that the concept has been demonstrated, I expect another organization would rise in its place even if my father and everyone he knows were to be silenced. Technology as a force for social change is extremely difficult to suppress.

And received in response:

jonolan Says:
December 3rd, 2010 at 10:57 am

Mr. Assange,

Believe me or not at your own whim, but I actually bear you no malice whatsoever; you would just seem to be useful tool to reach your father if your father proved difficult to track and pin down or if he failed to cooperate.

If it is as you say that putting pressure upon you would not be an effective lever, then I see no point in any nation’s military or intelligence community doing. Hopefully, if you are both honest and correct in your claim, they already know this and have come to the same conclusion.

As to the photo quality – it was the only one I could find. Post a better one on your FB and I’ll use it instead. ;-)

As to Wikileaks – Removal of key personnel and informants / contributors would be quite effective in quelling such things. The tech is sound and pervasive, but the content and content “contributors” can be controlled or culled as needed for national interests.

Addendum: You do have a loyal following of “twits.” Ironically though, many of them are calling for my being silenced through one set of measures or another.

They seem to think that the limit of Free Speech is when it harms people or says that agents of a government should do so…

I wonder what your father would think of that. ;-)

Update 2: See comments.

John Hawkins

“In Assange’s case, he’s not an American and so he has no constitutional protection. … Can we do anything legally about someone from another country leaking this information? Maybe not. Can we have a CIA agent with a sniper rifle rattle a bullet around his skull the next time he appears in public as a warning? You bet we can — and we should. If that’s too garish for people, then the CIA can kill him and make it look like an accident.”

Peter King

‘asked the Obama administration today to “determine whether WikiLeaks could be designated a foreign terrorist organization,” putting the group in the same company as al-Qaeda and Aum Shinrikyo, the Japanese cult that released deadly sarin gas on the Tokyo subway.’

That’s this Peter King, IRA promoter. “The risk is that broader discussion of domestic support for foreign terrorism would lead to greater media attention for his history with the IRA support network. King claims that truth is terrorism: worse, even, than the killing of innocent American citizens. One has to wonder who here is the terrified party, and why.”

Charles Krauthammer

“Think creatively. … Franklin Roosevelt had German saboteurs tried by military tribunal and executed. Assange has done more damage to the United States than all six of those Germans combined. Putting U.S. secrets on the Internet, a medium of universal dissemination new in human history, requires a reconceptualization of sabotage and espionage – and the laws to punish and prevent them. Where is the Justice Department?

“And where are the intelligence agencies on which we lavish $80 billion a year? Assange has gone missing. Well, he’s no cave-dwelling jihadi ascetic. Find him. Start with every five-star hotel in England and work your way down.

“Want to prevent this from happening again? Let the world see a man who can’t sleep in the same bed on consecutive nights, who fears the long arm of American justice. I’m not advocating that we bring out of retirement the KGB proxy who, on a London street, killed a Bulgarian dissident with a poisoned umbrella tip. But it would be nice if people like Assange were made to worry every time they go out in the rain.”

William Kristol

Title is “Whack Wikileaks”. (I love all the tough guy euphemisms for murder these guys come up with behind their desks, in their little cubicles.)

“It’s hard to see why Thiessen isn’t right. Why can’t we act forcefully against WikiLeaks? Why can’t we use our various assets to harass, snatch or neutralize Julian Assange and his collaborators, wherever they are? Why can’t we disrupt and destroy WikiLeaks in both cyberspace and physical space, to the extent possible? Why can’t we warn others of repercussions from assisting this criminal enterprise hostile to the United States?”

“Acting together to degrade, defeat, and destroy WikiLeaks should be the first topic discussed at today’s White House meeting between the president and the congressional leadership.”

Jeffrey T. Kuhner

“Assassinate Assange” was the title. “The world is witnessing the absurd, almost surreal spectacle of the American superpower standing helpless in the face of a lone hacker.” Jeffrey needs to meet Anonymous, JA’s imaginary friends.

Bill O’Reilly

“If we catch you, we’re going to hang you.” etc., etc., etc.

Don Laird (commenter)

“Julian Assange, his assistants, staff and those who have provided Assange with administrative, logistical, operational and financial support and should, using the mechanisms and resources of their own intelligence and military infrastructures, with a sense of extreme prejudice, unmistakable permanence and finality render the same completely unable to continue their murderous crusade.

“Let the silence that follows the neutralization of Julian Assange, his staff and his co-conspirators speak volumes to the enlightened socialist academia, liberal intelligencia and those sneering, malicious self appointed bringers of “clarity and truth” remaining who toy with the idea of dabbling in what is nothing more than a treasonous, seditious exercise in self gratification wrapped in the robes of the self righteous.

“The sooner, the bloodier, the better.”

email is: acginc@telus.net IP is: Bonnyville, Alberta

Update: This one added the following comment to the post at Zero Anthropology:

Don Laird permalink
5 December 2010 8:28 pm

Max Forte,

Your repeated references to my post are transparent, attempts to provoke a response. These repeated references in addition to revelations regarding email addresses and IP addresses. So I will respond with this.

