What Has Become Transparent

We touched on this before. Like in Germany under the nazis, or the Soviet Union under Stalin, the military industrial rule started off carefully and has become more brazen. We are now at the point where the governing bodies would like you to see their power, their brutality, and their disregard of your rights. In The Intelligence Mafia, I referenced a huge project which had ‘uncovered’ the astounding scope of US intelligence and ‘exposed’ that information to its citizens. What I did not mention, was that this ‘exposé’ was not featured on Democracy Now, but in the Washington Post, with a documentary on Frontline. In other words, this information release was fully sanctioned by the pentagon. They wanted you to see how huge and invincible they were. They wanted you to see the wide open spigot of money directed at the military and intelligence. George W. Bush told you that the US Constitution was nothing but a “scrap of paper” and showed the futility of resistance.

Since Obama has come to power, these public muscle flexings have become more apparent. The Yes I Can messages he has been sending range from the statement that he can order murdered anyone he wishes, support torturers that target civilians, partner governments that use child soldiers, not be accountable to US courts, continue allowing rendition flights and torture, and refuse to prosecute crimes because they happened “in the past”.

Another phase which has arrived is the stripping of human dignity and the public exposure of this. As the guards in Auschwitz and Abu Ghraib knew, stripping people of their clothes and any rights to privacy over their own bodies has a huge psychological impact on their ability to fight back. It has been pointed out ad nauseam that scanners which expose your naked body to random ‘officials’ (and your body to cancerous radiation) and having your genitals groped by complete strangers as if this was a completely normal thing, has nothing to do with airline safety. What then does it have to do with, do you think? This is a test. If you will watch your child being fondled by strangers or exposed to radiation, with no reason given except unquestioning submission to authority, you are ready to file up for the gas chamber.

This is the progression, we have seen it before. But someone is altering it.

This year, there is an organization setting off flares by the side of the road, exposing things in other directions you are not supposed to look at yet. We are not yet at the point where there is nothing you can do; if you see everything at once, you may see where the lighted road is headed. Also, the governing bodies are being pushed out of their inexorable progression into a much more panicked attack. Sovereignty pretenses have gone as the world government acts as one in their completely illegal attempts to shut down Wikileaks’ completely legal activities. The law courts are no longer pretending obedience of law. The politicians are not pretending to represent the people.

But the governing are fighting an early war, while Anonymous is still free to move, before they were quite ready to deny access to the internet. They are being pushed into reactions instead of actions. At the end of the day, they won’t really care what information we have because we won’t be able to do anything about it. Top US government officials are saying we are already at that point. But if we are, why are they so afraid?

Because they actually have no idea how to fight this war. Anonymous doesn’t lose.

5 thoughts on “What Has Become Transparent

  1. You express so clearly and saliently EXACTLY what i think as well.

    Remember, remember the 26th of November,
    Wikileaks, treason and plot;
    I see no reason the 26th of November should ever be forgot.

    All of the WLcentral authors are excellent. Thankyou.


  2. America is looking less and less a democracy, and more like NorthKorea where the people are told what to do under a blanket of fear. Land of the Free ?, I don’t think so !


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