Polarization and propaganda

The never-ending US election frenzy has created a new binary in the world that sits as uncomfortably as the old US binary of black and white and much more oddly than the older binaries of good and evil or rich and poor. The new binary is left and right, now applied globally even in places where neither exist. The political spectrum is no longer either political or a spectrum. It is now two extremely hardened endogroups with two entrenched endorealities. Each has an ideology that must be chanted with glazed eyes and fixed smile and defended to the death. Each has the negative image of possible doubters or less enthusiastic participants. 

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Simply reflecting reality from an endo-ideal instead of considering it and looking for evidence is a very dangerous strategy, especially in times where state-corporate-criminal (is there a difference?) forces are all vying for influence. The reason all of these powers prefer people to be on social media instead of an information focused platform (which still does not exist) is because of the ease of targeted manipulation of populations. This is the value in harvesting personal data. First, people are targeted for polarization. When they have succumbed to endoreality, they have also succumbed to an occupation of their thoughts and a sublation of their will by an outside entity. 

Those in thrall to endoreality no longer even have to be convinced of anything; they will just blindly reflect. Even worse, they will defend those who manipulate them to the death.