Speeches for Rallies

Written in response to a specific request but available for use by anyone. Feel free to use, in whole or in part, or publish them on a website, newsletter, store window, office cublicle, etc. If you are organizing a rally, please tell me the details and I’ll post them here and at WLCentral. Thank you all for your support.

Speech 1

On behalf of _____________, we are calling on the governments of the United Kingdom and Australia to ensure the safety of Julian Assange while in custody in London. We also strongly condemn his unnecessary arrest and ask that he not be extradited to Sweden, a country known to extradite people to the US without proper justification and due process. We stand for press freedom and democracy and strongly condemn actions taken and words spoken to incite harm to journalists and publishers, and deterrents placed to free speech. The blatantly illegal government and corporate action being taken against Wikileaks is against the rule of law and the will of the people and has no place in a democratic society. We call for the release of Julian Assange and the cessation of further harassment and illegal activity against a free press.

Speech 2

I am speaking for supporters of Wikileaks, Julian Assange, freedom of speech and democracy world wide.

Julian Assange was arrested in London this morning. His arrest comes after a farcical judicial process in Sweden and an unprecedented Interpol red notice for a matter that could have been handled by phone. His arrest is in breach of agreements between the Swedish and UK governments and the European Convention on Human Rights. Once Assange is extradited to Sweden, we have no faith that the Swedish government will not use that cooperative spirit with the US which we read about in the embassy cables to have him extradited to the US.

Julian Assange bravely volunteered to be the public face of a worldwide movement calling for democracy and press freedom. In doing so, he has exposed the supposedly democratic and open governments in the west for the fascist corporate dictatorships they are. Nothing we read in the Wikileaks releases is more telling than the abuses suffered by the first person in the western media who has stood up to tell the truth on a significant scale. If the world ever needed a more pure indication of how long and how much the world’s media has been lying, take a look at what happens when a media organization tells the truth.

We will no longer submit to a paternalistic and secret form of governance, where everyone in the world running political, industrial, financial, media and military organizations are privy to information that we, the governed, are denied. We will never again believe anything we are told by the servant media, unless we have supporting evidence and a forum for verifying their interpretations. We, the people, now have the ability to store and communicate massive amounts of data. We, the people, also have the ability to logically process that data and come to the best conclusions possible for society. Together our brains are much more capable than the brains currently running the world, and an open transparent system will ensure potential abuses are spotted and stopped.

The Wikileaks releases of this year have been our training period, a progressive course in getting the truth out and acting on it. We are now the strongest force the world has ever seen, a truly informed worldwide populace, the worst nightmare of a fascist world government. This is the moment we have been waiting for, for five or six decades, maybe since the beginning of time. This is our first, best and perhaps only chance for a worldwide democracy.

Wikileaks is not a lone vandal hacker. It is an idea. We all have the idea. And you can’t bomb an idea, or send drones after it, or put it in jail. Do you think that people who have had the secrets to the BP oil spill, the environmental disasters, the pharmaceutical lobbies, the political corruption, the military abuses and the financial crash dangled in front of them will just sit back and be content again while “investigative reporting” serves up breast implants discovered on reality TV stars? If you manage to dismantle Wikileaks, those secrets will still be ours, we know you have them and we will get them.

That is our idea. It is not anarchy, it is not vandalism, we call it democracy and transparent governance. It has never existed before. But now we have the ability and the idea, and you will not kill this revolution any more than the bullets that killed Martin Luther King and Malcolm X killed the civil rights movement.

21 thoughts on “Speeches for Rallies

  1. My speech would be about the rape of our freedoms by the sensationalist agenda of wikileaks. I find the way wikileaks has provided fodder for hatred and blame quite awful. Imo exposing the list of strategically important places is nothing but tabloid-style reactionary journalism and makes wikileaks claim to be about openness and truth a joke. Wikileaks sewn to have a whole pretense they are hiding behind, and could do with a little transparency themselves.


