There are no nation states

Nation has always been a fuzzy term. Even in times when distance, mountains and rivers posed insurmountable barriers to assimilation, when nations were divided by language, dress, laws and beliefs, both the customs and the populations of these nations were constantly evolving.

States have no resemblance to nations. States are created by the highly militarized partitioning of societies into economic markets and property ownership completely regardless of who the people in those states are or how the creation of the state divides and restricts our nations.

While nations are living and fluid and variable depending on context and perspective, states are an attempt to freeze one official historical viewpoint for all time. States preserve culture to prevent it from living, keep it steeped in formaldehyde unable to breathe and grow. Nations as defined by states are inviolable, to suggest change is sacrilegious, to question perspective or boundaries is deemed intolerable.

The reality of layered and overlapping nations, of intersections, of cooperation and flexibility is denied by the rigid borders and uniformity of states. Traditions of fluid property custodianship, sharing and merging are rejected for one tradition of rigid ownership clamped down and made law for every region on earth. Ethnic and societal realities of no fixed lines between groupings are ignored for false categorizing. While nations are gathered for community, cooperation and sharing, states are imposed for segregating, competing and allocating.

Nations create Us, states create the Other.

While nations reveled in their diversity, states decree a homogenized sameness, a world where everyone wears the same grey suits, international law assures uniform belief systems worldwide, the trade economy is the one god all must serve to survive. Like agricultural crops, people are raised in the manner most efficient for industry, the same worldwide. Nations are people, states are corporations.

States insist partitions between identical blocks of people are necessary for safety. States seek to divide and categorize. Diverse nations already do live together and overlap peacefully everywhere. Nations have fought over resources many times in the past. The problems associated with trade economy are applicable whether ownership is international, national, regional or private and will only be addressed by addressing trade economy. It is no less awful for people to be killed by a foreign corporation pillaging resources than by competing local nations. States did not bring peace to these problems, they brought totalitarian rule by global resource mafia. People in different nations sometimes oppose each others values to the point they wish to shun each other. International boycotts such as the BDS campaign against Israel prove this solution does not require states and indeed, states only boycott for economic interest, not human rights.

Nations are ideas and traditions which exist across borders and generations and they cannot be killed. States are tied to the property they control and they die without militaries and coercive laws to keep them in power. States attempt to present themselves as prefab nations, as if control of property and written laws and constitutions can be applied to populations and everyone in a geographical region will suddenly become bonded with national identity. Everywhere in the world nations such as the Kurds, Kachin, Catalan and many others refuse assimilation and states such as the five eyes prove they will never be anything but corporations.

Kill the states. Let the nations breathe.

16 thoughts on “There are no nation states

  1. Bravo!

    I can’t help but see the world as if overrun by a body of ideas that are really harmful to the hosts (us, humans). One of these ideas is of the religion of trade, of the sanctity of trade, of trade (of state-enforced property) used as a sort of cosmology and of object to adoration, a ground for personal identification: “There was Trade, and it was Good.”

    What to do when the whole world is insane along an axis you know better (not claiming “absolute” sanity; nobody is “sane”)? Not much. Just “hold space”: be yourself, and let others decide.

    The problem is the following, though. Trade-overrun societies act like social cancers. They will make ships and land on your continent and murder and enslave everyone in it, while spreading powerful rationalizations, that it is all somehow “good,” like it was intended by the natural order of the universe.

    So, what to do? If you have a commons and you let trade-infected people near it, they will not only fence it off to “protect it” (while ruining it), but they will react violently against any attempts to “de-claim” it back into the healthy reality of non-possessiveness.

    If the village has one diseased mind, then that mind can be helped by all the sane people around it. If the whole world is diseased, how can one help? You can just watch and try to be yourself, and spend most of your energy keeping yourself sane and awake.

    How do you “kill” the huge body of ideas that manifests as, say, Statism? How do you “cure” it? How do you even behave towards this?


