Installing new governance

The world we live in is still mostly governed by a ponzi scheme of power, wealth and celebrity. Those at the top of the ponzi scheme are standing on nothing but the world’s acceptance of their right to be there. This acceptance is coerced from the billions of people below by presentation and control of information. As soon as enough people realize the emperors have no clothes, it will collapse with incredible speed.


The five eyes empire has existed in a large part due to thought control through media ownership. The right to free speech was stolen from people, who are called trolls if they use their newfound voices, and perverted into a freedom for the powerful corporate press to overwhelm the voices of the people. NGOs force sovereign nations to allow huge corporate megaphones control of the presentation of information to their own populations. The only alternative that could compete in the past was state media. In the five eyes and much of the west, state media and imperial media are the same so the people were kept tranquilized. States with governments who want to combat imperial control face international wrath if they remove or restrict the imperial media.

The role of corporate media in the 2002 two day coup in Venezuela was widely recognized, particularly in spreading false information internationally to aid with a rapid recognition of an illegitimate government as also happened in Paraguay in 2012 and so many other places.  But when a heavily US funded campaign for another Venezuela coup attempt in 2014 complained that corporate media were being censored, some of those who fight censorship on the Internet leaped to help amplify the massive voice of English speaking corporate media over the voices of Venezuelans and punish Venezuela’s elected government for fighting imperial coercion and coup incitement. Anti-censorship anarchists acted as tools of the empire and censored the people with corporate noise.

The same mindset objected to the ‘silencing’ of RSD Nation which had speaking engagements canceled by the #takedownjulienblanc campaign. RSD Nation is a multinational corporation at the forefront of the ‘pick up artist’ scam industry. They promise to teach social skills to awkward young men and instead demean them and teach them behaviours certain to destroy their social life and likely to get them assaulted or arrested. They also teach men to assault women. They have a huge corporate platform which is further amplified by fawning corporate media profiles. When public outrage cancelled engagements, those brainwashed by a corporate definition of censorship were horrified.

People are taught to scream ‘Censorship!’ every time a demagogue or corporation has their volume reduced to a level more closely approaching that of everyone else. They were taught this by the demagogues and media corporations. Censorship is when a person is prevented from speaking. Everyone at RSD Nation could still speak, their defenders could still defend them. They have the right to speak, they do not have the right to international corporate amplification of their speech. If someone at your dinner table starts speaking into a bullhorn, removing it is not censorship. The bullhorn was censoring everyone else. Neither the boys and men he was exploiting nor the women he was teaching them to assault had equivalent platforms, and in any case, removal of a demagogue from his pedestal is not censorship. We are governed by propaganda and demagogues, this is just revocation of power.

The five eyes in general and caucasian men in particular have all censored everyone else in the world with the megaphones they themselves were born with. The people have the right to choose amplification and the people have the right to remove demagogues. Corporations don’t exist except as a concept, the principals behind them are the corporate oligarchs and turning down their volume is removing corporate influence. The people brought the oligarchs into this world and the people can take them out again, and this is how it is done. 

People who are actually being censored are ignored. No NGOs are fighting the censorship of those in refugee camps, those without regional Internet access, those in prisons, those homeless or too impoverished to afford online access, Gazans whose power has been cut, indigenous populations of South America with greatly restricted access, those with language barriers, or illiteracy. These obstacles are not even recognized as censorship but their right to be heard publicly has been taken.

There have been several actions in the last couple years to amplify those unheard voices. In 2013, OpRohingya brought a genocide which had been almost completely ignored by the media to global attention. In 2013, OpGabon convinced a much wider audience of the incredible but well-documented fact of ritual killings in Gabon and complicity at the highest levels of government. Prior to OpGabon, Gabon President Ali Bongo had denied ritual killings existed and refused permission for citizens to conduct a protest march. After the launch of the campaign, he not only acknowledged ritual killings and promised action against them, but his wife co-opted the march and posed as an activist fighting against her own husband’s policies for a cause he denied existing two weeks earlier. Fear of this new awareness canceled a visit between US President Obama and President Bongo, at that time both a member of the UNSC and frequent member and soon to be President of the UNHCR. 