  2. Nice post, I heartily support Wikileaks. People opposed to increased transparency are going to be on the losing side of history but they are going to put up a fight and they like to play dirty.


    • Hi Geoffrey, The wordpress spam filter put your post in the trash. That’s what happens when you try to sell two things in one comment. Kind regards.

      Actually, thanks for the heads up because my spam filter has lost its mind and taken 12 coments that were perfectly fine. (Sidhe I think a couple were yours.) Yours can stay there, however, please promote your products on your own blog.


  3. It is vital to firstly make a copy of this comment, and then to send it to as many people in Western Countries as you can, and I waive all Copyrights to this Article.

    I have combined several comments that I have written together to make this Article.

    Modern Technology is a point where a Proper Public Debate on the matter of fake films on the Internet has to be discussed.

    The world needs to be Educated that with Today’s Computer Assisted Film Technology, it is possible to make perfect fakes of what appears to be any Person in this World engaging in acts of Paedophilia.

    I want to say that just because fake films can be made; this does not mean that the real ones are not in existence, just like there is high quality counterfeit money and real money.

    What is needed is a Proper Public Debate on this matter to Educate the people of the World.

    Every country should pass laws to give any Politician and all other Citizens the Presumption of Innocence if this occurs.

    It will be very difficult and controversial to prove one way or another, because opposing sides will find Experts for both sides of the Story, and they cannot both be correct.

    There are elements in the West who are strenuously defending the known Criminal and Parasite Mikhail Khodorkovsky, just like they vigorously defend the known Parasite and Paedophile, Roman Polanski.

    We have seen with Mikhail Khodorkovsky and Platon Lebedev how there can be people who will insist that they are innocent, even though everyone knows that they are Criminals.

    We have seen with Wikileaks how some thought that they were dealing with a friend, but America can and will selectively quote only some of the Story to misrepresent the facts.

    Every country in the world should have a system where leniency is shown to those who appear in such videos if they confess.

    The Fascist American Corporations need their Puppet American Politicians to know that for disobedience to the Corporations’ Secret Agendas, they will go to Jail for Paedophilia, where a terrible fate awaits them if they are not isolated in Jail.

    We know that Hollywood film technology is that good that they can make even dead actors appear in movies with today’s technology.

    This means that even if someone claimed to have leaked such a film, it could easily be dismissed as a good fake.

    America will raise the subject of Boris Yeltsin and Paedophilia to try to depress the economy of Russia.

    It is far better to know what a country’s enemy or even a truth telling friend is planning, and be prepared to act honestly and competently.

    It is wise for countries to set up a Committee to examine any foreign allegations of impropriety, in order to deal with it.

    We know that America wants to shut down the Internet because certain films may appear on the internet; either real or Hollywood Grade production fakes with certain High Profile American Puppet Politicians in acts of Paedophilia.

    I know that if I ever wanted to trust people to do what I wanted them to, then I would Insist on them being filmed performing acts of Paedophilia, so that I could be sure that they would always be my puppets.

    Immoral Consensual Adult known sex acts like President Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky would not result in the desired level or trusted puppetship, because Bill Clinton remained President of America.

    There could be some people would might wonder if the term Teflon Kid was a code by those in the know because of Paedophilia.

    President Bill Clinton was called the Teflon Kid, but Filmed Paedophilia will not make a person a Teflon Kid.

    It will make that person fear to ever even think of disobedience to the American Fascist Corporations’ Secret Evil Agendas.

    As we have seen, films these days cannot be used as conclusive evidence, even as lie detectors cannot be used in a Court.

    However, the verbal testimony of individuals who confess in a Truth and Reconciliation Process can be taken as evidence to receive a reduced sentence at a Spandau Type Prison.

    For the safety of those who confess there should be a special jail like Spandau Prison that is only for those who have confessed to being puppetized by Anglo-America with Paedophilia.

    This would keep them safe from the general prison population, but especially the Long Corrupt Tentacles of Anglo-American Agents to prevent their Puppets from Confessing to their Crimes and Paedophile Puppetship.

