Writing, coding and moving forward

It’s been a while! Here’s what I’ve been working on.

Autonomy, Diversity, Society a book about how we can achieve a balance between personal autonomy, diversity and healthy societies.

Resistance/ReleasingChaos a book(s) which looks at how to build resilient horizontal societies that can withstand attempts to dominate and coerce them.

Code will rule series which is designing actual tools, in technology and also in our governance and legal structures, that will help us in self-governance.

Getgee.xyz a project to create a universal database and trust network as a first step away from corporate control of our tools of collaboration.

Binding Chaos theories explained more clearly and broken down so people can more easily apply them.

This has been a very slow process because I have tried for years to accomplish everything according to how I wanted to work and it’s not working. So this is a note to say, if you want any of this work to be done in any reasonable time I need the kind of help that actually is a help, specifically funding and help spreading what I am trying to do. The writing is hard enough to do in spare minutes but the database really needs funding and help from coders, it’s not a one person job. I’ve made a post from last December public in the hope that it will inspire people to contribute. If you do see value in any of this work, please give a hand and feel free to specify what you would prefer I work on in the hours you pay for.