With every campaign we move a bit closer, the bubble the oligarchs are standing on becomes thinner, the voices below become louder and the oligarchs become more nervous. A campaign to raise awareness of a hunger strike at Guantanamo contained four words, “We will shut Guantanamo” which caused the US military to disconnect the Internet at Guantanamo for five days, effectively silencing themselves and acknowledging their fear of simple public awareness. Several campaigns worldwide against ineffective or unjust police and court action have forced cases to be investigated or reopened.

Self governance is choosing who and what to amplify. Everyone has the right to be heard publicly, everyone does not have the right to be amplified.

Thought bubbles

Private conversations and quiet groups are essential for some people to feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and exploring ideas. Most people have some conversations they would like to have in small groups. Some of us belong to hundreds of restricted forums of one kind or another where we incubate ideas and collect our thoughts. Sometimes information needs to be shared that would be harmful shared publicly.

These closed forums with small trusted circles are essential if thought is to progress. Ideas which seem radical and dangerous if presented too quickly, developed improperly or to the wrong initial audience may be killed (sometimes along with their originator) before they ever have a chance to be presented or heard properly.

As soon as the idea is developed, it should be presented to the wider society it is meant to influence. A fully developed idea which is being taught and discussed by only one segment of the society runs the risk of developing a cult in the middle of a society. The nature of cults will lead to its members being isolated and probably shunned from the society they were a part of. Since many of these forums are closed due to a fear of rejection by society, the longer they remain echo chambers closed to outside thought, the greater their fear and isolation becomes. If a villain is presented for the cult to hate and the villain is sufficiently dehumanized that the cult loses empathy for them, the society is harbouring an auto-immune virus that will attack them in the future. States which act as closed thought bubbles and promote hatred are at risk of external war.

If the demagogues that grow out of these thought bubbles are powerful enough, they can turn large segments of a society against its own people, even convince them to commit long-term mass murder as the current examples of Monk Wirathu, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, and Abubakar Shekau are showing yet again. If their disciples are met with equal violence and hatred, the divide is complete, two polarized sides are formed, actions and reactions drive each farther apart. 

The sociopathic behaviour of the PUA industry is a very natural result of not being able to hear other voices, particularly as it is targeted at those already suffering from an inability to connect to others. People who do not feel accepted by society gather in closed forums where everyone reinforces each others beliefs and anyone who disagrees is banned or derided. Information is only presented which reinforces their beliefs. The ‘other’ is demonized as being impossible to talk to. The participants of RSD Nation seminars are derided and humiliated to further lower their self-esteem and make them more dependent on these forums for validation and more likely to behave in a way the group deems acceptable. Opposing closed bubbles with an exclusive interest in opposing information are created for the feminist communities and then the two react off each other with the media happily adding fuel. Just like the jihadi forums and others with extreme views, they find they are met with shock and disgust in the wider society and feel more and more like they can only talk freely among themselves. 

There is rarely an objection when a military or government ruler is tried for crimes against humanity they only ordered and did not commit themselves. Charles Manson was imprisoned for murders he did not physically take part in. Is the PUA community responsible for the recent murders by Elliot Rodger? Are the community leaders responsible? In a decentralized community, who is a leader? These thought bubbles provide opportunity for many dangerous legal precedents, more outlawing of conspiracy, of privacy and of thought.

Self-governance is auto-coercion. People are so accustomed to being moved in a solid ideological block by some paternalistic authority that they no longer take responsibility for their own thought much less that of others. The myth of free will frees everyone of responsibility for any action they did not actually take themselves. But social coercion always exists and no one is without potential influence on those around them. Those who let their forums become closed to outside thought, those who allowed demonization and othering of those locked outside, those who allowed dangerous demagogues to rise, all bear some responsibility. A society is a network of relationships. A self-governing society is one which uses those relationships to form an auto-coercive, living culture of norms and acceptable behaviour.

Self-governance does not mean no one is responsible. It means everyone is.

The right to associate or not to associate

A state is an economic market. People are catalogued as the product of a state and hard coercion in the form of death and imprisonment is used to force people in or out of the pre-ordained markets. A state is tyranny and its borders are tyranny.