    I believe that the American Politicians should pass a law to make themselves immune against all blackmail techniques by the Fascist American Corporations, because the Corporations have the dirt on the American Puppet Politicians.

    I know that it is an injustice to let American Paedophile Politicians go free, but I genuinely believe that a greater injustice would result to the American Community if the Corrupt, Bribed, and Blackmailed Puppet American Politicians are not given this immunity.

    It is better to have this situation where the American Politicians will not go to jail for Paedophilia on young Children, because this will ensure that Democracy is restored to America, because otherwise they will never confess.

    It would not surprise many of us, if we discovered that Boris Yeltsin was set up and filmed in acts of Paedophilia on the orders of President Bill Clinton and President Hillary Clinton, while on American Soil.

    On his visit to America, Boris Yeltsin was found drunk and walking in his underwear trying to hail a cab in order to buy a pizza.

    I am not suggesting that Boris Yeltsin was a Paedophile by nature, but as a drunk, he may have not known what he was doing and was only shown the film the next day.

    It could be that Mikhail Khodorkovsky or American Secret Agents filmed Boris Yeltsin committed acts of Paedophilia when he was too drunk to know what he was doing.

    Perhaps Mikhail Khodorkovsky blackmailed Boris Yeltsin to make him Deputy Minister for Fuel and Energy in order to steal Russia’s Energy Assets.

    Boris Yeltsin lived in fear of being discovered, and he was puppetized and blackmailed by the Americans who he foolishly thought were he new found friends.

    Boris Yeltsin should have confessed and then tried to give up alcohol, but he knows he would have been extradited to America if he committed Paedophilia on American Soil.

    If Russia knows that America has this film of the Drunken Oaf Boris Yeltsin in an act of Paedophilia, then it is better for Russia to admit it.

    It could be that America never had such a film, and they were only blackmailing and puppetizing that Drunken Gullible Oaf.

    America has publicly said that they do not have friends but only interests, and some people never learn.

    Boris Yeltsin would have to give State Secret away and work against Russian interests, and we saw Russia crumble under that Drunk.

    There should have been a system in place were if a Ruler or other High Official or Oligarch who was tempted and corrupted by the Americans to confess and serve a reduced sentence at a Spandau Type Prison.

    The reason for the Spandau Type Prison is to isolate them from the general prison population who do like Paedophiles, and they would be constantly persecuted because of that crime.

    Boris Yeltsin was not in it for the money, because his being drunk all day was his bliss and total fulfilment.

    As we all know Boris Yeltsin visited America, and he would not want to be extradited to America to face trial and shame Russia.

    However, he did saw they could help them become rich if they helped American companies and American Politicians become rich

    We know how Mikhail Khodorkovsky was made Deputy Minister for Fuel and Energy, and even a Deputy Minister is able to give away secrets of the Energy Sector.

    The American Corporations were able to use the knowledge of those secrets of the Russia Energy Sector to plot how to become wealthy at the expense of the Russian People.

    Many America Citizens believe that many American Politicians both male and female who lust for money; have to be filmed in acts of Paedophilia before they can receive campaign finance.

    The same applies for many of those who are employed as ‘Journalists’ who lust for money or simply want a job in the American Corrupt and Bribed Main Stream Media.

    Every country in the world should have a system where leniency can be shown to those who the President Bill Clinton and President Hillary Clinton have set up in order to blackmail and puppetize them.

    We all know that the Fascist American Corporations controls and funds the Dictators of America’s Election Campaigns in order to create and sustain a Fascist American State.

    We have definite and irrefutable proof of this, because the Fascist American State does not have 100% Public Funding for Elections, as proper Democracies have.

    It would not surprise most of us if certain Male Puppet and Blackmailed American Politicians have to be filmed ejaculating semen on young boys’ and girls’ genitals before they receive Corporate Funding for their Election Campaigns.