Firstly, your readers will be rather amused at your “outing” of my email address, which troubles me not but may trouble them from several stand points. This will also no doubt be noted by your coworkers and students, to your considerable disadvantage.

Secondly, is the remarkable similarity between the difficulties, a tempest in a teacup, facing Professor Tom Flanagan of the University of Calgary and you, an associate professor of Concordia University. Both are men who have made public statements advocating violence and murder, “should be assassinated” and your little quip, “then we all call for your fucking little head to be cut off and flushed down the toilet”. Both will, as a result of their indiscretion, suffer a withering scrutiny of their remarks by both the president of the university and its board of trustees.

There is no ambiguity in your incitement to decapitate me. This will be of significant concern for your coworkers, fellow professors, students, students parents and your superiors. In addition, considering your affection for decapitation and radical islam, I am certain this will be of interest to the Canadian Security and Intelligence Service as well as the RCMP. Perhaps you hadn’t noticed that radical muslims and radical muslim sympathizers are not terribly popular in Canada.

Understand very clearly Mr. Forte, parents of students in attendance at Concordia University are made most uncomfortable by university professors who, in close proximity to their children, advocate and promote the sort of violence you have today. This is something that is also not lost on your employers and your coworkers who, as you suffer your own consequences, will no doubt distance themselves from you.

You may try to dismiss your gaffe as a “passionate moment” but rest assured Mr. Forte, considering your proximity to Ecole Poly Technique and the massacre of the young women there at the hands of an unbalanced murderous student, there are many who will be most uncomfortable knowing they and their students are walking the halls with a very unstable man. Your avocation of violence and murder is a breech of trust with your students and employers and no doubt this will be viewed in the same light by the community at large.

Most Sincerely,

Don Laird

Adrian Lamo

Still desperately seeking attention, after already ensuring his name in history’s most despised. Twitter name 6. Drop him a tweet.

Ezra Levant

“Why is Assange still alive? … WikiLeaks could have its assets seized, just like the Taliban has. And U.S. President Barack Obama could do what he’s doing to the Taliban throughout the world.

“He doesn’t sue them or catch them. He kills them. Because it’s war.

“Obama has even ordered the assassination of an American citizen, Anwar al-Awlaki.

“How does Obama see Assange any differently?”

Mitch McConnell

(US Republican Senate leader) “Congress should change the law if necessary to pursue the 39-year-old Australian.”, “I think the man is a high-tech terrorist.”

Joel Mowbray

“He’s a blackmail extortionist terrorist.”

Sarah Palin

(reality TV star) “Hunt down the WikiLeaks chief like Taliban”, “He is an anti-American operative with blood on his hands. His past posting of classified documents revealed the identity of more than 100 Afghan sources to the Taliban. Why was he not pursued with the same urgency we pursue al-Qaida and Taliban leaders?” Unintentional hilarity: Palin copies Jonah Goldberg’s “serious question”, but both of them are answering Assange. He asks the world to look at the “serious questions” he puts in front of them, they say the serious question is why is he alive?

Rick Santorum

The “founder of the WikiLeaks website should be prosecuted as a terrorist”.

Marc Thiessen

“Assange is a non-U.S. citizen operating outside the territory of the United States. This means the government has a wide range of options for dealing with him. It can employ not only law enforcement but also intelligence and military assets to bring Assange to justice and put his criminal syndicate out of business.”

“the FBI may use its statutory authority to investigate and arrest individuals for violating United States law, even if the FBI’s actions contravene customary international law” and that an “arrest that is inconsistent with international or foreign law does not violate the Fourth Amendment.” In other words, we do not need permission to apprehend Assange or his co-conspirators anywhere in the world.”

Christian Whiton

“1. Indict Mr. Assange and his colleagues for espionage, regardless of whether he is presently in a U.S. jurisdiction, and ask our allies to do the same.

2. Explore opportunities for the president to designate WikiLeaks and its officers as enemy combatants, paving the way for non-judicial actions against them.

3. Freeze the assets of the WikiLeaks organization and its supporters, and sanction financial organizations working with this terrorist-enabling organization so they cannot clear transactions denominated in U.S. dollars.

4. Give the new U.S. Cyber-Command a chance to prove its worth by ordering it to electronically assault WikiLeaks and any telecommunications company offering its services to this organization.”


Australia: s.11.4(1) of the Criminal Code : inciting a crime is illegal.
Canada: Section 22 (counselling or aiding or abetting culpable homicide when an actual crime has been committed) and Section 464 (the same but re a crime not yet committed).

JA’s imaginary friends: Anonymous

Regarding the updated post and comment: Do you believe these two? Sit and complacently order up murder from behind a computer screen and cry like babies when they are called on it? Janolin cries about having to redact something that would harm a person he supposedly wants to harm to get back at someone for supposedly not redacting enough. Don Laird deplores violent threats.

Obviously, persons of very little intelligence who see the talking heads on TV doing something think it’s perfectly ok for them to do it too. Time to address the talking heads on TV.