A nation is a group voluntarily associated and bound by a living social contract of agreed upon behaviour and obligations to the nation. A nation has the right to accept anyone who agrees to the social contract and shun anyone who does not. Nations are completely within their rights to refuse to associate with demagogues from the PUA industry or anyone else they wish to shun. If other nations do not agree with them, if for instance a nation’s shunning creates apartheid or refusal of refugees or any other practice which outside nations disagree with, they can isolate and shun the first nation.

This has been happening recently with nations boycotting Israeli corporations in response to their war crimes. Even though the states are perfectly accepting of Israeli criminal action, the nations within them have used the BDS and BlockTheBoat actions to bypass states and shun Israeli corporations directly. State sanctions today such as those placed on Cuba, Iran and North Korea are directed at entire populations. Since the victims of state sanctions have not all voluntarily accepted the principles they are being shunned for, these sanctions are collective punishment and a war crime. Shunning Julien Blanc is not a war crime. Neither is shunning Israeli corporations.

One effect of a world run by imperialism is those from the top of the ponzi scheme are accustomed to what they feel is their right to travel everywhere and behave in any manner they wish as long as they do not actually violate laws. If they have enough money and the right passport, they have access to lodging, food, and all they require to treat traveling as an imperial safari where they can float above the inhabitants and the approval of those they are visiting is in no way necessary. Julien Blanc had the right passport and paperwork, he had the money, he had the approval of every corporate and government body internationally. The disapproval of people has stripped all of those privileges from him and left him just an unwelcome visitor, welcomed by states but shunned by nations.

The emperors have no clothes

This changes everything. No one realizes it yet, but nations took control of borders from states. States are being sanctioned directly by people worldwide with no involvement from their governments. International aid is being provided directly without NGOs. A demagogue was stripped of his power by the people he demonized. An international stigmergic action ordered a long string of international corporations to shun another international corporation. In 2010, corporate and government shunning was ordered by states against Wikileaks despite approval from the people. In 2014 a much bigger corporate and government shunning was ordered by people against RSD Nation despite approval from the states. 

If we can do this, we can also shun Bush, Blair, and every demagogue. If we can create an international stigmergic action to shun the entire PUA industry and the principals behind it, we can also shun the entire fracking industry and the principals behind it. If we can drive people from our nations, we can accept refugees and others into them.

We are in a prison of our own minds holding our own chains around us. We create our oligarchs and fight for their right to oppress us. We recognize their vapour wealth and vapour capital as real. But everywhere on earth, it is changing.

A new form of governance is already here.

This article has been stigmergicly translated into French by hellekin.

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30 thoughts on “Installing new governance

  1. Thank you for putting so much critically important and overlooked reality into words. And you make it really easy to follow and understand.

    The lens of states vs. nations is very useful to explain “imperialism” or what’s going on. A “state” created by a nation is the easiest thing to have taken over by another nation’s state. Or we could argue states have now a sort of life of their own; they are just merging and feeding off of all nations…

    That separation of nations and states is what Derrick Jensen was hinting at when some friend of his came along and remarked, “Dude, what do you think of our army in Iraq?”, to which he responded “Gee, I didn’t know I had an army!”

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  2. So what steps can be taken to rehabilitate members of a group think when it goes through such a rapid collapse? The demagogues are obviously hopefully washed away but what does one do with the well intentioned members that suddenly have their whole world view imploded at potentially rapid speed. How does one make sure there are not a bunch of lost souls running around in the immediate aftermath who may go off in an unpredictable way?

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    • “Self-governance does not mean no one is responsible. It means everyone is.” It is our responsibility to amplify the ideas we find best, counter those that seem dangerous and reach those people who seem isolated. It definitely seems that PUA is marketed to attract a good section of narcissists and sociopaths who will overwhelm those who are just unsure. Both of those groups need a more welcoming society that can communicate with them.