    America is a country where most of their Media and Politicians are Corrupt Puppets of the Corporations; most of the people are completely Gullible, and such a situation allows them to be easily deceived and exploited.

    We know that President Bill Clinton is especially wanted for ‘diplomacy’ with other world leaders, because they can discuss the Monika Lewinsky matter up fairly quickly in the conversation.

    The Rich in the West are defending the known Criminal and Parasite Mikhail Khodorkovsky, just like they do with the known Paedophile Roman Polanski.

    We know that Hollywood film technology is that good that they can make even dead actors appear in movies with today’s technology.

    This means that even if someone claimed to have leaked such a film, it could be dismissed a good fake.

    President Hillary Clinton masquerading as the American Secretary of State said that a conviction of a known criminal would have a negative impact on Russia’s reputation.

    President Hillary Clinton has thrown her support behind the Patriot Act, the intrusive and illegal TSA ‘pat downs’ for sexual deviants, the limitless detention of terror suspects, increased surveillance of US citizens, and the de facto repeal of habeas corpus.

    President Hillary Clinton has no credibility on Civil Liberties, but only Evil Liberties she and the rest of the Dictators of America and the Nazis of Europe are experts.

    Imagine what it would be like to live in a country where the rich had to play by the same rules as everyone else?

    For that people would have to move to Russia, because there is very little fairness and justice in America today.

    The Imperialist Anglo-Americans know that if people knew of their methods by reading this comment, then they would have to improve their economies which will push the price of oil up and make Russia wealthier.

    Khodorkovsky was convicted because he is a criminal, and because the Russian Justice System is not corrupt like the one in America.

    Khodorkovsky’s conviction and imprisonment is a victory for the people who want to see the law applied fairly regardless of how rich someone is.

    Although there are some rich people who are honest and decent, the Western Imperialists do this because they are desperate not to have people think that anyone as rich as them could ever be lowlife scum.

    The Imperialists do not care if they continue lying, because they know from Hitler that a lie repeated often enough Will Be Believed, as long as it is repeated often enough, and over a sufficiently long period of time.

    American Mafia Tentacles reach a long way, and who knows just how far they reached during the mismanagement of the Yeltsin Era.

    We do not know just how many Anglo-American sleepers there are in Russia, and if they were corrupted because they lusted for the American Fascist Corporations’ MONEY.

    Many people think a Committee should be set up to examine how best to manage the situation for Maximum Security Prisoners.

    For the safety of those who confess or who America thinks might remotely confess, there should also be a special jail like Spandau Prison that is only for those who have confessed to being puppetized by Anglo-America.

    This would keep them safe from the general prison population, but especially the Long Corrupt Tentacles of Anglo-America.

    I believe that the American Politicians should pass a law to make themselves immune against all blackmail techniques by the Fascist American Corporations, because the Corporations have the dirt on most if not all the American Puppet Politicians.

    I know that this is an injustice to let American Paedophile Politicians go free, but I genuinely believe that a greater injustice would result to the American Community if the Corrupt, Bribed, and Blackmailed Puppet American Politicians are not given this immunity.

    There does not need to be a law to grant this immunity, because it is unlikely that the American Politicians would be allowed to even contemplate such a Law.

    They are understandably very reluctant, or more correctly, they are totally against even admitting that there is even the slightest amount of dirt.

    However, a Community Law can be agreed on by all of the American People that if anyone pursues the law against these Bribed and Corrupt Paedophile Politicians, then they will have to answer to the American Vigilantes.

    It is better to have this situation where the American Politicians will not go to jail for Paedophilia on young Children, and this will ensure that Democracy is restored to America.

    We know the saying that says; We See what You Do, And We Hear What You Say, But What Is The Real Motive Behind It.

    We live in a world were most of us who have at least average intelligence should only believe approximately 50% of what we see, hear, and read in any year.

    We know that the Totally Brazen Main Stream Western Media is always united in telling us lies, and the Classic Example is that Mikhail Khodorkovsky is innocent.

