Democracy is Coming … And It Looks Like Work.

The internet is slightly annoyed. In the euphoric highs of the weekend, people couldn’t wait for a giant document drop that would bring democracy to the world. But when it arrived, it was the biggest ton of documents we’d ever seen in our lives, formal documents yet, a brain crushing amount of work. So far we have 243 documents, which is not quite 0.1% of what we have to go through in just this batch. For democracy to be permanent, there will be an unending stream of these batches. Finals week, every week.

Wikileaks has done a wonderful job of explaining how to go through this and providing us with the tools. Other people have helped. But at the end of the day, we still have to read it.

The trouble is, we have been suffering from a worldwide Cinderella Complex, a lazy trust in the paternalistic politics we have been given that has allowed those who care (those who make money from it) to control our politics. We said we wanted democracy. But for many people, that just means they want “someone” to look at all these documents, and tell them which is the most important one. Of 251,287. And highlight the important part.

This is great news for any true media organization. What a lot of work, and I would certainly pay someone to read all of these for me. That would be a far better deal than the propaganda we have been paying for. If you would rather die than read these documents, then read the people reading the documents, and make sure they link to the logs and highlight what they are quoting. If they aren’t reporting on this, switch media outlets. Because the important thing to remember is this: people have risked everything to bring you this information. If they thought it was that important, please read it. If you don’t see why it is important, please ask. You don’t have to do any of this by yourself, just be part of it.

This is what democracy is. Get busy.

11 thoughts on “Democracy is Coming … And It Looks Like Work.

  1. I’m finding so many of these stories amazing … and after months of these, plus what’s coming out later, do you think people will tolerate going back to hearing about breast implants on reality stars? Let’s make sure they keep looking here, this is the fascinating stuff. I was sitting reading last night and suddenly I had such an awed feeling, thinking about what I was reading … we aren’t ever going back.


  2. I was wondering too, how fast the msm would try to push it back to forgivedom. But people are aware now, you can heart it being discussed at bars and shops (pretty unimaginable before). Rest is up to your faith in humanity I guess…


  3. Hi.
    Thanks for a well written blog.
    A week or two ago there was a message on the WL facebook page saying “Next release is 7x the size of the Iraq War Logs. intense pressure over it for months. Keep us strong.”.
    So far the number of documents released aren’t anywhere near that amount and I haven’t managed to find any answer to this. So I wonder:

    Are the 250k+ cables a part of this new release and there’s more cables to come?
    Why would WL else write “Next release is 7x the size”?

    How many of the 250k+ cables are actually viewable for the public right now, on the WL website and on other media’s websites? I’ve failed to find more than a few hundreds on Guardian’s website, for instance.

    Thanks in advance and long live Wikileaks!


    (and don’t blame me for being swedish pls ;-))


  4. Thank you for the feedback! Wikileaks said the cables were 7 x the size of the war logs based on word count. The announcement was interpreted by the BBC to mean number of documents, and most media outlets went with that version, but it was the word count, as an indication of file size or quantity of data. They have so far released 607 of 251,287 documents. I don’t know what the media outlets have done, I haven’t checked recently.

    If we can keep the system and the people safe, there is no shortage of new material to be released, they have a huge amount in the queue, and hopefully we can get them in a secure enough place that they can start accepting documents again.

    I won’t blame you for being Swedish if you don’t blame me for being Canadian – the whole world could use a revamp right now. And hopefully it will get it, so we can all be proud again 😉


    • Thanks for the reply, now I understand.
      I can’t wait to hear what else is going to come out, tbh, following the new releases every day. Here in Sweden today it’s become a bit turbulent over the latest cables concerning Sweden’s neutrality. It’s very interesting indeed and the people who say the state cables didn’t make much difference probably doesn’t realize that they’re a potential world changer. Perhaps they’re not in every way some people would hope or want, or as quick as some people would want, but I think this is one of the most important events of this century along with the rest of the work Wikileaks do.


  5. Mr Assange has really opened a modern day Pandoras Box.This guy is going down in history as someone who showed the world how dishonest/devious/nasty/immoral blah blah our politicians really are.The journalists who have badmouthed him are not worthy of the name. Truth is strength, thank you WikiLeaks


  6. Why did Julian sit on this for soooo long? And what’s with this leak being disguised as a post nasal drip. I have a feeling though, that this leak is like a tootsie pop: It takes 2 leaks and then chomp… you’ve gotten to the tootsie. When is DJ Assange dropping the whole album on iTunes?? Looking forward to the full release and 7″ Vinyl of Audiotune the Wikileak 2010.


  7. IQMendax, this is not a one off event, it is a new way of life. Not a tootsie pop, a permanent new diet.

    The cables are being released slowly for two reasons: One, the staff is completely swamped with all of the distractions, etc., and needs the time to properly sort through all of this and set up the website, etc., while fighting off multiple legal battles, assassination threats, hardware attacks, denial of service from financial institutions, amazon, etc.

    Two, releasing this information means absolutely nothing if nobody reads it. People being tortured already know they are being tortured. We need the rest of the world to know it too. The pace may seem drippy to you, but none of us reading the cables can come close to keeping up with this volume as it is.


  8. Julian must know these “six honest serving-men”…TRUTH, what a beautiful subject.

    Kipling wrote:
    I Keep six honest serving-men:
    (They taught me all I knew)
    Their names are What and Where and When
    And How and Why and Who.
    I send them over land and sea,
    I send them east and west;
    But after they have worked for me,
    I give them all a rest.

    I let them rest from nine till five.
    For I am busy then,
    As well as breakfast, lunch, and tea,
    For they are hungry men:
    But different folk have different views:
    I know a person small–
    She keeps ten million serving-men,
    Who get no rest at all!
    She sends ’em abroad on her own affairs,
    From the second she opens her eyes–
    One million Hows, two million Wheres,
    And seven million Whys!


    • Merlin, that’s great, but all these “serving-men” bring work back home, cause all these questions are longing for answers – either from their “boss” or from other “servants”;)

      And for many people it’ll be very hard stuff even to THINK about new answers, cause for them living in a drawer is so much more comfortable (Black-White-Good-Evil) Before Wikileaks has started, they could open the drawer just a liiittle bit – hush, no better not, better close….again…a little biiiiit….but then these guys and girls from wikileaks were yanking open the drawers. Must be hard for these drawer-people. Nevertheless it is important, because there is a life outside of the dresser;))

      So, Georgie, don’t grump or feel sorry for yourself – OUR job will start, when yours is finished;)

      Good job – and good luck for all of you!

      Best from Hamburg/Germany,


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