  3. You wouldn’t be so powerless, if you simply believed in the narrative that you’re in: the Judeo-Christian world. In that world you were given the earth and both male and female were told to take care of that “thin green line” called the Tree of Life and to subdue the forces within the Earth. Perhaps you find it too childish for your desire to be accepted by the established (male) powers of science and medicine, but it is one of the best sources of power you have. The other is the Law of the United States, which legally speaking gives you equality and the right to live. No one can force you to claim it or give it to you further. You have to take the responsibility yourself, because when you don’t you can be sure the parasites will gladly take it off your hands.

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  4. OpGabon is very grateful of what you are doing to make all of us feel responsible of our own destiny; to make us realize the power of social media and Internet to change regular people’s lives. The people of Gabon, in particular, families of victims of ritual killings, have gained more hope for change and justice since you and Anonymous decided to offer your support by exposing to the world the cruelty of ritual murders on children and others. Thank you for your continuous support. Right now, people of Gabon are preparing for a battle against a dictatorship of 47 years by a single family (the Bongo) who decided to make our country their family «affair» with the complicity of the military and some foreign western nations like France and the U.S. The people of Gabon are determined to get rid of the dictatorship and take the future in their own hands. The battle will be difficult; some might loose their lives in the making of the new governance in Gabon, but the battle is worth fighting; the people are fed up with brutality, murders, corruption, censorship, humiliation, arrogance, etc. Free at last!

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  5. Speaking of Ponzi schemes what can any Cryptokids/Anon/Cyberpunks piece together about a possible link between the core hub of PUA companies in California and a shadowy internet marketing group known as “The Syndicate”. As well as, allegedly, teaching extremist violence towards women is PUA also, allegedly, guilty of racketeering?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Not arguing that they are (or aren’t) just saying these are questions that will start coming up. There is a very long judicial tradition of rounding up ringleaders, we’ve already seen it on the Internet and we don’t need more of it.


  6. With a dozen similar companies teaching the same PUA theory (minus the extreme parts), you’re not going to “take it down.” The only way to do this would be for women to stop allowing what is taught to work. these companies make millions of dollars for the simple reason that their advice works better than what men have heard from women. Until that changes, the market will be there.

    The PUA community is a simple slave revolt, ending the days where men were completely passive, hoped to “get lucky,” and chose the hottest woman who sent him signals that she wouldn’t reject him. The PUA takes control of the sexual selection process, does not waste money, time, and resources on women, and women can’t stand this. That they will deliberately sabotage any known PUA method gives the false impression that PUA doesn’t work, when it obviously does. Just look at any hot woman with a boyfriend she loves; that man is a PUA who used *some* type of technique — learned behavior from his years of dealing with women — to get laid by her.

    For women to tell men that no matter what they try, it won’t work, will lead to men not trying, which will cost women an awful lot of money and other freebies they have taken for granted, resources given to them based on the premise that every man has a shot to find that “special someone.” Disenfrachise a man, and at worst you get Elliot Rodger (who was gassed up by the alpha-male fantasy pitched to PUAs), and at best you get MGTOW and men who find women abroad for much more reasonable prices. The problem with MGTOW and PUA is that women can’t bully men into spending money on them, so they do the next best thing, and bully those men who teach them not to spend money on women. Julien is just a straw-men designed to deflect from the deeper conflict at the root of this anti-PUA movement.


    • > That they will deliberately sabotage any known PUA method gives the false impression that PUA doesn’t work, when it obviously does.

      On simple decency alone the argument is nonsense, but also by PUAs own game mechanics preoccupied with betas, alphas, and survival of the fittest. Empowering women to recognise crude PUAs from sophisticated—or god forbid, the sincere—is surely all fair by PUAs own rules. PUAs “sabotage” women’s rational ability to determine mates, so the PUA logic goes, why shouldn’t all “teams” (again as defined by PUAs) be aware of the rules (again as defined by the PUAs)? At the very least all stake holders should be made aware that they are part of the game, if only objectified as the end trophy.

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  7. Thank you for such a wonderful article, please review my twitter page at mycampaign2014 it is living proof of what you have explained.


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  13. What makes you think the “oligarchs become more nervous”? Spying has grown, the warmongers push on, and banks continue to puppeteer with no accountability.

    Any ideas?


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