    They want to insult our intelligence, and say the person who became the Richest man in Russia at the time the Russian Mafia was controlling Business in Russia is pure and innocent.

    I have said as regards to Wikileaks that if the Totally Brazen Main Stream Western Media is allowed to publish lies, then Wikileaks or anyone else is also perfectly entitled to publish either lies or to publish truth.

    My approach is to always tell the truth, and to provide reasons for my opinions.

    This is because I believe that honesty is the best policy, and because a lie will be discovered even if it takes decades.

    I look for the News behind the News, because this is what the Corrupt Lying Western Governments want to keep concealed.

    I want to say that just because I always write what I believe to be true at the time, I have found it necessary to update and modify some of my comments.

    This does not mean that there was any intention to deceive, but any writer will find this necessary to with regards to motives of the people at the time.

    As far as Historical Facts are concerned, we know what took place, and I do not dispute Historical Facts.

    However, We See what You Do, And We Hear What You Say, But What Is The Real Motive Behind It?

    The reasons given by those in power are on many occasions only known after some time has passed, and the invasion of Iraq is just one perfect example of this.

    The invasion of Iraq was a definite and proven Conspiracy, yet the Western Corrupt and Bribed Main Stream Media resort to labelling people with their own opinions, which are based on solid reasoning, as Conspiracy Theorists.

    I have been thinking for years as to why the British would lure Deputy Fuehrer Rudolf Hess to Scotland.

    I think that the foresighted the British and the Americans thought of the necessary Spandau Prison arrangement before they tried to lure any Prominent Nazi, rather than after they lured a Prominent Nazi.

    Obviously, the good and necessary lie that Britain wanted peace with Germany worked on the Gullible Oaf and Deputy Fuehrer Rudolf Hess.

    Adolf Hitler was not deceived and was furious, and said that Deputy Fuehrer Rudolf Hess had lost his mind.

    There are some Germans who think that Deputy Fuehrer Rudolf Hess went to Scotland to courageously combat against Britain to encourage the German Troops in Germany’s war effort.

    However, if that were the case, then Hitler would have said that was the reason, and so it is only logical to assume that the British laid a carefully crafted trap for Hess, that was a secret even to Hitler.

    Anglo-America always knew that they could and would win the War in Europe, because both they and Stalin wanted to divide Europe with an Iron Curtain.

    Stalin wanted a buffer zone, because Anglo-America convinced Stalin it would be good for his health.

    At the same time, Anglo-American wanted to keep Europe from becoming the next World Power that would be a rival to Anglo-America’s Global Hegemony.

    We know that Britain treated Rudolf Hess in a proper way as a Prisoner of War, and even spared him from the Death Penalty at Nuremberg.

    We know that Britain and America kept Rudolf Hess in Spandau Prison that was situated in Western Berlin, and demolished in 1987 after the death of its last prisoner, Rudolf Hess, to prevent it from becoming a neo-Nazi shrine.

    Spandau Prison was near Spandau Citadel, though it was not part of, the Renaissance Era Spandau Citadel Fortress Palace.

    We have seen the Official Reason for demolishing Spandau Prison was because of Neo Nazis who continue to infest Nazi Germany even to this day.

    Britain and America knew the truth of Human Nature, that if a lie is told often enough, and over a sufficiently long time, it will be believed by a majority of people.

    The lie that Britain and America had to spread to the Germans was, that Britain and America were their friend who only ever had their best interests in mind, because of all their purity.

    Obviously they were not going to publish that repeatedly in the Media, but Deputy Fuehrer Rudolf Hess, Nuremberg, and Spandau Prison would be the deceptive message to the Nazis.

    Spandau Prison was demolished because Britain and America did not want the world to see the number of Nazis that Germany had.

    If I was a billionaire, and I wanted to make Male and Female Politicians who lusted excessively for DIRTY MONEY my Puppets, then I would demand that they be filmed in acts of Paedophilia, before they received Campaign Finance to steal from taxpayers.