  2. I still have to write all the stuff about how we can effect change imo, but the tl;dr is to state clear principles ie “trade economy in all forms will lead to the rule by mafia we have today”, explain it clearly once and then just keep repeating it in many ways and with many voices so it ripples out. This has worked with everything I’ve tried before, it allows everyone to take the idea and make it their own and present it their own way and is very effective and faster then one would think. It is really the only way any radical change has ever come about, the ‘hive mind’ cannot, by definition, come up with original thought so everything originally started in one place and emanated. It is like using tweet storms instead of trying to drive traffic to a news platform, people prefer to take simple ready made tweets (or ideas) and repeat them as their own rather than refer to another source. An idea presented as their own also becomes a truism, not just one person’s opinion.

    One of the things I disagree with most people about is they seem to be looking for a messiah, a tool or a structure that will create change, like we could simply pass a law or elect a person and deep societal change would occur. For the change I want we have to change some of our deepest principles, centuries and more older. That will only happen through changing people’s minds, the tools and the rest will follow after that. So I want to finish the Autonomy, Diversity, Society section which talks about our principles before I do too much on Releasing Chaos which is how to get there.

    My problem right now is as usual, just getting the initial ideas down and explained. This article is a very incomplete thought about nations and societies and I have so much else to say but I wanted to get something published before I forgot how. A lot more this fall I hope, I just need a little block of time, my chronic problem.

    Thank you as always for your feedback Fabio! It is very nice to see someone reads it. ;-.)


    • That is more or less what I was thinking / coming to (after reading and thinking about your other posts & book).

      This is somewhat liberating, because it means that whatever we are already sort of doing is more or less what can be done. Keep it personal, keep being a “node” in an actual human social web and ping stuff back and forth between people you care about. Don’t try to make “The XYZ Global Institute For Change (TM)” or try to set up a central server with The Truth (TM) in it (Wikipedia) and expect it not to attract power play, the same way blood attracts sharks.

      We can get better at it (especially with people like you around and active), but we don’t put ourselves under some sort of self-imposed expectation of “performance” in that area. For example, I don’t have to start screaming (literally) at everytbody I know, calling them “Statists”!!!!11!1 No more than I go around screaming at people that they should stop eating meat, when in fact I just caved in and ate sushi yesterday after ~1Y of vegetarianism… :/

      We can save the literal screaming and stopping it with our bodies when actual direct, physical violence is happening,for instance; and recognize that when the problem is cultural (distributed mental software), and is so widespread, we have other ways: ; especially when we ourselves are so fragile, so “social”, so dependent on a web of relations to even “be” the social animals we are. “If you don’t need others you’re an Animal or a God” — that Nietzche guy.

      Slowly and surely, in an infinite universe with no beginning and no end, that has already seen stuff like this uncountable times.

      Thank you for your writing gifts.


  3. Hi Heather,

    I’ve recently discovered your blog via your Twitter account and having read your entries feel compelled to share your link to spread the word about your acquired knowledge, understanding and theories. I wanted to request your consent to do so however as it would be via a celebrities youtube channel, one that you may be familiar: Russell Brands, ‘The Trews’. I believe his intentions are genuine.

    Let me know if this is ok.

    Many Thanks



  4. Yes, dearie, it is.

    Exploitation of dependents as a commodity:

    In a world where everything is bought and sold, the weak become the product.

    The elderly are taught to live in fear of outliving their rights to care or even a home and food, and the pressure to hoard everything for the time when they can no longer work hangs over the lives of every worker. Since no one can know when they will become ill, when they will die, or what the vagaries of the financial system will bring, this stress colours the lives of everyone in society and makes generosity with any current surplus unlikely.

    Insurance corporations which provide nothing of real value to society have sprung up for every eventuality and advertise potential calamity incessantly. The fearful society then buys insurance instead of using their surplus to help others experiencing a current disaster. Sometimes this protection racket is mandated by law and it is impossible to drive a car, mortgage a house or other activities without paying an insurance company selling fear.


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  8. Reblogged this on Cathy Annis and commented:
    I wanted to share this as I’m really interested in the effect that all these international laws, trade agreements, and the government crack down on freedom have on community. I’m all about community, I think that’s where society’s gone wrong and we let them con us into forgetting to love thy neighbour by distracting us into buying all the right stuff cos we’re all unique individuals who are entitled to be selfish and look out for number one. And we fell for it.
    Check out the post below.


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