Get Healthy Get Strong, Get Educated and Informed

And start contributing to your own governance. If you want a democratic society, that is. I try not to get too preachy here, but the western population has been programmed towards a certain end, and if we are going to change the world, we need to at least be aware of this. The things we have been taught and fed for decades were part of a system meant to create an uneducated, ignorant, distracted populace. The military industrial complex has been with us for a long time and they have thought about these things. In order to fight them, we have to stop playing their games.

Get healthy: There is a very real reason why people are being fed food, pharmaceuticals, and environmental hazards that destroy their health. It is impossible to concentrate on the world’s problems when you are suffering from any of the myriad autoimmune and other diseases everyone seems afflicted with. And it is impossible to think clearly through the brain fog and personality disorders being triggered by all the pollutants we are fed. The subsequent foggy thinking and miserable angry feeling are then fed by substandard education systems and violence in all media until we have a population that greets the Collateral Murder video with open youtube arms and sets it to music. When people start bouncing and singing to a video of civilians and children being slaughtered, we have a problem. When the reaction to an organization that tries to give people information and make them think, is that someone should send a drone after the organization, we have a problem. Anyone that tries to correct the unhealthiness of the population is greeted by a media storm of ‘promoting eating disorders’, ‘always rely on trusted medical personnel, not the internet, etc.’. Some people have a big interest in keeping you from taking charge of your own health.

Get strong: When you have no home and nothing to eat, when you are terrified of medical bills and surrounded by violent crime, it is hard to care about the greater good for humanity. Civilized societies have well defined morals. Attributes such as bravery, kindness, generosity and concern for others are valued. In these days when everyone can see the abyss in front of them, it seems more prudent to scramble over each other for our own security. Elite schools stress the three A’s, arts, academics and athletics, and concentrate on building a superior human for the upper ranks. Character is almost never taught any more, even though it seems obvious to wonder what benefit to society is a superior human who has never been taught to use their advantages for the overall good. When society has enough, and the people feel secure that they will continue to have enough, maybe we will stop seeing preschool mothers shoving their children to the front of the line and college fathers bribing officials. We can hope. The problem is not usually the amount we possess, but rather the widespread fear that we may lose it or that others have more. This disease is fed every day in the media

Get educated: It is hard to judge the world without context. Any education is better than no education, and it should continue all of our lives. The clogging of western brains with poor health choices has been accompanied for decades with an anti-intellectual movement that has grown to such proportions that the US could seriously elect Sarah Palin for president simply because she doesn’t sound “elite”. Education is not bad any more than physical fitness is bad. Being programmed by video games and state/industrial propaganda is easy, but it’s not fun, it tends to make us restless, angry and discontent, while feeding the self-perception that the population is not as competent to govern themselves as the educated. Education brings excitement, pride and a kind of peace.

Get informed: I truly believe that nobody is seriously interested in the ‘news’ plastered over the media now. I believe this not just from wishful thinking and projecting my own opinions onto others, but from the comments (facebook groups, etc.) that constantly say they are sick of hearing about these people. There has been a growing revulsion for the topics of today’s media which gets worse every year. It is unfortunately usually displaced into hatred for the subject instead of the media. A new media would allow us to walk away, to step into a new world where we do not have to hear about haircuts and what people we don’t care about look like with no makeup on. We could look for real information that is relevant to what we need to know and have a right to know. And we would wake up every day interested in the news again.

Then of course, we are ready for the last one: start contributing to our own governance.

17 thoughts on “Get Healthy Get Strong, Get Educated and Informed

  1. What we need to do is crackdown on mainstream media. news stations need to start actually reporting news again. it’s very depressing to know millions of people watch “opinion” shows on the news and take it for fact. this flagrant disregard for truth (which sadly fox news is most responsible for) needs to end. News stations are solely responsible for making the tea party ( a group that was grossly ignorant of their own agenda, and who lets face it was made up of many “thinly veiled racists”) a force in the election. Would they have been as popular if the media didn’t throw them in the news every 5 minutes?
    Is it a sad thing when myself and some adults age 50+ now watch comedy central for our news? this shows how much they have slipped lately when for all intents and purposes we’re watching a comedy show for news.


    • What! “Crackdown on mainstream media”? You mean “suppress free speech”!
      Have you lost your little mind? Ever read the entire 1st Amendment to the
      Constitution. Take your tyrannical attitude and move to N. Korea or Iran.
      Fox news does NOT disregard the truth…you cannot demonstrate that. WHAT?
      “news stations” made the tea party a force? That’s crazy, totally absurd. The tea
      party in my town was made up by local citizens, and no “news station” had anything whatsoever to do with that. Why say total crap like that? WHAT? the tea party is “mainly thinly veiled racists” Such incredible garbage, sick & stupid.


  2. Jean z, in Canada the comedy show “This Hour Has 22 Minutes” used to accurately bill itself as Canada’s most watched news program. And we used to be ruled by Lord Conrad Black. Our media is likewise revolting, it is hard to find a country with decent news. Anybody?


    • I’m used to sectarian media, powerfully so and also deludely unaware of not being the “balanced-fair-broad” outlets they declare themselves to be. The english used to say so about the BBC, which to any foreigner sounds like an ungodly offense to decency. So no, you can only train yourself in reading through the lines beyond political\national bias. The few unaligned indipendents struggle to find enough if any readership.


  3. According to a HuffPo editorial, Assange had this profile in 2006 where he mentioned his favorites: Philip Dick, Kurt Vonnegut, the Che. Respect o meter is through the roof.


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  5. This article needs a button that says “email this article” like the one The Onion has. I happen to be on a publisc computer just now, and would like to web-mail this to several people, and it should be made easy to do.


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  7. It’s a good list of improvements that need to be made. Don’t take this the wrong way, but there is an air of “The Lost Golden Age ” about it.
    Our lot in all respects is vastly superior to any in history, save maybe back when we lived in the forest. And even then it could be a HARD and short life.
    Admittededly we are currently experiencing one of the cyclic snatch backs by those with the pathological urge to tell others what to do. And to some ways of looking at it, probably the 60’s 70’s were about the peak and we’ve been sort of loseing ground ever since.
    The population has been isolated by television and fed garbage where Rich People who are total arseholes are held up as role models, and poor people go to islands and sceem and cheat and act abominably for money.
    What can I say?


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