    This is only logical, because it means that such Puppetized Politicians cannot seek Refuge anywhere in the World, because they would be extradited to Anglo-America or one of Anglo-America’s Client Puppet States to face justice.

    We all know that the Britain and America has done this to many Western European Politicians, and the Balkans, because this is only logical.

    It is only logical that Britain and America have also done this to the Western Sponsored Politicians in the Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, and possibly even the Western Sponsored Belarusian Opposition Politicians.

    I think that there should be one country in Eastern Europe that will provide Refuge for those who confess to being Puppetized by Anglo-America.

    There will be those who will wonder if Slobodan Milosevic, and other Balkan People were puppetized by Anglo-America.

    It could be that Slobodan Milosevic told someone that he intended to confess that he was Paedophile puppetized by Anglo-America at his Appeal Trial, and many people think that Slobodan Milosevic was murdered by Anglo-America to keep him silent.

    Those eligible would be any person of Authority or Influence from any country in the World, even America, would be able to seek Refuge in one country of the World, because it is a Human Rights Matter.

    After these confess, then they will serve a one year sentence in A Spandau Type Prison to protect them from ordinary criminals who will not understand how Anglo-America puppetizes its Puppets.

    The reason for serving only one year in a Spandau Type Prison is because this will discourage Britain and America from publishing Paedophile Film on the Internet of the person seeking Refuge.

    If the jail term were longer than 3 years, it would discourage many from confessing and seeking Refuge, but perhaps these matters are best left to Experts to discuss at an Eastern European Summit Conference.

    It may take several years of these Summit Conferences of Experts to come up with the correct Policy Balance to ensure this Human Right.

    There could be some people who think that the Spandau Type Prison should be built at FIFA World Cup Stadium in Russia, or that the Winter Olympics Complex at Sochi can be the Spandau Type Prison after the Winter Olympics.

    Countries should send NGO’s to Britain, America, and Western Europe to Educate People and to Promote the Human Right of seeking Refuge for those who have been puppetized by Anglo-America.

    There is a need for an Eastern European country to have this Enlightened and Modernized Policy of Granting Refuge to those who have been puppetized by Anglo-America.

    We, the people of Democracyland, whose national borders are defined by the United Nations Charter and International Law are committed to the Highest form of Democracy known to Mankind.

    Democracyland will be a true Democracy, it will have 100% Public Funding for Elections; it will have no military alliances; it will be 100% against racism; it will have no genetically modified crops; it will plant many trees; and it will have 100% recycling.


  4. To “The”.

    Your post has lots of “words”.
    I was all like, tl;dr, but I skimmed it, and I got to the end.

    Just on the very last sentence: “Democracyland will be a true Democracy, it will have 100% Public Funding for Elections; it will have no military alliances; it will be 100% against racism; it will have no genetically modified crops; it will plant many trees; and it will have 100% recycling.”
    I’m sorry, but, you’re wrong.
    Ok, public funding, good, no military alliances, OK I agree in theory, and racism is an obvious one.
    But NO GM? 100% Recycling? I obviously take it, you’re a fucking hippy, and not one of a scientific mind, cus what you’re saying there is fucking crazy.

    You believe in democracy? Cool. So do I. And I *approve* of GM, and I’m part of the democracy, so to say that “real democracy” wouldn’t have GM is taking on the role of a tyrant, not a politically thinking person.

    An d in regards to recycling, it’s important to recycle, I whole heartedly agree… but you just *can’t* recycle everything. Some things are a one time use affair, and until science becomes better and technology improves, you just *can’t* recycle EVERYTHING.
    Sure, lets try and make sure that things that *can* be recycled, are, and that we stop using plastics that aren’t biodegradable, and encourage green technology, it’s just a good idea.

    But, here in the real world, you just can’t have *everything* your way, reality does not give a fuck about your opinions.

    You’re welcome.


  5. And upon further reading, there’s nothing “Vital” about what you have claimed, you’re just a black sheep who thinks they’re different from the herd, but really, you’re still a sheep.




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